UTL (UPS INVERTER): Spreading light in the realm of darkness through green and clean means


UTL (UPS INVERTER): Spreading light in the realm of darkness through green and clean means

When many folks think about manufacturing or especially electronics manufacturing, the first name comes to mind is China. But there is another name which has started to capture the thoughts of those minds, India. The nation ranks third in purchase power parity after U.S. and China. There is a vast talent pool of technical expertise and English-speaking managers. On the economy’s side, everything looks very promising, but India still faces issues on the power supply side despite having a surplus due to the adequate infrastructure for the supply. And we remember the regular power cuts of the late nineties and early decade of the 21st century. So there still remains places in dark perpetually and intermittently. Hence, came the need for power inverters for the storage of alternate current converted from Direct Current. It was first invented in the form of mercury arc rectifier by Peter Cooper Hewitt in 1902.

Sensing the demanding needs of the market, the duo of Yogesh Dua and Pawan Garg from East Punjabi Bagh laid the foundation of ‘UTL’ Ups Inverter in the early years of economic liberalization in 1996. Over period time the firm established as a brand “UTL’ in the field of power electronics offering outstanding R & D and high-quality products. UTL’s main objective is to provide a sustainable source of energy in the rural parts of the world, where the supply of electricity is still one of the major problems. UTL believes in solving the electricity problem by promoting and providing various off-grid, solar and Hybrid solar systems.

An Inside and Panoramic view of the organization

After looking at the energy needs and understanding the demand-supply of the Indian market, UTL started off UPS, Inverters, Batteries and Battery Chargers in the initial period. India’s energy policy is still dominated by fossil fuels, especially coal. So, the rising awareness among the consumers and masses about the impact of fossil fuel depletion, increasing CO2 and particulate matter, and air pollution contributed to the impact on the growth of the power electronics market. Hence, UTL evolved itself and incorporated the products (Solar Products) associated with clean, green and renewable energy initiatives. UTL now offers an extensive range of Online and Offline UPS, Solar management Unit, E-Rickshaw Charger, E-controller & Converter, Solar inverters, Solar Charge Controllers, and Lift UPS enabling to accommodate all the needs of customers up to their full satisfaction.

UTL’s advanced products along with a huge production capacity (up to 1000 high-quality Power Conditioning Units per day) at its manufacturing unit at Parwanoo (2004) in Himachal Pradesh supported by an expanding dealer network have made it possible for them to scale up the customer support significantly. UTL has always been considered as a market leader and modernizer in terms of innovation. UTLians were the ones who introduced SMT introducing SMT inverters in the country with SMD technology, a technology considered as a dream product at that time and made their first landmark a decade back. UTL lead the promotion of single card reliability and small size inverters. Another milestone accomplished by the company was the introduction of 4 stages charging technology which later became a trend in the market. Innovation and the availability of the state-of-the-art technologies at UTL have them developed advanced technologies suitable for special power conditioning projects for countries like the U.S.A. The major pillars of UTL, experienced personnel, and the latest techniques are the foundation for its high-quality products entailing minimal service requirements.

UTL follows the philosophy of leading through unparalleled technologies in dual aspects of products and services. The firm employs few factors like Inverter with Pure Sine Wave, up to 30% more efficient Solar Inverters/PCU than ordinary PCU, better PFC Online UPS than SCR based UPS, having deep discharge protection, double phase protection, minimum Charging voltage E-Rickshaw Charger to stay ahead than its competitors.

UTL is a self-funded organization faces stiff competition with names like Sukam, Luminous, Microtek, Statcon. While serving the Industry and more than 5000000 satisfied consumers/clients for the past years, UTL also served a number of India’s prominent companies and agencies. A few prestigious names are Air India, AIIMS, Indian Army, BHEL, Bharat Petroleum, Indian Railways, State Bank of Saurashtra, Delhi University, SBI, HP (Hindustan Petroleum), NTPC, Indian Oil Corporation, LIC, ONGC, and others. The firm is 1000+ strong in numbers and expects to grow in numbers and size in coming years.

The Guiding Force

The Board of Director are the promoters of the company, and also Industry veteran along with Research & Development conducted in the given product range with a large team of professionals working on the given area. UTL’s software division is led by immensely enthusiast, astute and dynamic 44-year-old Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer and Managing Director Yogesh Dua, son of Late Ram Krishan Dua. Since then, he has steered the destiny of UTL with a single objective to make it the best brand in the World. Pawan Kumar Garg, son of Sat Narain Garg, a 43 years old dynamic, and inveterate Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation Electronics engineer with decades of experience in Hardware Engineering manages the overall Administration, Operation & Finance of the Company. Under his leadership, Research & Development excelled with the team of more than 60 R&D professionals. It is exporting R&D services & UL Certified products to various countries including the USA. The company has developed numbers of product range in the field of power conditioning & solar system and also have applied for Patents in some of the product range.

The efficient management of promoters has enabled UTL to witness an increase in growth of 50%-80% every year. UTL’s collaborated with the USA for its R&D Services and product manufacturing in 2007. They supplied 20,000 Solar Powerpack to TERI in 2009. UTL added another jewel in 2012 in its crown when launched world class Solar PCU with rMPPT. In 2015 they supplied UPS to SBI, HCL and Solar Hybrid UPS to DOP through their partner. In 2017 UTL turned international by supplying five units (120KVA) Solar Inverter to Israel. UTL was awarded “Most Preferred Brand” in 2018 and also completed a service-based project successfully for “ITI Limited.”

The Road Ahead

According to a report by Global Market Insight the Power Electronics Market size was approximately USD 34 billion in 2016, with growth pegged at 4% CAGR from 2017 to 2024, and is expected to be worth 51.01 Billion USD by 2023. The market size of Indian power electronics industry constitutes about three Billion USD growing rapidly and opening further new avenues. UTL aims to be the best solution provider of solar solutions. After deepening its roots in the Indian market with our expert range of products and exemplary service, the firm is further in the progression of marking their presence global. They are already operating successfully in a number of Asian and African countries, UTL is ready to bloom in other regions.


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