Triangulas is a leading firm successfully traversing its journey of addressing corporate world’s business consultancy and legal needs


Triangulas is a leading firm successfully traversing its journey of addressing corporate world’s business consultancy and legal needs

By blending their diverse talents and characteristics, Jayakrishnan and Surekha Rao co-sculpted Triangulas a year back to provide an edge to the business world. Initially, selling the idea of running an exceptional consulting firm with a unique combination of a Lawyer and an Engineer was a daunting task. The future appeared hazy, but the drift was clear. However, once the clients started experiencing the benefit, there was no turning back for the duo to spearhead their venture towards new heights. A niche boutique consulting firm, Triangulas has branched out its expertise as a business consulting as well as a law firm. Today, Triangulas, as a brand is widely accepted and appreciated by the global Corporate World as a best-in-class business partner for Legal, Commercial & Procurement Services, Business Advisory, M & A, Joint Ventures and Contract Management Services.. Triangulas focuses on the identification of risks and its mitigation and acts as a growthenabler to its clients by structuring their businesses based on many factors including Business strategy and Legal implications. This empowers the clients to focus on their core area of business development, revenue, and growth.

Evolving as a niche

“We believe that every transaction has two very important elements – Business and Legal. There are many firms which independently provide these services. However, there has always been an appeal for a Consulting firm which understands the Business needs along with Legal implications to structure a transaction in an efficient and effective manner. We incorporated Triangulas to bridge this gap and to provide complete end-to-end services to our clients.”

Triangulas not only adds value just by providing Advisory in such cases but takes up the responsibility of executing and managing the entire transaction as an extended arm of the senior management of the client to ensure the transaction is concluded in a smooth & efficient manner. Triangulas tailors its approach in catering to its clients based on the size of the company. For start-ups which need hand holding, Triangulas not only guides and mentors them with appropriate Advisory, but also provide solutions to enable them to scale up to the next level. For SMEs and large Corporates who look for specialized sector-specific support, Triangulas, by virtue of many years of experience and the diverse industry sector exposure of its Founders, has the ability to provide services for transactions with varying complexities. The uniqueness of Triangulas stems from the Commercial as well as the Legal experience of the two Founders who possess different disciplines and rich expertise. Under their directorship, Triangulas successfully brings on board an excellent mix of Business strategy and Legal compliance. This unique combination of Business and Legal Advisory enables Triangulas’ clients to benefit immensely since both these aspects are very critical and dependent on each other in any business transaction.

Area of Expertise

Triangulas provides a wide gamut of Legal & Commercial services for both domestic as well as multi-jurisdictional transactions. The core practice areas are the following:

  • Business Reorganization and Structuring
  • Banking & Finance
  • Compliance
  • Commercial Contracting
  • Contract Management Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment & Compensation
  • Information Technology & Communications
  • International Commerce & Trade
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Sourcing, Procurement & Supply Chain

The firm has carved a niche for its ability to provide services across various industry sectors including Aerospace &Defense, Aviation, Banking & Financial Institutions, Construction and Engineering, Consumer Goods & Retail, Education, Hotels, Resorts & Tourism, Industrials, Manufacturing & Transportation, Information Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Private Equity and Real Estate Investment Trusts. 

Expansion Binge

“We feel that our greatest achievement has been the fact that our clients entrust us with some of their most important decision making, specifically in the areas of structuring their funding inflow and mitigating their risks during their growth process.”

Since inception, Triangulas has been focusing on a niche area which has tremendous demand and necessity. Support and appreciation from the clients have given the firm immense confidence to keep on steering the growth of its clients business, thus making a mark in the industry as a niche Consulting Firm. Although Triangulas has just completed its first year of operation, yet the organization has earned a lot of accolades from its clients.

Futuristic Approach

With India being recognized as a hub for innovation &creativity with an exponential rise in entrepreneurship; and companies irrespective of their size gearing to scale up, the need for Business Consulting and Legal services are only set to skyrocket. Triangulas is focusing on organizational capacity building to feed the demand and seek to address the pain points of such rapidly growing organizations across India. Triangulas envisions expanding its reach to serve its clients across India and abroad. The firm is planning to grow organically by setting up offices in other Metros in India in the near future.

Founders’ Periscope

“Our individual corporate career journey has been built on a foundation of hard work, sincerity, quality of service, critical feedback and most importantly trust of the top management. These qualities have laid the foundation of Triangulas and we will continue to be the trusted Partner of our clients helping them shape their business.”


Founder & CEO

Accumulating over 31 years of cross functional expertise in the fields of Business Consulting, Sourcing, Procurement, Commercial Contracting, Negotiations& Program Management, across multiple industry sectors like Aerospace & Defense, IT and Aviation, Jayakrishnan started his career as a Scientist with ISRO and held senior roles in Defense prior to moving to the corporate world onsenior management roles in IBM and Logica before taking up a C-level role in an Aviation group in the Middle East.

Jayakrishnan’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT, Bombay.

Surekha Rao

Co-Founder &Director

Surekha Rao brings in a rich experience having worked as a Corporate Attorney for over 18+ years across sectors such as Private Equity, Financial Services & Banking, Information Technology, Real Estate, General Corporate & Commercial.  Her 5-year Degree in Law from Bangalore University plus a PGD IPR from National Law School has held her in good stead in such companies as Mobileum,  Azure Capital Advisors, ING Bank, Affiliated Computer Services (ACS Xerox), Mantri Developers, etc.

Her forte lies in her expertise in legal advisory, drafting, negotiating and reviewing transactional legal documents including structuring of deals such as investment funding, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisition, and related documentation.

Piece of Advice

The current younger generation has a great amount of talent, and with the exposure and resources available today could excel in any activity they choose to pursue. While it is commendable that they are taking giant leaps in the entrepreneurial world, it is important to assess the potential risks in business and take adequate measures to mitigate them. If they were to do that, we will see some of these startups create disruptions which could change the way of life in the future.


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