Logistics is the backbone of the industry says ER. Chiraag Shridhar Founder & Managing Director of Beeta Logistics

Logistics is the backbone of the industry. Whether it be manufacturing, retail, hospitality, agriculture, or medical, it is difficult to imagine the progress of the Indian economy without an efficient logistics backbone.

It should be the endeavour of any person involved in logistics to have a profound focus on efficiency. However, despite the paramount importance, logistics in India still has a long way to go before it can achieve the efficiencies desired.

Our mission at M/s Beeta Logistics is to focus on this improvement & set a new standard or benchmark for logistics to be followed globally. By integrating logistic solutions & services, optimising the supply chain conditions to their very core & disclosing the possibilities for improvement to our customers we can initiate a positive step towards a Win-Win situation for us & our Customers.

Our company’s success lies in the utilization of tools that focus on the optimization of any process. Whether it be a complex manufacturing process to a simple day to day activity, our focus on Kaizen has resulted in businesses running more efficiently and saving costs.

This Kaizen has found its roots in the objective of our solutions to continuously normalise, improve and innovate the process flow with a focus on reducing critical to success factors such as cycle time and obtaining maximum efficiency while keeping safety intact.

This is done though tools like 6F, 5S, FIFO, Poke Yoke, TVO, Why-Why Analysis, Kaizen, & make standardization of all 5 M involved (Man, Machine, Material, Method & Measurement) in order to attain a Defect Free Operation.

The traditional logistics industry has 2 schools of thoughts, American Standard focuses on quickness of delivery & Japanese Standard focuses on Quality of delivery. However, our country’s challenging business environment has resulted in Beeta Logistics amalgamating both standards with an important focus on driver working conditions as well.

We have successfully incorporated these working standards not only in our day to day working process but also in the ERP.  Our ERP is an evolved version of traditional logistics ERPs with a self developed operational KPIs which showcase and benchmark the efficiency & consistency of each truck driver, route etc. and help our client remain update with a simple click on the mobile phone.

As a result we have a streamlined the Material Flow, Document Flow & Information Flow, resulting into material reaching the Right Place, at Right Time, at Right Cost making our customers satisfied. Beeta consistently focuses on CSE (Customer, Society, Employee) satisfaction inorder to sustain & maintain a positive working environment in the company.

Due to our working system & culture backed by a Dynamic team & state-of-the-art IT system we have got several accolades in the industry and won many new customers.

For days to come we have also designed the most profound & efficient way of supply chain solutions for our customers in India with upcoming GST with Warehousing PAN India being our major strength. As per Customer requirement we have the strength of procuring land bank, getting CLU done, construction, warehouse management & further providing all kinds of fleets for delivery purpose. We are sure to get many customers in this year keeping GST in mind.

In our generation, the logistics domain is mostly dominated by family owned businesses, but our edge lies in my 6 years of experience of working with a Japanese automotive OEM in supply chain planning with industry leaders and visionaries. There I learned Japanese standards &improvement tools & skills, which we have incorporated at M/s Beeta as well. We are thus better placed to understand the customer requirements in the field of logistics under the current Indian economic and social environment.We aim at bringing world class service to our customers. Although the transition from working as an employee to starting my own venture was quite challenging for me, but I knew that there were areas of improvement where no one was focussing , so my willingness to always explore more in life made me take this decision.

I believe that if one has a good idea & has worked hard developing their skills, he/she should diligently head forward & so did I. Ingenious ideas with concrete & structured planning always catch the eye & so did ours, which has brought us some generous funding by few business houses.  Our goal is to always justify their support towards the rise of M/s Beeta Logistics.

At the end I would like to say that , We at M/s Beeta Logistics Private Limited commit ourselves to offer quality services with safety, security, flexibility & innovation. We create a perfectly blended environment of exceptional planning & execution. We value our manpower & train them to enrich team spirit and knowledge.

“Always work towards innovation”

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