Establishing leadership in a complex and continuously evolving industry, Medical Diagnostics is a challenge Ecotown Diagnostics has overcome by offering high-quality solutions. Diagnosis being the most crucial part of any treatment plan, the brand was established in 2017 to ensure quality and timely solutions that are essential to ensure the suitable treatment allowing a better quality of life for thousands of individuals.

The brand’s story of inception showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian youth. Founder Directors, Dr Shivaraj Shetty, Vijayraghu Halmidi, Karun Kaniyar, and Ramya K S flipped the idea coin of Ecotown Diagnostics when they gathered at a social meet in 2015. The meet defined the brand’s foundation and is a key part of the entrepreneurial journey that tends to be well-suited to the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Ecotown Diagnostics is the brainchild of the young leaders and an initiative realizing the vision of giving back the best to the society.

“Since the inception of the brand, our sole mission and focus are towards fulfilling our clients concerning their Medical Laboratory diagnostic purposes, with a clear understanding of their needs, desires and problems by producing authentic reports. The brand has never compromised the quality and has ensured proper adaption of protocols with respect to the stream we are a part of. Ecotown Diagnostics, being an industry leader, is always striving to boost our growth by evolving when it comes to adhering and monitoring protocols regularly,” shared the co-founders.

Seasoned Leaders Turned Entrepreneurs

Each of the Ecotown Diagnostics Founder Directors expertise in different departments and support the brand’s operations and growth with their expert advice backed by their experience.

Dr Shivaraj Shetty, being an experienced industry leader and a well-respected Biochemistry professor has been fine-tuning Ecotown’s strategies since inception along with being responsible for its functional & operational aspects.

Vijayraghu Halmidi, the brand’s promoter with combined experience in India and across borders oversee overall Finance and Marketing of the company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for Ecotown Diagnostics.

The third founder director is Karun Kaniyar, an MBA Post Graduate with an experience of more than a decade in developing and executing strategies towards business development. Leading the overall operations, Karun is an active Board of Directors since the brand’s inception.

Ramya K S, being the BE graduate and an IT professional, brings her resilient corporate work experience of 11 years to the table. She dedicates her efforts working closely with fellow directors and contributing to business development strategies and employee policies.

One-Stop Solution for Optimum Health

Delivering high rated comprehensive testing, analysis and reporting, the brand strives for excellence at every step of the process with its infrastructure that includes its professional experts, state-of-the-art analytical equipment, automated specimen processing, and advanced reporting applications.

Moving in an upward trajectory, Ecotown Diagnostics continues to serve its present and potential clientele with personalised and quality solutions like the home collection of samples, laboratory tests, radiology solutions including ultrasounds and digital x-rays and cardiology solutions i.e. ECG (Electrocardiogram) and treadmill stress test.

Becoming a Target Brand

“We have always envisioned ourselves as a target brand for the audience, rather than we targeting the right audience as the medical industry demands in the current scenario. Ecotown Diagnostics as a brand is always improvising to achieve its goals,” shared the co-founders.


The brand associates in two types of business relationships i.e. B2B and B2C. The business to business collaborations includes hospitals and clinics, daycare centres, Small and average-sized laboratories, corporate/MNCs etc while the brand established relationships with customers who aim to seek diagnostic solutions via direct walk-ins, online enquiries, referrals from online channel partners and doctors.

Business Strategy 

Ecotown Diagnostics believes in marketing with mouth to mouth publicity as it prioritises providing affordable and quality laboratory services with respect to reports it produces. The brand also ensures focus on leveraging the opportunities to approach its clients with the services portfolio through traditional marketing, digital marketing, health camps, content and education marketing etc.

Perceiving Competition

In an industry driven by medical innovation and quality results for a loyal clientele, the co-founders see competition in a different light. They share “According to us, in this stream of the medical industry there is no competition between anyone who provides quality services, one who is delivering it. And also there is a lot of opportunities all over India, as diagnostic facilities are scarce with the current population which India has.”

The Business Model

Ecotown Diagnostics has the business model driven by three key forces that are the society, their family and the team members. The leaders ensure that each decision affecting the brand’s operations is directed with focus on the betterment of these fundamentals and chalk out a business model keeping that in mind. The business model prioritises clients while supporting good clinicians practising good medical practices. Recognizing the importance of medical education and research, the leading service provider supports these acts. It also dedicated its efforts to support the medical community it serves.

Certified Brand

ISO 9001:2015 certified Ecotown Diagnostics has been continuing its endeavour to achieve the position it aims in the near future by ensuring problem-solving solutions with insight into the industry along with constant learning and improvements to provide the best possible patient care and patient outcomes. The brand has been delivering the solutions-driven with professional excellence.

Tech Powered Solutions

Delivering consistent solutions based on the needs, desires and problems of the clients, EcoTown Diagnostics has achieved a position in the market. The brand has acquired its status as a successful brand by ensuring that it is sync with the ever-changing market and technology. The brand has been using cutting edge technologies like LIS (Lab information system), IQC (Internal Quality Control), EQAS (External Quality Assurance Service), URT (Unity Real-Time) while delivering services and reports to their esteemed clients to help them get the best treatment at the right time.

Vision to Empower India

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act but a habit. Being an eminent part of the industry, we offer excellence and anticipate that the Medical Diagnostics Industry can enable Indians with affordable health care solutions without compromising quality focusing on business ethics, morale, integrity, and rationalised pricing of the services offered,” shared Vijayraghu Halmidi


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