Tracking Genie’s GPS provides you with complete peace of mind


Tracking Genie’s GPS provides you with complete peace of mind

The trend of using technology is increasing at its fastest rate in known history allowing us to achieve things that seemed impossible only a generation ago. The information revolution has changed the way we work, communicate and spend our time – both at work and socially. Probably crime has generally been on the decrease in India, Vehicle theft and theft out of vehicles are still a serious problem. Vehicle theft has always been and continues to be a big problem throughout India, especially in rural areas. Over million vehicles are stolen every year all across the country leaving motorists stressed, stranded and in need of a vehicle. In addition to this it also leaves them facing rocketing insurance premiums at a time when the cost of insurance is already through the roof. Over recent years the cost of motoring has rocketed for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is the steep increase in the cost of insurance cover which has become a huge financial burden for many motorists. To bring efficiency in fleet management industry, Tracking Genie has emerged as one of the fastest growing brands in India. Tracking Genie is an Indian owned and operated company supplying vehicle and asset tracking solutions in throughout the country.

Tracking Genie deploys the latest GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking technology to immediately locate and track your vehicle, liaise with the police and recover your vehicle in the shortest possible time. Tracking Genie’s Vehicle Tracking System pinpoints the location of a stolen vehicle very easily. If your vehicle is moved illegally, they are capable enough to locate it using the Global Positioning System (GPS) device installed in your vehicle tracking unit. If your vehicle is moved without the use of its keys the system will notify you.

Tracking Genie has served the GPS fleet management software over  twenty thousand clients that includes reporting and alerting all of the common vehicle tracking metrics such as Fuel Monitoring, speed, location, heading, journey history, driver behavior and idling time. The customers in India have a need for simple, effective and comprehensive methods for the management of their fleet. At Tracking Genie, they have used their extensive knowledge acquired throughout their history to develop a system of GPS fleet management. This has culminated in their-own in-house designed software.  It is the central hub for all the requirements of your fleet and has many features which will save your vehicle, time and money.

Tracking Genie’s GPS tracking devices and management systems are one of the most feature packed yet affordable solutions available on the market today. They provide a complete range of reliable, robust and high quality GPS technology. Tracking Genie takes the greatest pride in offering some of the best solutions for fleet management in India. Incorporation GPS into their products allows their customers the most flexibility in tracking their fleet operation. By integrating this technology into their own developed software, gives you the opportunity to make the most informed decisions about your operation, leaving you with time to concentrate on other aspects that are important to your business.

With nearly a decade of history in the market of India, Tracking Genie has refined their systems to be as efficient as they can be without an exorbitant financial outlay. They always strive to include the latest technology in their products so that their customers are always one step ahead of their competition.

Tracking Genie monitors and manages your entire fleet with a single suite of solutions that is user-friendly, cost-effective, and most importantly, unlocks the insights to make your business more competitive. Tracking Genie’s tracking solutions empower businesses by giving them full control and an in-depth understanding of all aspects of their fleet operations. Hence Tracking Genie has been able in offering a highly effective and versatile stolen vehicle monitoring, tracking and recovery system designed specifically for companies and customers based in India where vehicle theft is a growing problem.

The Man behind Tracking Genie

Deepak Singh Gehlot

A visionary entrepreneur by heart, Mr. Gehlot is the CEO of Tracking Genie.  A part from nourishing Tracking Genie, Mr. Gehlot also nourishes C G Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. as CEO which is a software company. He is a well educated personality and holds Bachelor of Engineering from Thapar University and MBA from Jodhpur University. He also holds Post graduate diploma in International Trade from Indian Institutes of Foreign Trade.


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