A Step towards a World Peace: Upholding “Peace with Nature”

A Step towards a World Peace: Upholding “Peace with Nature

Watching the world’s 20% of oxygen-producing Amazon forest burn to ashes affecting millions of human lives along with habitats of the animals and other organisms in the water bodies nearby the forest, it is high time for action towards climate by every country not only the UN. The ideal example of how humans are deteriorating the planet’s condition, a handful of multinational companies are helping destroy the Amazon with fires endangering so many lives just to earn some money is exactly how small and big companies have manipulated earth’s environment for decades since industrialization.

21 September 2019, a date marked as International Day of Peace or World Peace Day will be celebrated with the theme of “Climate Action for Peace”. Since its initiation in 1981 each year, the day is celebrated with different themes to ensure World Peace.

Since decades, the deterioration of the environment has been taking place. Observations like increasing sea levels, air temperatures and ocean temperatures along with widespread melting of snow and ice have been significantly made and showcased on national and world platforms by many activists. Over the years, various environmentalists have been warming the human race to conserve the environment by changing the actions.

World peace is an idea of a world without violence, where nations collaborate and support each other towards a better world and working on the technology, equal human rights, free education for everyone, engineering, availability of medicine and end to all forms of fighting. An ideal of freedom and happiness, the world peace helps non-violence between nations by which nations are willingly or under a system cooperate to ensure their own and other nation’s welfare.

The United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, a set of goals that are targeted to achieve a broad range of issues like climate change, poverty and hunger, education, health, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy environment, and social justice. The “Climate Change” Goal is targeted to call for immediate action by ensuring lower greenhouse emissions, building resilience and improving education on climate change.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Paris, France negotiated in the Paris Agreement, a global agreement on the reduction of climate change, the text which represented a consensus of the representatives of 196 parties attending it. The agreement enters into force when joined by at least 55 countries which represent at least 55 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. United Nations are now focusing on

The 2019’s theme draws attention to the importance of combating climate change as a way to protect and promote peace throughout the world. Climate change causes threats to international peace and security with the growing tension over resources and mass movements. The peace can only be achieved of concrete action is taken to combat climate change.

The UN will be combating the climate issue with actionable plans. Antonio Guterres who is serving as Secretary-General of the United Nations stated “To mobilize the ambition we need, I am convening a Climate Action Summit on 23 September, at UN Headquarters in New York. I have asked world leaders to come with concrete and realistic plans to rapidly accelerate action to implement the Paris Agreement and to make a pivotal shift toward a cleaner, safer and greener future. In this endeavour, they will be backed by the passionate voices of young women and men around the world, who understand their future is at stake.

This is the battle of our lives and a race against time. We can win and we must. Solutions are in our hands: tax pollution, not people; stop subsidizing fossil fuels; stop building new coal plants by 2020; focus on a green economy, not a grey economy. I count on your continued support as we strive to build a world where we can live every day in harmony with the environment and with each other.”

The idea of World peace is only an idea if no one follows it in the real world. Aforementioned is not only the sole responsibility of the governments all over the world but every global citizen to contribute to world peace by coming together as a society. Every person’s initiative and actions towards change will lead to a significant change towards a better future.


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