A Complete Guide on How to Create a Business Website

A Complete Guide on How to Create a Business Website

Creating a website is important when it comes to starting a new business. This is a complete guide on how to create a business website so that you will get it done within no time or very less time!

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, it means you are losing business! Take quick decision of creating a website so that potential customers can find you easily! In the era of internet creating a website for your business is something that you must have to do it primarily. However, today, creating a website is not big deal but getting a website running within limited time is a chore. So, you must have to start as soon as possible with creating a website for introducing your business quickly.  However, it doesn’t mean that you start doing this haphazardly and create a website with that you are not at all feeling proud of. However, for completing this task hassle free, it is important to understand the key steps which are needed to be taken care in the development process. If budget is an issue, you can do it by yourself or can outsource the services of a freelancer developer or agency.

Quality Matters

Whatever you are thinking, the thing you need to consider is that don’t sacrifice on the quality part. The website is a key source which will be used in every internet marketing campaign but, if your website is of low quality, it will not help you in attracting potential business leads. Just choose a simple design which will convey information to attract high traffic.

Steps by Step Guidance of Creating a Business Website

Follow the given steps to get it done within short time:

  1. Domain Name

First of all, choose a domain name! Now the question comes, what domain name will fit your business? What if it is not available? Well, the name of your business or company should be considered to decide on domain name so that it can bring potential customers directly to in the beginning. If the domain name has already taken by some other you can try by adding a simple word in the domain name.  You can also contact the person who already has the domain with your business name to ask him/her to sell it to you. But it will be definitely more expensive than buying a new available domain. Sometimes people think that the website with a generic name is more beneficial but this is not true. Just prefer to choose a domain name which will relate to your business idea rather than a generic term.

  1. Domain Length

An ideal length of the domain name includes maximum 67 characters but this is not necessary that you consider that many characters every time. Just choose a short domain name which should be crisp and easy to learn. A long name can also work but it should be easy to keep in mind. Also, hyphens and other signs can be used with the domain name but generally people forget or get frustrated easily when finding your business online. So, again always choose what is easy to remember and reflection of your business type.

  1. Hosting

After finalizing a domain name, the next step is finding a reliable website hosting provider connect it to the internet. Just choose a reliable source or company because it will keep all your information stored. You can consider individual or shared hosting for starting as it is the most affordable option. Eventually, when number of online visitors’ increases, you can shift to dedicated servers. Dedicated Server can be little expensive so prefer to choose it only when you have a high number of visitors and business as well.  In addition, reseller accounts could be a good option as it allows running several small sites within a single account. You can check out plans with GoDaddy (https://in.godaddy.com/ ), Amazon AWS (https://aws.amazon.com/ ), CloudFlare (https://www.cloudflare.com/ ), and Rackspace (https://www.rackspace.com/ ) etc. Whatever option you choose, it should have enough space that can support your blog.

  1. Website Layout

Now you have to decide on the design of your website which is a dashboard that you will use in the future to update your website! You need to spend some time on deciding on where to use images, content and links etc for creating an inspiring front face of the website. Beyond everything, consider the type of products you have, it will help you to define the final design of your website. Carefully design it to make sure that important information is visible to users.

  1. Quality Content

Quality content is important to create an inspiring website. It will help in SEO and content marketing and establish you as an industry leader by gaining more clients. To grab users’ attention, use the power of “How to” in a well-planned way to provide valuable information about you and your business to all users.

  1. Blog

To run a business website successfully blogging is important because it will help you to climb in the search engine ranking.  Just make sure that you create original blogs without plagiarism and grammatical errors to share informative information regularly in an innovative way.

So, don’t delay to get started with developing a website for your business! It could be a daunting task, but with the little focus and proper planning, you can get it done in no time.


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