A glow of light and lamps: Experience India in a new color

A glow of light and lamps: Experience India in a new color

It’s time to witness the celebration and the diversity of India in bright lights. To commemorate the triumph of good over evil, from burning the effigy of Ravana to Durga Puja, the whole country gets embroidered with the spirit of festivity. Navratri is near-the-hand and the whole nation is about to get painted in the vibe of Durga Pandals, Navratri Venues food stalls and fairs. Dussehra is India’s one of the largest and the most celebrated festivals of India. From Kolkata to Mysore, the cities don a different character with brightly lit up streets and the chirruping of people.

Kolkata – Durga Puja

Witness the transformation of Kolkata in her glory, as twittering and colorful place with a zinc of religious music. During the Navratri festival, the city becomes a paradise for foodies. Splendid Maa Durga’s idols, beautifully decorated pandals, Dhaak and Dhanuchi shows and finally the Sindoor Khela on the last day of the Puja, all together make everyone fall in love with the city.

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Kullu: Dussehra

In Kullu, the idols of gods and goddesses are carried by the devotees to meet Lord Raghunath at river Beas. A pile of wood signifying the symbolic burning of Ravana’s Lanka is set on fire. The entire spotlight goes at the oddly shaped giant flutes. Here Dussehra is celebrated as a royal-led festivity.

Mysore- Dasara

This prestigious state festival encircles a 4oo-year-old tradition. The Mysore Palace is illuminated for ten nights. There are themed programs for every ten nights which are based on the dance, music and the culture of Karnataka and not to be missed are the elephant procession which starts at the Palace and leads up to the Dasara ground and the Dasara exhibition which gives a true ‘fair’ vibes with local food, shopping and joyrides.

Gujarat: Navratri

If you are a dance lover, then Gujarat is a paradise for you. Move your feet on the loud beats with Dandiya Sticks for a traditional Garba. One thing to note: Traditional Gujarati outfits rule!


If you want to experience the most dramatic and entertaining form of the festival, then Delhi is your delight. Monstrous monstrous effigies of Ravana and his brothers are set alight and the night skies light up with sparkling crackers. One can catch popular Ramlila shows at Ramlila Maidan, the Red Fort grounds and one at the Red Fort lawns.


Take a dive into the blend of Delhi style Ramlila shows as well as Durga Puja in true Kolkata spirit at Varanasi. One must watch Ramnagar’s Ramlila show; an old tradition started by the King of Kashi.


Kota is famous for its month-long Dussehra Mela. Artisans and craftsmen from neighboring towns sell their wares here.

Lastly, if you want to see the tallest Ravana (approx. two hundred feet), do visit Barara, a little town, close to Ambala


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