The CEO Magazine, in an exclusive interview with Swetha Appaji – Founder of TripsInBudget 

The CEO Magazine, In An Exclusive Interview With

SwethaAppaji – Founder of TripsInBudget

Please Tell Us In Brief About The Company And Its Products.

TripsInBudget redefines your holiday getaways with Flexible & Customized Holiday Packages. Our Founding Philosophy is Everyone Deserves to Travel through budget friendly packages. We believe that there a traveler in each one of us. The one who wants to take off seeking new paths, new companions, conversations or just places that put life back into perspective. TripsInBudget carefully curates experiences to fulfil this very alter ego.

Our Products:

Handpicked Hotels – At TripsInBudget, we believe that where you stay makes the difference between a good holiday and an unforgettable one. That’s why we take the greatest possible care in choosing hotels that are truly exceptional in terms of style, location and service.

Budgeted Tour Packages – Wherever you stay on your travel with us, you’ll enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience, with nothing at all to distract you from relaxing and getting maximum enjoyment from your vacation. We work passionately, 24 hours a day, to ensure you, and tens of thousands of other travelers, can confidently explore your dream destinations both International & Domestic

Local Experts – Our introductions to locals make it possible for you to gain a meaningful understanding of what it is like to actually live in an area. Historians, artisans, chefs, growers and other local experts who reside in the region will share their stories, traditions and insights, bringing the places you visit to life in a meaningful way. Nothing compares to hearing and seeing first hand from local legends who are passionate about their way of life and keen to share it with others.

Booking Services–When you travel with us, we want you to feel entirely relaxed and at ease throughout your holiday. So naturally, we take care of the driving, bookings & other attributed services, leaving you free to sit back, and enjoy the journey. Our experienced coach drivers are hand-picked to transfer customers seamlessly to their destination, via the best and most scenic routes. Sitting high above the traffic in uniquely customized Insight Vacations coach, customers enjoy the best possible views along with personal air conditioning and double the legroom of a standard coach. TripsInBudget Vacations journey may also involve other modes of travel, such as a Cruise, Air or train. As ever, the “leave everything to us” principle applies. Every leg of our customer’s journey will be smoothly and seamlessly coordinated by our team, so that they don’t have to worry about a thing.

What inspired you to come up with TripsInBudget and when?

I witnessed this first-hand when I began going on tours. I saw the power and tranquility that travelling has to bring people together from varying backgrounds, cultures, countries and religions, and sought to give people across the geography’s the same great experiences I had. Now this has become a vision of mine & TripsInBudget. Now TIB provides travelers with everything they need to plan and book their next great escape in one place.

How is the company different from numerous Tour & Travel Companies?

Transparency and authenticity are what it us standout from other market competitors. Yet, many companies have been slowing on the uptake in demonstrating a genuine approach to their customers. We believe a truly successful company has a duty to not only support, but lift up the communities it serves. We at TripsInBudget strive to make our customer to feel their importance to our business. It is also important to note what has not changed at TripsInBudget is, namely our commitments to providing exceptional client service and to living our core values: Excellence in Everything, Leadership by Example, Integrity and Transparency, focus on the Client and Employee Centered.Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand—in helping our customers share delightful moments and create innovation and in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work and live. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and committed to continuous improvement.

What are some of the innovative approaches that the company has come forward with to bring a new experience for its clients?

To make our customers travel experience a memory to remember, we at TripsInBudget have come forward with the concept of share the trip option. In share the trip if one or more customers of ours book same hotel accommodation or tour package we negotiate to the hotels for further reduction  of price. It’s just that our customers are not informed on the same and are given a sliding price drop when confirmed, this make us a Santa Claus at times. Our (PD) price drop

concept has worked out for several customers who have booked touring with us.

Next most important concept of innovation is TIB credit. In TIB credit a customer can convert the total cost of their trip to EMI (Equal Monthly Instalment) and pay the fair with no cost interest basis.

How is the company making use of technology to bring affordable and customer-centric Tours and Trips?

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention – and we need look no further than the travel industry to see this proverb in practice. Since the beginning of recorded history, the travel and hospitality industries have faced challenges. Yet many of these challenges still exist even today. But for us, we use technology to build our-self to cater our customers in a more efficient manner. The customer base to which TripsInBudget caters is mostly technology friendly, who prefers to make their buying with ease. All the companies which are involved in customer-facing solutions must enhance their service by investing in most modern and digital technologies. Eg. In the Travel and Tourism industry most, reliable source of making customer base is by an online presence which effectively not only buy your business also get a feel-good factor as to feedback from your customer and portraying the same to the world to attract other good bees. Most of the reachable technology which one should venture in this domain is,

Mobile Application

Responsive Websites

Online Payment System

Mobile Payment system

Acceptance of Converting credit card purchase to EMI

Card Machine payment

Live GPS tracking of touring vehicle

Internet and In-House entertainment systems

What are the traits according to the company that separates a business leader from its peers?

When information and direction flows freely across your organization, the business operates at a much higher level of efficiency: fewer conversations, emails, and meetings are required to generate forward progress on initiatives. However, when your company struggles to disseminate information across teams, the resulting friction costs you time and money because of lower productivity. Good traits of a leader can be in supporting his or her employee by doing the following –

Select and identify team members based on clear strengths

Determine what skills and strengths are needed to achieve the results of the team

Start to find out how you can best make an individual’s strengths contribute to the results the team needs to achieve

Explore what the team need to be good at

Getting to meetings on time or early

Giving off positive body language

Sending cues if they think something is going wrong

Adding a comment if they feel like the employee is going off track

Bring Out the Best in an peer or employee

What are the milestones of the company so far?

Major millstone of the company is as follows –

Integration of Mobile payment gateway center

Integration of Cash on Delivery based on feasibility

Start of TripsInBudget Luxury rail tourism service

Flight, Rail and Tourism Coach bookings

How many employees are working here and how does the company assure their overall personality development?

We don’t want to revel the employee statistic but below are the personality development programs for our employees –

At TripsInBudget we believe in ethical and innovative work culture. We believe and acknowledge 100% to an innovative and developed work culture. We have managed to put forth the following as part of our TIB-DP (TripsInBudget Development Program)

TIBIP – Innovative ideas of the Month

This is a perk program for our employees where they submit innovative ideas on developing the company and its work culture. They get a perk of gifts and goodies so that, we attain the maximum attention of our employees this way keeping them happy and work efficiently

TIBIP – Best business attire of the week

This is a unique concept in TIB, where the management provides grades and monitors the attires of our employee and presents the best-dressed employee with goodies, this way we keep our employees presentable all times without stringent rules

TIBIP – Super Hero of The Month

This award to the TIB staff gives a range of special privileges to the winner. All the staffs are monitored for almost a month for their behavior, timeliness, presentability, completion of assigned work and learning and progressing in their respective domain by certifications and client satisfaction and feedback. The one who tops the score wins this award and just not all, he or she is also given a free holiday to a random destination where TripsInBudget is operating.

These workplace innovations don’t stop there, we have programs to improvise several factors at desk office and client place which make us believe that 100% every organization should involve in workplace innovation to keep their employees charged and innovated

What is the client base of the company?

Our client base is mostly individuals and family. But then due to growing popularity of TIB we are attracting more of

Corporate Clients

Hotels & Hospitality service operators

Bus Operators

Cab operators

Budding tour operators and freelance travel experts

What are the future plans of the company?

To be successful, we have to do more than long term strategy; an advanced model for foresight requires treating

its much more than the prediction of futurists or a technology development exercise. It should involve both analytical and imaginative thinking, which reaches beyond typical corporate approaches to strategic planning. And, it typically does not have a single answer – clients must consider multiple scenarios and make some collective bets to create a true shared Vision of the Future. Creating foresight should result from a rich creative exploration about where the future might lead and the output is a way to inform long term strategy, research and development investment and acquisition strategies. We have the plan of Launch Mobile Based Application Booking Service (IOS / Android) platform with Integration of Mobile payment gateway center. As part of easing customer payment options we in a long term are planning for the Integration of Cash on Delivery by feasibility. Though TIB means affordable travel and tour, but we are also capitalizing on the bran reachability and stepping into a luxury segment with collaboration with Indian luxury rail tourism service. Reaching a cumulative market value of 95% and a total PAN India presence is one of our prime goals for 2018 – 19other than this we have plans to acquire several small and medium scale tour operators across pan India which is a work in progress. Very soon TripsInBudget will venture across the globe touring service by spreading its market presence and brand value.

About the Maverick

Swetha Appaji Founder & CEO TripsInBudget (a) Ocenzy Tourliner Company has nourished and shaped the early-stage ecosystem of TripsInBudget with at most precision. She has been validating her aptitude for picking the best young minds and mentoring them to build successful enterprises.

With molded Dynamics in operations and contingency, she has a profound vision to setup and roll a startup from ground zero to highest level of achievement. Hailing from a technical background makes her more vibrant towards understanding both Technical and Non-Technical issues. Her vision was to “do touring differently”, delivering a unique customer experience based on tailor-made packages with a personal touch of her own experience. Swetha’s view of the customer experience and thinking outside the square has helped to roll the growth ball of her ventures with ease, focused on developing and accelerating innovation across the company. She is also leading another responsibility of Co-Founding of “OcenzyTourlinerPvt Ltd” parent company of TripsInBudget. Ocenzy group now is slowly expanding their wings to touch several other aspects of the comparative industry where OcenzyTourliner Pvt. Ltd leads the travel and tourism edge, at the same time Ocenzy Hospitality Pvt. Ltd deals with Resorts, Restaurants & Cafés. With multiple responsibilities Swetha still manages to retain her skills as an innovator at heart, she is a seasoned executive focused on uncovering new and sometimes unconventional paths of growth.


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