DTDC, A Proactive Business Leader Delivering Indians with Essential Solutions Since Three Decades


DTDC, A Proactive Business Leader Delivering Indians with Essential Solutions Since Three Decades

Soon after its initiation in 1990, DTDC became the largest network in the Indian Express industry among the private players. The brand currently boasts of over 11000+ successful channel partners across the country. DTDC has become a leading and renowned brand in the industry with its constant endeavour to effortlessly achieve what a lot of brands are primarily struggling with at the moment ‘Dealing with Change’. After ensuring successful launching of the brand, the Chairman and Managing Director Subhasish Chakraborty initiated the expansion of its network through a franchise movement.

 Subhasish shared “I conceived a unique business model of appointing franchisees who would not only provide the strength of network at minimal capital investment but also generate business for themselves as well as for DTDC.”

The brand has showcased various traits to become a successful name and an industry leader. Today, the brand has amalgamated extremely well with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Extensively trusting and empowering the franchise partners and viewing them as a face of the brand, DTDC has created loyal partners with a sense of ownership.

While the cargo and logistics industry is undergoing a gradual, but massive transformation, DTDC has the intention and the ability to introduce new ways of service delivery and work towards optimizing efficiency. The brand has till date continued to expand its market share.

Chalking Successful Business Model

Identifying the goals, objectives and vision clearly, the blueprint should be a well crafted one full of milestones. Such a plan helps direct efforts towards effectively rather than on a vague goal. The short milestone keeps the brand on track to achieve long term success.


 “With a business model that involved assigning lots of trust in people, many of whom we might not be in direct contact every day, building trust is essential. Especially while expanding internationally, choosing the right partners was an extremely important decision and a lot hinged upon it, considering we did not have an established brand identity as a cushion,” shared Subhasish Chakraborty on the challenges faced by the brand over the years.

Follow the Journey

1990: Inception of the company done by CMD

1995: Launched and stabilized franchisee model

2000: First overseas expansion in the US, UK and Dubai

2008: Introduction of Premium Express Products (PEP) portfolio

2010: Expanded International presence through JV’s and acquisitions.

2012: Started e-commerce product – DotZot

2013: Geopost started as a strategic partner

2015: Kickstart of digital operations, automation of hubs, investment in Shipsy, Digitization of first and last mile processes.

Target Audience and Marketing Strategies

Operating in the B2B and B2C segment, DTDC identifies broad categories of consumers based on demographics, nature and frequency of transactions etc. Further, the DTDC team works to develop its service offering portfolio in a way that meets the needs of such clients the best.

DTDC adopts unconventional marketing strategies to approach the widely spread audience with its portfolio. The brand has been associated with various franchises in popular sporting tournaments in the country, including the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Take Action

“It is an opportune time for any new entrant looking to venture into the industry. With the infusion of technology and a new, energetic, forward-thinking culture brought forth by young entrepreneurs, the industry is going through sweeping changes and offers any young player a great playground to introduce new perspectives.” shares Subhasish Chakraborty-Chairman & Managing Director


One of the most important determinants of business success today, for any enterprise, Technology and its role has amplified over the years. The ability of a brand to successfully digitize its operations and orient its offerings showcases the better prospects of gaining greater market share. India, by the year 2020, is not only expected to be a country with the youngest workforce in the world but also the one expected with more than 500 million smartphone users, DTDC believes that the brands should be aligned to meet the demands of the target audience with purchasing power with their offerings.

Corporate Ethos

DTDC is known for being a brand that has strived on customer centricity and development of partners and that remains its biggest strength till date. In its three-decades-old endeavour to build a valuable brand, the top-level management offered solutions based on principles of transparency and honest business ethics to drive consistent growth of its franchisees. The brand has consistently come up with services that suit the needs of different classes of customers that it caters to.

Awards and Recognitions

2018 – Bengaluru’s Hot 50 Brands | Bengaluru Brand Summit

2018 – Best Companies to Work for | Business Today

2019 – Bengaluru’s Hot 50 Brands | Bengaluru Brand Summit

2019 – Best Brand | Economic Times Best Brand Award

2019 – Young Business Leader of the Year – Mr Abhishek Chakraborty | Zee Business ‘Dare to Dream Awards Season 2’

2019 – Economic Times Game Changer of India – Mr Subhasish Chakraborty

2019 – Trusted Brand under the freight and courier category by Reader’s Digest

2019 – Innovative warehousing service provider title for DTDC 3PL and fulfilment

Madhya Pradesh Logistics Leadership Awards 2019 – Mr Shubhasish Chakraborty | World Leadership Congress and Awards

2019 – Best financial supply chain management in India award by Asian Bankers for conceptualization and design of the DTDC Yes Bank Wallet

Gaining Edge over Competitors with Adaptive Spirit

The brand does not lay back on its laurels or is complacent with its existing scale or scope of operations and continues to succeed in the market. Having an open-minded approach towards new trends and opportunities in the market, DTDC always ensures to be the first one to understand and adapt to the new.

It has created a name that is recognised as “proactive” rather than “reactive” in its approach. While the E-commerce revolution and rapid digitization have warranted an immense change in the way cargo services operate, DTDC continued to succeed with its integrated tech-driven solutions along with operational alterations to seamlessly adopt the digital way of doing things.

Pursuing the Brand Values

DTDC is a brand that was founded with a core focus on customer experience. Every DTDC employee continues to deliver with the spirit of being responsible for successful delivery. The attempt to keep the brand value intact, the existing members tend to rub off the core values of the company to the new members.

Evolving with the Industry

While traditionally, the supply chain was restricted to logistics and simply knowing when and where goods are moving, the new age digitally powered, the transparent supply chain has exposed brands as the companies can gather data about how well each component in the supply chain demonstrates corporate social responsibility. Being aware and responsible for the community, the supply chain partners have developed and shared best practices for green operations and logistics.

Subhasish shares “Over the years, the digital setup has allowed prospective partners to demonstrate compliance with industry best standards for worker safety, environmental protection and business ethics. I believe that our logistics industry should try and promote more sustainability options and its usage within the industry.”

Creating a Self Reliant Society

Besides performing the corporate social responsibility with responsible sourcing, the brand’s CSR activities are as unique as its business model. Named after the humble and caring Founder Chairman of DTDC, Shri Subhasish Chakraborty Foundation (SSCF) is a tribute to the visionary. The man commands huge respect among all DTDCians across the country. The foundation, which was formally inaugurated on 15th October 2011, already has more than 10,000 members and continues to support DTDC’s philanthropic vision.

Apart from being engaged in various socio economic activities, including flood relief campaigns, education and child development programs, SSCF is successfully running an “SSCF Home for the elderly and children” in Nagarbhavi, Bangalore. Inaugurated in July 2018, the Home takes care of over 50 senior citizens and children. It provides care and a wonderful living environment for all the seniors and also education for the children.

Under its National Apprentice Program, SSCF runs an exclusive training program at DTDC’s Bilaspur Assessment Center. Candidates from different parts of the country are provided training along with free accommodation and food during their stay at the Assessment Center. Post successful completion of the training, the candidates are absorbed in different functions in DTDC.

“We have been swiftly working forward to achieve the target we have set to achieve in the next 5 years. While we are well on track, we are looking forward to meeting challenges in the future and have been envisaging an action plan to prepare for such scenarios.” – Mr Subhasish Chakraborty


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