Planting expressions into people’s dream homes Revolution Precrafted The breath of prefabricated establishments 

Planting expressions into people’s dream homes

Revolution Precrafted

The breath of prefabricated establishments 

Breathing in creativity and pouring life with a detailed artsy voice to a dream home best characterize this brand and it is something that it takes pride in.

The brand’s journey was sparked by a desire to address pain points and slip-ups of traditional homebuilding.

This Philippine unicorn startup, today, is sitting at a value of over $1B with its territory expanding over 31 countries within Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and the Caribbean. It has converted the dream spaces of storied and celebrated personalities including Pritzker award-winners  ZAHA HADID and JEAN NOUVEL, musician LENNY KRAVITZ, internationally-renowned artist MARCEL WANDERS, and supermodel HELENA CHRISTENSEN, to name a few,  into high-quality, patented, prefabricated livable spaces.

The man behind this startup is  real-estate magnate, Robbie Antonio.

Revolution Precrafted’s journey to rewrite the rules of the prefab spaces started in December 2015. Antonio geared up his entrepreneurial journey with Revolution Precrafted with a purpose of ‘democratising architecture and disrupting real estate by uniting over 80 of the world’s most distinguished architects, artists, designers and celebrities. The growth branched off well, so well that Revolution Precrafted became Southeast Asia’s first unicorn just under two years of its conceptualization.

Layering homes with a blend of art, creativity, technology and quality

Revitalizing the Prefabrication Space, Revolution Precrafted’s advantage is its blend of speed and technology. While traditional construction takes a while to complete, Revolution Precrafted delivers the structures in as fast as 2-3 months and it does so in a cost-effective manner – by employing modern robotics technology during fabrication.

The result of these efforts is beautifully crafted homes, designed by some of the world’s preeminent architects, designers, and artists.

This B2B2C unicorn is continuously challenging the real estate industry through its lower price points and technological innovations, allowing it to be “asset-light” while having a global distribution chain.

At present, Revolution Precrafted has at least 35,000 units to deliver in the next 5 years. But while his brainchild has reached dizzying heights, Antonio believes that there is so much room for growth.

Antonio has recently embarked on a major brand expansion and has put up an umbrella corporation.

Resident Holdings.

Resident Holdings is the result of Robbie Antonio’s desire to expand his businesses beyond real estate. He wants to have a presence in the field of e-commerce, fashion digital media and retail business and other key industries.

Revolution Precrafted serves as the flagship company of the newly formed conglomerate.

Another important entity under Resident Holdings is Antonio’s franchising unit Renegade Branding Concepts,

a one-stop-shop for franchising and licensing concepts, It offers an unparalleled list of possible retail and business opportunities in partnership with some of the biggest celebrities.

Antonio is currently working with popular celebrities and influencers such as world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga to name a few.

The road doesn’t end here, In the coming months, Antonio is set to unveil his other celebrity-designed e-commerce companies including:

Rebel Specs Design—a celebrity-branded eyewear e-commerce company that features sleek, top-notch design with unbeatable prices,

Radical Couture Concepts—a company that features the latest celebrity-backed fashion trends at affordable prices

Regal Jewellery Selection—a curated e-commerce jewellery brand that sells gorgeous celebrity-branded rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets

Radiant Beauty Selection—an e-commerce company that provides beauty products with categories,

We catch up with Antonio for some off-beaten Insights.

Edited Excerpts


All companies are in varying levels of development. But we are ready to launch our eyewear business within the next few months. We are also launching our e-commerce businesses (Radiant, Radical, Replenish, Regal in the next 3-4 months) depending on regulatory/license approvals. The e-service companies will be launched last simply because we want to get our e-commerce businesses up and running already. We want to show the market that we have the expertise in e-transactions, and it will give us credibility by the time we launch our e-service companies.


The businesses under Resident Holdings all follow an asset-light model. We partner with third party contractors who produce the items for us and take inventory risks. We then take charge of marketing and selling these items. An asset-light model worked perfectly for Revolution, so we want to duplicate that success.


Yes, we want to establish Resident Holdings as one of the biggest celebrity branding companies in the world. So, our vision is to have most of our businesses curated by celebrities. We have been successful in partnering with influential celebrities for our e-commerce businesses, so we are happy about it. For the remaining companies such as the e-services units, we hope that we can still do that as well.  At the very least, we want to have celebrities endorse these companies.


We have an expansive database of celebrities and influencers at our proposal so that was the easy part. But to convince them to sign up and partner with us, we needed to explain to them the potential of these businesses and how they will change the current landscape. It also helped that our partners all want to own their businesses, so we are giving them the chance to do so without them spending anything.


Definitely. In order to expand our businesses globally, we need to partner with global celebrities who have significant clout in their preferred niche. We have started our global outreach and we have actually signed a global celebrity whom we will be introducing in the next few weeks.


As discussed, we want to bring our business concepts to the global stage. We believe that they all have promise. The first step for us is to partner with celebrities study their captive markets and identify the areas where we can cooperate. Then, we target the markets where we can launch first. Our target is to expand to Southeast Asia, the rest of Asia Pacific, Europe and North and South America.

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