Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare Technologies, Clinivantage Translates Into a Differentiated Value Proposition 

Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare Technologies,

Clinivantage Translates Into a Differentiated Value Proposition 

The world is making progress towards great healthcare products and treatments for all. The best are getting better around the globe, and the number of great, high-trusted healthcare technologies companies are increasing. Indeed, the better days in healthcare technologies at a growing number of organizations around the world have a ripple effect. There are few companies in healthcare who are doing a remarkable job for better health which is advancing across the globe. And that’s great news for everyone.

The CEO Magazine is ready to bring compendium of the success story of Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies, a leading technology product & solutions provider organization in this special edition. Taking note of this edition’s success story got us thinking: what Clinivantage does differently to earn such high praise from many others in the field? Thus, the multiple reasons came out behind the success of the company.

Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies is a bespoke technology product & solutions provider organization delivering information management & analytics value propositions to healthcare industry in public and private sector on proprietary framework. Their products and services impact both – the healthcare provider as well as the consumer in an off-beat way. Clinivantage solutions are such scalable and capable tools that successfully encompass healthcare services from a single provider to up to the largest healthcare facilities. Similarly while managing population health records their applications glide equally as smooth. Secured and legal health information transfer and interoperability are those keys which enable Clinivantage’s tools transform healthcare management to wellness management. The company’s tools use and analyze data captured in the healthcare setting and across the healthcare ecosystem and applies directly to inform decision-making, to positively impact patient care delivery, health outcomes and business operations.  Clinivantage’s tools encourage the healthcare providers towards safe, secure mobile and wireless management of their consumers while engaging the patients with their doctors, while successfully doing self-health management and planning prevention strategies. This aids largely in success of the health improvement programs.

Clinivantage aims to democratize innovation by transforming ideas into tangible products and inculcate the spirit of innovation among all. The company is setting new benchmarks in quality, reliability and bringing new ideas in healthcare technologies industry using proven technology and management techniques, which has become the way of life of Clinivantage and the people over here.

Clinivantage’s success can be attributed to this culture. The company has people whose sole job is to keep employees happy and maintain productivity. It may sound too controlling to some, but

It is how this world-changing organization operates.

Implementing consulting solution in healthcare technologies is a challenge on account of various factors, which Clinivantage has successfully achieved by adopting customer centric approach rather than traditional product centric approach. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and overall requirements, the company delivers tailor-made, scalable and robust healthcare solutions to client. Clinivantage has a PAAS (Platform-As-A-Service) and consulting approach. The consulting approach helps to cater to individual opportunities in a much better way because we understand these opportunities might have unique needs to meet. They provide tools (not solutions) which effectively cater to individual opportunity. These tools can then be molded as solution.

Clinivantage’s experience across the industries translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. The company delivers comprehensive solutions to over hundred businesses that include SD Global (Malaysia), BMI Healthcare (UK) and many more. The company’s transparent, efficient and flexible world class healthcare solutions process zero down risks of project failures and creates productive healthcare consultation that meet present as well as future demands.

Clinivantage has been booming day-to-day with the help of its highly professional and talented team who are working with a great zeal. The CEO Magazine recognizes the company as one of good place to work for the employees. This accomplishment is a testament to their strong global culture and a reflection of the passion and commitment that their employees bring to work every day. Clinivantage’s employees are the heart and soul of a go-beyond culture that enables the company to attract and retain one of the best team in the world and drives the company’s competitive advantage. Their commitment to shared values unites them globally and fosters and environment in which innovation and teamwork thrive.

The CEO Magazine goes in depth, interviews Mr. Dinesh Samudra – Founder and CEO of Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies (In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Editor)

How does the company build a successful customer base?

Clinivantage has consulting approach which helps to cater to individual opportunities in a much better way because we understand these opportunities might have unique needs to meet. This personalized attention to customer’s unique needs helps and will help Clinivantage to build a successful and happy customer base.

How do you see the company changing in one year?

With the current pipeline and growth projections we look at Clinivantage having more global presence and lots of exciting tools added to the platform to cater to different geography needs and opportunities.

How many employees are working here? What kind of culture exists in the company?

The company is lean with 20 employees working at the Pune office. The team is young and enthusiastic which is the main factor that keeps the environment pleasurable for work. The team is extremely professional, yet extremely cooperative and will never rethink to walk over that extra mile to make the company and its products most unique and sustain every test of excellence.

What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

The most important things are increasing global clients, brand building, platform expansion, etc that company is working on. This is done by effective utilization of Business Development team and having right partners assigned for brand building and platform expansion.

What are the major milestones for the company since founding? 

Major milestone – We are in midst of implementing the entire platform to a 700 bedded hospital in Malaysia. This is a phased deployment process. We have recently got major breakthrough in South Africa, Kenya and Indonesia.

What is your vision for the company?

To empower healthcare providers with our technology and enable them to make positive difference by maximizing opportunities for improved productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Please tell us about Road Map and Future of your organizations.

We have planned and started to accomplish a the ‘PaaS’ model successfully, whereby, we wish to bring in maximum providers and consumers into this connected healthcare ecosystem steadily bringing in profitable and productive care for consumers and providers simultaneously. The providers and consumers using our platform will be empowered only in positive direction.

Please share about your or company’s Awards & Recognitions, if any.

Clinivantage was a part of Niti Aayog’s ‘Champions of Change’ and is included in their programme for Health and Nutrition.

Clinivantage has been recognized by the State Government of Maharashtra to a part of its program for rural health and wellness management

Clinivantage recently got the award from JITOPRENEURS for the Best Healthcare Startup -2017 in London, UK.           

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

I believe in the fact that ‘experience is the strictest teacher’ in life. Hard core experience of every field is essential to learn, ‘what not to do’, rest whatever you do will only take you a few steps closer to your dream in life. Making Healthcare IT a mean to ‘wellness management’ rather that ‘illness management’, is the dream I yearn to attain. The tools developed by Clinivantage are doing their bit in this direction. We hope to make them better and better day by day thus, getting closer to my dream.

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

I had tried to create a platform similar to our Health Huddle some years back. However, lack of funds, which caused poor execution of the system, gave a huge setback, whereby the entire project had to be shelved. However, life always takes a U-turn if your efforts and goals are genuine. Again, as I have mentioned earlier I learned through this and we have overcome the problem good execution, thus ensuring success that has been awaited.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

We look forward to add more clientele in India, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East, while bringing in maximum providers and 100million consumers on the platform.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

Everybody faces ups and downs in life. I come from a simple background and had my own challenges initially. Earning a lot of experience and business alertness has helped me reach the milestone of today. Domain expertise is extremely essential, if one wishes to carve a niche.

Tell me how you’ve approached change.

When Clinivantage went to market we understood each and every client had unique needs and instead of a solution, a tool is what was required to cater to these opportunities. That’s when we decided to build a tool which should take care of these unique opportunities big or small.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Execution is actually EVERYTHING –

Thanks for your time and patience…

Thank you too Abhishek and The CEO Magazine! 

The Spirit behind Clinivantage

Dinesh Samudra

Mr. Dinesh Samudra, Founder and CEO of Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies, is a creative, visionary, result oriented driven technology leader with over 26 years of experience within India, the USA and South East Asian companies. He has proven demonstration of developing and executing operational strategies to promote organizational growth, business development and application development with diverse base of industries and for government entities that involves proposal making, competitive bidding and negotiation. He holds the decision making position in current organization. He also excels in developing and motivation highly motivating teams that successfully meets and exceeds company targets.

His specializations

Business Transformation & Integration, Privacy and Security Compliance, Strategic Technology & Business Planning, Expense Reduction and Revenue Generation, IT Governance and Portfolio Management, Global IT Delivery & Operational Readiness, Strategic Analysis and Internal Consulting, Architecture and Infrastructure Planning, Enterprise-wide Change Management, Budget Management and Cost Control, Focused on Making the Business more Competitive, Legal and Regulatory Compliance.

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