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With Growth of Indian IT Business while the Metro & top cities were busy riding the waves of IT services like BPO, KPO & Design and Development; An One Man Company started laying its foot stone in the field of Search Engine Marketing. The Journey which started with couple of friends is now about 11years and a full grown Digital Marketing Agency.

Being at the early twenties with a Young Igniting mind the Name came as SEOHUNK stating (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation as Service) where HUNK is about the attitude towards Work as well as environment.  With just 6- to 7 Months of Journey, Subhrajit [The Post.COM Entrepreneur] along with 3 team members released its time to go Global.  It takes Birth an International SEO Company as “SEOHUNK INTERNATIONAL”alternatively SHI.

SHI, one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies serves almost all kind of Business irrespective of Industry, Company Size as well as Geo Location. It worked from Small Proprietorship firms to fortune 500 Companies is a thrilling Joinery. It’s about being versatile.

For the first few years, SHI was running without any designated Culture till 2009 -10 when Subhrajit has been designated as Founder-Cum -CEO for the Company.  But Subhrajit Always calls him “The Next Manager to Every Employee”.

Strategically located in two state-of the-art offices in Bangalore and Bhubaneswar, the company offers a wide range of services that include  SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, PR, Online Reputation Management, Website Design & Development, App Development, Affiliate Marketing & much more digital Marketing Services.

Success for SHI has not just come within a year or Click rather it has taken a long year for nice work Atmosphere, Bringing American Work Standard, Customer Centric Approach. For SHI Employees as well as Customers are ‘Two sides of a Coin’.

The Success Mantra for these 11yrs of Journey is 99% Accuracy, but 100% Transparency in Work & Reporting. Like another form of ad Campaign, we have made our SEO effort Accountable.  Customers are happy as they say “Now I can understand where each & every $ of my SEO investment going & how it’s impacting”.

Just like PPC, CPC, and Affiliate Marketing We Report How the ROI of each US $1 in SEO, which differentiates SHI from others?

SHI’s experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. The company delivered comprehensive services to over 1700 businesses or more.

We Serve both B2B & B2C.

There are some big Names which we have served under our  3rd Party Digital Marketing Program as Expedia (Multi Country), Viagogo, Disney Uk, Honda UK, AeroSmith Band, NCB (National Commercial Bank Saudi Arabia) & Much more.

B2C Direct:-

Wild Blue Satellite Internet Provider USA, Cryo-Cell USA (Stem Cell Banking), ESL Group Switzerland, Groupon (Multi Country), Ask-Aladdin, Language Trainer Group, Tour Dubai, & Deccan Charger (IPL), Sarthak TV & much more.

SHI’s efficient and flexible world class web-tech solutions process zero down the risk of project failures and creates productive solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

It was a time when the company had been started from a rented home having just one computer and a small room, but now 80 plus full-time staffs have been working for the company excluding  Near about 30 International Contractual Employees.

With the presence in Both Bhubaneswar & Bangalore, the Company aims for their Dubai expansion in coming years.

SHI’s success can be attributed to the work culture at the company. Employee engagement, Training, Skill Development along with various team building activities are to keep employees happy and maintain productivity. Like a Big, Corporate SHI has its own training Wing which only trains its future employees.

The CEO Magazine recognizes Seohunk International as one of Iconic work places for the employees. SHI’s employees are the heart and soul of a go-beyond culture that enables the company to attract and retain one of the best team in the world and drives the company’s competitive advantage.

Managing and retaining good talent has been the biggest challenge for companies. Employee engagement & Job Satisfaction is the most important element after productivity. To uphold this value, they go out of their way n ensuring that each employee has an adventurous day out every single day.

Considering the rise of Start-Up as well as in a Positive inclination towards entrepreneurs SHI offers a 30% discount for all registered start up worldwide.

SHI believes in Cost Effect Solution which is accountable & Creates Revenue opportunity for customers, on an on-going basis.

SEO for SHI is not just ranking rather a 360-degree optimisation of the website to making User-Friendly, Search Engine Friendly as well as ROI efficient.

On being asked about the Road ahead, Subhrajit says, “Looking towards the Changing Business Model Our Next Priority will be M-Commerce, VR & AI in the friend of Digital Marketing”.

09|09|09 – MAGIC NUMBER

Coming 09th September At 09.00AM SHI is going to be rebranded as “SHILABS” -The Next Generation Digital Marketing Agency. SHI LAB is going to be a hub of all Digital Marketing Activities, Dedicated Research Wing, Updated Development Team & a Training Lab for Students.

Clients’ intuition for Seohunk International

“SHI has a great customer service and actively focuses on ways to promote my business over my competitors. I am very happy with the service and I am looking forward to the future results. The team assigned to my account Sanskruti, Subhasmita, Kranti, Bailochan, Saroj, Padma(SMO) has been fantastic and my account rep SUV is well organized and always asking how to help.” says Tom Hall.

“We have been working with Raj at SEO Hunk International for a couple of months – what a great guy. It was pleasant, precise and a joy to work with. His instructions are clear and his manner is superb. We hope to continue this working relationship for a long time to come. Thank you.” says Toby Walton.

Let’s know more about Mr. Subhrajit Swain

At a very young age, Mr. Subhrajit developed the craziness of learning & doing something unusual that give the source of income to other people. Just after the 1st year of BSC (Zoology Hons), He had to discontinue the education for over a period of 6 months followed by an Accident which caused him drop out the exam.

Work enthusiasm for the field of Information Technology drove him to Bhubaneswar, but financial hindrances obstruct him to be at Bangalore.  Thus he took admission in NIIT for BSC(IST). Increased Course fees, Limited financial help forced him to come across a part time job Profile which later turned into a full-time Job along with Studies.

Having a Single earned family it was really tough for him to go for further studies, the major part of this was being spent against mother’s illness. With the passage of time, Subhrajit has got many OnSite offers as well as SEO Director Offer from many MNC & Digital marketing Agency Abroad but the Goal by now has been changed.  The aim is to bring corporate culture into 2tier cities like Bhubaneswar, Help the unprivileged.

Subhrajit Quotes “Everyone has 24 Hours”.

Subhrajit holds responsibilities of CEO- MD at the company where he led well to empower SHI.

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