22by7: Changing the landscape of IT Infrastructure Business with its impeccable services

22by7: Changing the landscape of IT Infrastructure Business with its impeccable services

Can you portray happily and hassle free days in your organization with your operations and business functions working together seamlessly? Well if not, integrating your business systems, IT services, process and various other functions can help you to fit together all the pieces empowering the functioning at every stage of your business journey. In today’s panorama when companies want to stay ahead of the game, they need all their systems to work synchronously. Today, the bar has been set so high that in order to compete and win in today’s market requires exceeding expectations while delivering great experiences is a prerequisite. “Having an efficient IT system that ties into your existing processes will definitely add a layer of efficiency in your organization.” elaborates Venkat, Co-Founder, 22by7.

22by7:Clearing blurred business’ IT atmosphere with its expertise solutions

Incorporated in 2007, 22by7 is the Go to System Integrator for organization’s IT Infrastructure needs, pioneered in delivering a poignant environment for IT infrastructure to enable Business Continuity and its smooth functioning.

22by7 is known for transforming IT Infra Market Landscape with tailor made solutions, unlike other System Integrators who are OEM specific. The process of becoming a forerunner in Info Security, ILM & Cloud, Virtualization & Networking domains requires more than just hard work. Nurtured with dedication and talent for over a decade, 22by7 today stands as a constant factor adding value to its clients’ business growth. 22by7 is committed to deliver exponentially emerging verticals, through virtue of quality certified professionals who design, deploy, ASSIST & manage client businesses’ IT backbone.

Product Portfolio 

Information Security

ILM & Cloud 

Business Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence 



ASSIST Services 

Team 22by7: A family interwoven by the vows of Trust, Integrity and Mutual Respect 

Team22by7 comprises of highly skilled, dedicated and motivated members with a sharp focus on client-servicing and addressing organization’s Information Security, ILM & Cloud, and Networking & Virtualization related concerns. Nestled in Bangalore, the company has partnered with leading technology providers of the industry to provide solutions that directly address the leading IT issues of today’s evolving business environment: the privacy of information and the integrity of online identities. Team 22by7 believes in the dictum “Customer comes first” and shall demonstrate it in its actions, interactions and decisions. Team 22by7 also holds that protecting the interests of clients, employees & stakeholders is imperative and all decisions will be made keeping this in mind. Team 22by7 recognizes the fact that it is effective and cohesive teamwork which determines business success and will thus ensure this spirit pervades all activities it is engaged in.


Each satisfied customer and employee creates a milestone for 22by7.

Delivering a functional environment for IT infrastructure to enable Business Continuity and Emerging Technologies is the raison d’etre of 22by7. The company caters its offerings globally. 22by7’s clientele numbers 434 happy clients from various industry verticals which management believes is the return and dedication of the inputs put together by the organization.  Apart from winning accolades from Clients and OEM’s on a quarterly basis, 22by7 has been continuously winning ‘Channel partner of the year’ from IDG for the past few years and Venkat has been recognized by Paul Writer as one of the ‘Top CX100 professionals in India’.

Expansion Binge and Future Ahead

We strongly believe in Digital Darwinism and will adapt technologies and services as per the business landscape. 22by7’s journey has been tremendous so far to become the most trustworthy and reliable IT company and we will continue to do so.

Visionary behind 22by7 

“Falling is an accident, staying down is a choice.”


Prime Mover

A young visionary with a strong grounding in technology, Venkat’s deep understanding of the Clients’ businesses enables 22by7 to offer and add competitive value to the Customers’ businesses through products, solutions, services (Assist), and technical & execution expertise.

Sudhir Babu

Business Head

The Co-Founder and Business Head of 22by7, Sudhir has 14+ years of experience & expertise in managing Business Development, Sales, Account Management & Sales-Support Functions essential to Sales Force productivity.

His responsibilities include Sales Planning, Sales Reviews, Sales Process Optimization, Sales Training, Sales Program Implementation, Sales Compensation Design, and Administration as well as Interface with Principals & New Product Alignment.

He ensures that all 22by7 Sales Organization Objectives are assigned & met in a timely fashion. He directs and supports the consistent implementation of company initiatives.  He also enables peer support and internal- relationships with other key management personnel & stakeholders.


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