Mergers and Acquisitions in India continue to receive a high amount of traction from different industries especially e-commerce and retail. With consolidation as an activity at its peak, companies are choosing to merge to become bigger and stronger. In such a scenario, newer dimensions to deals are causing a drastic increase in insolvency cases and the focus on the sale of non-core assets by companies for debt reduction is bringing an extreme need for Mergers and Acquisitions advisory firms.

In such a scenario, Transaction Square comes into the picture as a trusted partner with areas of focus in M&A, restructuring and succession. Striving for success is the brand’s founding team of six visionary entrepreneurs from Big 4 world, Girish Vanvari, Vinesh Kriplani, Vikram Naik, Chirag Shah, Amol Khanna, and Saloni Khandelwal, who decided to leave their lives of comfort to start their entrepreneurial journey by laying down the foundation of Transaction Square, a niche tax, regulatory and business advisory firm. Incepted a year and a half ago, Transaction Square is a novel venture by seasoned leaders from the consulting fraternity offering the finest services to their clients.

Bringing to the table, the deep experience in tax and regulatory regimes in India, they are presenting their clientele with end to end support in situations of a transaction, mergers and acquisitions, demergers, sales and divestitures, outbound expansion, effective tax planning, tax and regulatory disclosures and compliances. Transaction Square’s experienced team that advises clients on planning succession, estate duty planning in India and overseas, family protocols and constitutions, planning the succession of management and ownership of businesses, trusts, wills, family office, family settlements, disputes, family partition etc.


Transaction Square associates with clients offering them overall guidance, critical insight, assistance in decision making, seeking necessary approval, end to end implementation support, overall compliances etc. Some of the major milestones for the team are their associations with brands and supporting them in deals including the Zydus – Heinze acquisition, Indiabulls’ sale of commercial real estate assets to Blackstone and KKR’s acquisition of Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited. With the core values of excellence, integrity, courage, respect and teamwork, the Transaction Square team strives to offer relevant results.

The leading brand has been keeping up with their clients’ needs and launched Valuation Square, a niche valuations firm which undertakes valuations for Mergers & Acquisitions, restructurings, family settlement & disputes, arbitrations, tax & regulatory aspects, accounting including IND AS, purchase price allocation, intangibles (including brands, goodwill), non-compete etc.


Over the years, the founding team has witnessed the change in the industry as it emerged as a prominent leader. They believe, “In the world of M&A, changes itself are opportunities. Since the inception of Transaction Square, the industrial revolution has been significantly paced towards growth as the scenario has improved with the entrance of the new government and regulatory changes that create opportunities for M&A and restructuring, especially in capital markets.”


Having built strong credentials, Transaction Square has built a vast network through accessibility. They receive most of their work from client referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Besides, a new client who wishes to reach Transaction Square can leave a message on digital platforms like their official website, e-mail as well as through social media mediums such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Transaction Square believes in partnering with Indian promoters and entrepreneurs, rather than just being service providers. They believe that dealing with the Indian promoters requires one to add a personal touch to services; conduct personal interactions and being there for them to provide reassurance “Advisors need to lead the way, help promoters understand what they are getting into and stand-by them throughout the process”


Laws are constantly evolving in India, affecting domestic as well as cross border transactions. While the Tax & Regulatory uncertainty coupled with governance issues leaves foreign investors puzzled, there are some significant court decisions over the last year that have had an impact on Indian M&A. In the past 12 months, NCLT’s approval for demerger of Reliance Jio Infocomm and NCLT’s rejection for Sun Pharma’s Scheme of Arrangement for demerger to overseas subsidiaries are two significant court decisions that have in some way or the other affected the deal approach.

Legally, M&A deals also require approval from the Competition Commission of India along and also have to comply with the newly introduced guidelines by SEBI.


A cross border deal between India and other countries can depend on various factors. Where Europe and US antitrust laws (competition law) are involved and approval are required typically leads to prolonged deal process. To bridge the gap, some essential factors that may be undertaken are proper planning, hiring local talent, conducting cultural, financial, legal and tax due diligence.


Mergers and Acquisitions may have various elements which can lead to situations that derail a deal or ends up raising red flags. The leaders at Transaction Square have overcome these situations and share, “Heavy tax implications, regulatory uncertainty and governance issues are the most common triggers that hinder M&A transactions. We believe the best measures one can take before or during transactions to avoid red flags are proactive navigating through issues, holding on to substance over form as a principle, consulting with regulators and referring to past precedence.”


The leaders at Transaction Square have envisaged huge potential for a set-up like theirs in India. In their current endeavour, they have managed to spread their footprint to 12 cities across India and have a couple more in the pipeline. The founding team has a collaborative dream to form an organization which is a platform to create employment for people.

“Loads of people have the ability and need for a certain job but not the platform and this inspired the idea to pull all this talent together and create opportunities. Today, we have a team consisting of 160+ energetic and passionate professionals. We vision Transaction Square to achieve the position of being the finest professional services firm in India” emphasised the founding team.


“We believe India’s growth story is truly transformational with the tax, regulatory and business landscape evolving rapidly requiring businesses to adjust contemporaneously. The need of the hour is a focused and agile firm that can help businesses navigate through complex issues. With an experienced team of professionals, Transaction Square will fill this white space and assist businesses to unleash their true growth potential,” shared the entrepreneurs.

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