“Our Virtual Clinics offer a matchless way of synergizing the advances of modern communication technology with medical sciences to deliver healthcare services anytime, anywhere.”- Manisha Karmarkar, COO, Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie 

“Our Virtual Clinics offer a matchless way of synergizing the advances of modern communication technology with medical sciences to deliver healthcare services anytime, anywhere.”- Manisha Karmarkar, COO, Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie 

Women are making their mark in the different industry. From India’s pool of fearless beauties with the brain, Startup City covered one such gem. She is Manisha Karmarkar, Chief Operating Officer at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, an Anaesthesiologist and the Director OT Services Ruby Hall Clinic. Pune’s first boutique multi-speciality hospital Ruby Hall Clinic is an environmentally conscious medical institute renowned to offer a gamut of leading-edge diagnostics, surgical and rehabilitation services. Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie is Pune’s first boutique multi-speciality hospital offering a plethora of leading-edge diagnostics, surgical and rehabilitation services. Engraved with fully equipped radiology department, cath lab, stainless-steel modular OTs and spacious, comfortable rooms, Ruby Hall Clinic is definitely making healing better than ever. Backed by a robust team of experienced and skilled doctors, the hospital incorporates medical needs, individual preferences and cultural, linguistic as well as culinary expectations into a tailored experience served under the leadership of founder, Padma Bhushan late Dr. K B Grant to respect, serve and heal everyone. Manisha shares her journey with Startup City over a host of issues related to Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie.

How has been your journey from the initial steps to becoming the COO at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie?

My progress at Ruby Hall Clinic has been unique and enchanting. Having earned my degree in Anaesthesia from Mumbai’s prestigious Nanavati Hospital, my interest in the field of medicine only grew with time. It was in 1995 that my journey of practicing medicine commenced at Ruby Hall Clinic as a Senior Registrar in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). In 1997, I was recruited as a Consultant at the Department of Anaesthesiology and went on to earn a wealth of experience in the following years. Greeted by a sea of opportunities, I was later appointed as the Director – OT Services at the main branch of Grant Medical Foundation while assuming the same responsibility at the satellite centres in Wanowarie and Hinjawadi. Our CEO, Mr. Bomi Bhote has always encouraged my interest in the field of medical management by giving me the onus of Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie as the COO to revamp the concept of luxurious, yet affordable healing.

What are the prowesses of Ruby Hall Clinic?

At the onset, we’re the only multi-speciality hospital in the country to be managed by an all-women team, with women managers heading various departments. Through a combination of hospital affiliations, outpatient specialty care centres, health care accreditations and corporate partnerships, we pride ourselves in having the ability to redefine the concept of ‘swanky healthcare’ and provide luxuriously, yet affordable healthcare to one and all. No call to the hospital ever goes unanswered due to our in-house call centre that is available 365 days a year. We’re leading the way with innovative short-stay surgical procedures for a number of specialties, green initiatives, and telemedicine in the form of our newly launched Virtual Clinics.

We at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie have always believed that diversity is the richness of human differences and it is only through inclusion that everyone feels connected, valued and engaged. Our concept of short-stay surgeries for a multitude of procedures has been doing exceptionally well. In fact, we have also started a number of novel initiatives for our youngest new-born patients to even our oldest ones going through medical complications. These range from evening OPDs to the first neonatal intensive care unit in the vicinity to even specialized clinics covering Breast clinic and Breast Onco-surgery, Hip and Knee clinic, Spine clinic, Cardiology clinic Menopause clinic and much more. Our international representatives go the extra mile to provide services such as Wi-fi enabled campus, Assistance with police permissions and FRO formalities, transport facilities and much more.

Adding further, the surgical prowess of Ruby Hall is second to none, especially with our short stay knee replacement and laparoscopic procedures amongst others. Since our inception, we are proud to have catered to the needs of countless foreign nationals with immense success and look forward to treating more people in the days to come.

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie is a certified Gold rated LEED hospital by IGBC, could you please brief us about your green medical initiatives.

We have always upheld ecological health, green initiatives, and environmental stewardship as foundational pieces of our mission. It all started with the incorporation of modern “Green Building” design elements into the healthcare environment to improve patient care and allow them to feel more at ease. We focus on four key areas — pollution prevention, energy conservation, sustainable food sourcing and recycling natural resources — and make a significant headway every day. We have received cGreen OT certification for our modular, stainless steel operation theatres making us the first in Pune and fifth in India to be awarded this accreditation. We use air instead of nitrous oxide in the OTs to prevent depletion of the ozone layer in the long run. We also prefer to use electronic records encouraging a completely paperless facility and much more.

It must be challenging to manage both work and home. How you manage to cater that?

The job of a doctor, and particularly one who handles management as well isn’t easy for anyone — but for women trying to juggle work with family life, it’s no longer a daunting task if you know how to manage your time well. Of course, family support also plays an important role and I’m fortunate to have a very understanding and encouraging family. For me, it’s all about work-life balance, long shifts, unpredictable hours and physically demanding work. My four pillars of strength remain my family, career, health, and friends who have stood by me through thick and thin. I do my best to prioritize and give equal importance to each one of them.

Thank you for answering this interview. Would you like to share your secret success mantra with our readers?

Thank you so much. Well, I believe factors such as hospitality, humanity and the ability to multi-task are something every woman is born with. As women, we’re endowed with compassion. I do not think to be a woman has held me back or altered my chance of success and this is exactly what I teach my daughter. It really comes down to being fiercely independent, confident and determined to succeed.  It’s all about doing your job with passion and loving every single moment of it. I believe anything is possible if you have the will to do it!

Commencing with fifty clinics in the medical centres of corporate houses, peripheral ICUs, and diagnostic centres, Ruby Hall Clinic plans to expand the reach of progressive, state-of-the-art healthcare with a hundred centres in the near future all over the country. After all, everyone has the right to world-class healthcare.


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