FruitBowl: A Team of leading Digital Marketing Agency


FruitBowl: A Team of leading Digital Marketing Agency

In 2010, FruitBowl was co-founded by Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy. The company is a creative digital marketing agency of the freshest minds brought together to conjure the most creative effective solutions to all your brand challenges. With a massive growth, the company is being providing its services better than whatever it promises to its clients. As per remarkable job, FruitBowl has been  constantly ranked as one of the leading digital marketing company in India by various independent organizations. The company is a full service Interactive media agency (Social Media, Digital Marketing and Branding) and has been working with a team of highly skilled, creative and overall talented souls with a great zeal. FruitBowl has successfully served more than 300 accounts which include national giants like Reliance Energy, Mumbai Metro, TATA, Vadilal, Zodiac, BMW, Saint Gobain, Sansui, and more.

Along with the hearts of its clients, FruitBowl has also won numerous prestigious awards; Gold for the best digital marketing campaign for CSR category at the Asian consumer engagement forum.

Market Positioning

Digital marketing sector is a high crowd market where hundreds of digital marketing agencies are working only in Mumbai. Thus, it was not an easy task for FruitBowl to come in existence. Everyone puts their heart and soul into their work. With such effort, the company has become one of the best preferences for the clients. “FruitBowl works as a partner with its clients as a unified business solutions provider because it believes, when an agency is not associated with their clients, they may lose their interest in the future and hence, the company may not be able to perform its best,” by FruitBowl.

Solution/Product Offerings / Business

As a full service interactive media agency, our objective is to cater to all the digital advertising needs of our clients. This includes cost effective media buying, ingenious designing, full proof planning, strategising, attaining visibility on social media and redirecting traffic to websites. Experimental marketing, app development and CRM are a few more benefits that FruitBowl offers to implement.

We serve as means of interaction between brands and audiences through social media, building a stronger connection and establishing true and lasting relationships. At FruitBowl, we indulge with our brands at a personal level, taking in account various cultural and social aspects associated with them and their products, so as to come up with meaningful and memorable communication tactics.

The Team behind FruitBowl

FruitBowl has been providing its valuable services,and making the clients completely satisfied. A team of (110 and above) highly skilled, talented and zealous people  who have a positive attitude towards work, represent the company, and took the company from among 800+ agencies, to the top-10 in a span of 6 years. The company, because of creative talent, feels lucky to create something beautiful and unique creations almost every next day and builds brands and design websites as well.

Differentiating Factors

We work with a vision where we do not compromise with the qualities of our products. We aim to be a service provider which  exceeds our clients expectations serves better services than whatever commitments are given to the clients.

FruitBowl’s brand management theory postulates establishing strong interpersonal relations with clients, to acquire a substantial understanding of ‘what they want so as to give them what they need.

Our young, talented and passionate workforce pushes towards realizing set objectives in a creatively infused, free flowing environment where ideas spawn and bounce from every direction. The synchronization between the various creative and strategic departments of FruitBowl plays a major role in the still formulating success story of the company.

It is the diversity of our talents and the unification of our wills, which truly separates us from any other Digital marketing agency.

Road Map/ Future Plans:

FruitBowl is growing day-to-day with at a massive rate. Now, it has great plans to expand the business in Dubai which has huge and scarcely explored digital space. The company has a marvelous strength of skilled people by which it helps startups and it has already helped many digital startups like Utopian Media and also a few non-marketing startups. Now, the company is setting up a new startup which will help more in businesses as well as customers in B2C connections.

Key Executive

Faisal Amin: He is a well qualified entrepreneur, with a degree of Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Faisal has a vision of understanding new trends and requirements in the market. He saw a future in integrated e-commerce when people were not even aware of it. Realizing the fact that the decision making process in big companies, was often a tedious process, Faisal aimed at being a decision-maker himself. Cutting out unwarranted time on discussions and meetings, he focused more on getting result oriented decisions with low time slack. Faisal has big, expansive goals to connect the clients through digital marketing. The result – Fruit Bowl Digital, A passion-driven full-service digital media agency that leverages long-term digital solutions that cover digital and commercial ads, marketing, offline communication and website updates. Branding as his arsenal and FruitBowl talent pool his legion, they tackle marketing problems for clients with ease. Faisal was awarded the recognition of Top 50 Digital Marketing Professionals in India.

Dedeepya Reddy: With the desire to create something unique and remarkable in the creative digital marketing industry, Dedeepya along with Co-founder & husband Faisal Amin setup FruitBowl Digital. She did well to set a digital Interactive full service media agency, formed to bring brands closer to their audiences.

DD doesn’t believe only in acting to guide her employees but actively participates in brainstorming sessions and fruitful discussions, often becoming the source of inspiration for great ideas. As Head of Strategy & Media Planning, DD is responsible for devising the most foolproof plans and blueprints in order to provide client’s services that are worth their money.

Dedeepya’s ideology states that “detailing is what sets a great piece of work apart from something that is just good. Striving for excellence and giving great attention to the little things that make up a whole are keys if you wish to create something that marvels.”

DD can be easily described as the backbone of FruitBowl Digital – an essential part of the agency that supports the structure and workflow of the company, without whom the agency wouldn’t stand the way that it does.

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