With ‘MYHUB’, 20Cube aims to bring an innovative change in the logistics operations around the world


With ‘MYHUB’,

20Cube aims to bring an innovative change in the logistics operations around the world 

The Great Recession of the late 2000s observed worst economic decline and shrinking of the developed markets.However, emerging markets came out of it stronger and started getting a significant share of world production and consumption. Consequently, this indicated a positive impact on the growth of logistics industry owing to the shift in global trade pattern. To meet the needs of the emerging markets, this industry demanded organizations that possess insightful knowledge and experience of handling business with them. This offered a golden opportunity for a team which had a significant experience in emerging market logistics and led to the creation of 20Cube Logistics, an organization which is designed to provide cost-effective services for superior customer experience with help of IT and technology.The group deals inThird Party Logistics Services (3PL), Contract Logistics Services (CL), and InternationalNVOCC (Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier) Freight Management by Ocean, Air and Multi-modal transportation and custom brokerage. 20Cube has its headquarters in Singapore and it carries out its operations across Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hongkong, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Tanzania, Uganda, and USA. The firm caters to most of the industry verticals, viz. E-commerce (Hi SKU & Hi-throughput), White goods | FMCG | Chemicals (SHE compliant & temperature & ambient controlled set-ups as well) | Hi-tech, white goods, chemical, FMCG etc.

20Cube offers a unique freight forwarding and 3PL experience leveraging people and technology to deliver supply chain value in unique ways. With a cost saving approach, the firm deploys smart and customized technology that provides 24/7 e-support to the client empowering him to stay in complete control of cargo. At 20Cube, the team follows a client-centric service model and comprises of innovative people, who with their rich expertise and passion to serve help in finding most appropriate, practical and cost effective solutions to clients’ problems. The company’s rich portfolio includes services in Freight Management (Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Consolidation Management, Customs Brokerage and compliance), Logistics (Customized Warehousing & transportation services, value Added Services, Secondary Distribution), Industry Sector Solutions (Hi-tech services for Retail, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Construction, Earthmoving & Road Building Equipment) etc.

20Cube shares the pride to partner and privileged operating for customers like Henkel, BOSCH, TOTAL OIL, PETRONAS, LAPP International, Sealed Air, Reliance Brands, Tupperware, Blue Star to name few. 

What sets 20Cube apart from others?

The team at 20Cube makes painstaking efforts to offer solutions not only for current requirements in the industry but also keeping track of every possible development in a certain industry. 20Cube targets multiple problems of the industry by providing organized solutions that involve integrated processes to bring all the players on one platform saving time, costs and uncertainty of decision-making. Speaking about what sets 20Cube apart from others, Amit Srivastava CEO of 20CubeWarehousing & Distribution says, “20Cube Warehousing & Logistics division has been somewhat of a pioneer in commercial logistics. It is a business model pivoted on technology enabled end to end visibility & control and aggregating third party solutions on different aspects of logistics. While the former has enabled 20Cube to create a lower cost, higher efficiency, higher control solution the latter has enabled it to offer unmatched single window convenience to transnational logistics market. In internal freight business 20Cube has been able to raise service bar by providing customized solutions for critical problems; give the digital advantage that takes convenience and ease of managing transaction to a different level accompanied with improvement in cash flows of the client. We have digitalized the supply chain processes that enable our customers to enhance their business performance. The unique features that give 20Cube an edge over the others:

  • 20Cube Warehousing & Distribution Specific Service offering bouquet: A WMS based Inventory storage & management which offers End-to-End order cycle management and Customized storage options with 100% SHE (Safety Health Environment) compliant Logistics Centers. 
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  • Value-Added-Services (VAS): To enhance the efficiency of functions, the firm provides additional assistance in Order /invoice processing, Permit processing, Business MIS | Kitting-Binning-Packaging-Bundling-Pulping, System driven batch& PI management, TMS (Transport Module System) driven distribution management subjected to local distribution management, LMD (Last Mile Delivery) delivery management, Load planning-Loadbuilding-RoutePlanning.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Single Window Application (“MYHUB”) for E-visibility with respect to Business MIS / KPI / SLA monitoring / Real-time inventory visibility thus digitalizing the supply chain for our customers. This is a tool which provides a virtual platform that integrates all players in the chain helping the clients to track flow of information on mouse click. 

Major Milestones

20Cube was incepted in October 2011 by merging two extant organizations which gave it a footprint in 5 countries. The year 2012 paved the way for achieving a number of milestones for the company. It established a shared service center and started migrating process one after another; acquired another company in July; added further footprint in Bangladesh and Dubai; and developed prototypes and blueprints for its Technology systems with proof of concept. Having received funding for the same in 2013, the team developed IT solutions and shifted all business processes to operate out of shared service center meanwhile adding footprints in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, USA and Brazil successfully. By March 2015, the firm had a network in 14 countries. The creators of 20Cube set up a separate company to put special focus for India 3PL which ramped up its operations in 1 million square feet within a year. This was a significant achievement.

Incorporating advanced technology in the simple operating model, it is praiseworthy that 20 Cube was able to set up 12 integrated warehouses in Bangladesh for Ericsson in just four weeks which serve 24 hours a day and deliver spares to telecom companies across Bangladesh within a stringent delivery module of 30 minutes to 4 Hours. The team at 20 Cube strives hard towards continuous improvement in processes while employing best in class methodology for handling projects and more often achieves success in exceeding customer expectations.

On being asked about the road ahead, Amit Srivastava, CEO of 20Cube 3PL says, “We have a clear path laid to be the largest network of 3PL / Contract logistics Company with footprints of 4 Million square feet in 40 tier 1, 2& 3 cities of India. On a global scale, we plan to strengthen operations in US and few of the important emerging markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and add up some complementing capabilities/locations in few existing countries. The full impact of our technology can be leveraged with a large canvas of operation.”

20Cube Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a consortium of highly qualified and experienced personnel, who with their outstanding expertise have been thriving towards achieving operational excellence in the logistics industry. They came together to work as a team and create an organization that aims bring an innovative change in the ways operations are carried out in the logistics industry. They recognized the ability to integrate every part of the supply chain, from order planning to delivery, in the cloud giving customers the visibility they need to real-time data; supply chain transparency; and the ability to control cost in ways they’ve never been able to before. Through innovative solutions and consultant expertise, they have transformed ways of doing business that resulted in increased efficiency and productivity. They work with their customers to understand the evolving needs to their business to drive innovation forward. 

“To youth who want to become entrepreneur our advice would be to have an objective view of your strength and weakness and gain a team which together complements each other with mutual respect; keep a panel of well meaning & unbiased advisors who can give different perspectives and ideas at all times; be optimist but make judicious decisions”, says Mahesh Niruttan Founder Director and Global CEO of 20Cube.


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