Breathing in innovation, Indian Medical devices industry reached significant heights on its growth curve throughout the last decade. Not to mention, a multitude of efforts invested by the government to initiate reforms in the space have been remarkable. Furthermore, the recent changes in policy towards establishing an orderly managed healthcare ecosystem paves way for positioning India as a leader in the trading and manufacturing of Medtech devices and equipments. Recently, with the rise of ‘Make in India’ campaign, the manufacturing space in India has been shifting its focus from capturing the market share creating niche markets for groundbreaking products. Such an accelerated pace of transformative development is a ray of hope that assures better clinical outcomes with simplified procedures and shorter recovery times; all in a very cost effective way to enhance affordability while creating tremendous value.

Maxlife Health Enterprises Private Limited is a renowned name in the market for excellent delivery of unique and customized solutions and services for varying needs of hospitals encompassing infrastructure, Electro-mechanical equipments (Operation Theatre, ICU, Emergency, and Disaster Management), life savers and patient diagnose areas. The company’s unique product portfolio includes Critical Care equipments, Hospital Furniture, Diagnostic Devices, Disaster Management, Disposables & Monitoring Devices, and Warming Solutions, Protective Wear, Infusion systems and Mobility aids. The firm has been entrusted by leading players for its strong capabilities in delivering beyond client satisfaction by providing the best value and the highest standards of services.

Mr.BhaveshRajanikanth Shah – Director of Maxlife, in a conversation with AbhishekDubey – Editor at The CEO Magazine

When was the company formed? What ignited the spark in you to start a new business venture or to make significant?

The company was started in year 2007 and only intention to expand in this business was providing world class Health care products in the desired time line ensuring cost of equipment and our services utmost reasonable pricing and also a personal interest of making an organization which can serve 100 people above average lifestyle. 

How did the company get to where it is today?

We were very keen on providing best after sales services with best business practices, customers were our guides and their demands to meet the timelines and best pricing in the industry has been biggest factor to see our company where it is.

Also our principals/suppliers have supported us in reaching where we are because of our promptness in meeting their requirements in stipulated period because of our arrangement of necessary infrastructure and team support to achieve the business goals. 

Why does the company exist? What is its main value proposition?

To be one of the top most reliable supply chain partner in healthcare industry in India.

Our biggest value proposition is minimizing the procurement period which will help our clients to start their center at earliest and early generation of revenue.

And today customers are bound to choose from the products various competitors, but we are driven by customer need based on their utility and budget, this makes us special by offering multiple options and explaining the benefits of the product to make their busying experience better.

What are the Differentiating Factors and Revenue Model?

Our experience center and easy to choose method which makes customer more confident not only emotionally towards the product but also technical briefing of various options depending upon budget gives more comfort towards the investment which they are about to make is one of the most innovative in this industry.

Revenue Model:

Sales and service both play a vital role and in this scenario where customers who are unable to visit marketplace or dependent upon their existing supplies are turning towards online to verify the authenticity, we have initiated for online sales especially for Medical Students who can get what they want at lowest prices by buying through Amazon etc. The best part is it comes with replacement warranty.

How does the company build a successful customer base?

By regular follow ups with each individual departments asking if they have any challenge and giving couple of options to address, Our team comprises of product specialist and application specialist who educate the customers very sincerely about the products we offer including the disadvantages if any with that particular product,               This makes us customers first choice.

How do you see the company changing within a year?

We look forward to extend our range of offerings more towards Green Field project and this will enable us to start with a very strong relationship,

And currently we are discussing on two platforms

Establishing own branch in fast growing healthcare cities, but definitely in south and the good news may be very soon about adding one more branch in the list.

The other one is we are also working on empowering like minded profess-ionals who are willing to serve and establish a good business practice in their areas, but the problem is funds to sustain the current credit terms in the industry which requires 5X working capital against average monthly revenue especially Tier -2 cities by offering franchise model.

How many employees are working here? What kind of culture exists in the company?

Currently we have 35 direct employees & others on outsource platform coming from different expertise. Our team is an interdependent on each other so naturally it’s a democratic where everyone is welcome with their suggestions irrespective of their designation, Including the top management who are considered only as chief workers of the company, There is a competition within the office to be self-motivated and inspiration to others.

What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Currently we are working on increasing the team size for various positions available in the company and also we are making financial road map on how the company would raise capital in coming times and with promised returns to our valued investors. 

What are the major milestones for the company since founding?

Every year has been a milestone for Maxlife, moving from a 200 Sq. ft. small 2-seater office to a 7200 Sq. Ft corporate office today in span of 9 years cannot be given credit to a single reason; any small step towards growth cannot be ignored.

 Yes we are under discussion with some of the new investments coming in healthcare industry and also we are about to start our journey in human waste disposal system in hospital which will control infection and also empower people who have been washing the human waste A boon to caregivers from Manual handling to Direct to Drain.This would be one of the biggest gifts which will intern return as required care and time to healing patients.

What is your vision for the company?

We at Maxlife have envisioned an organization at multiple locations to serve healthcare fraternity with utmost sincerity and help our associates to prosper. 

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Rejections from your customers at young age inspire you to give more efforts and as a saying goes “success is the sum of all efforts”


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