Nurturing and celebrating human intelligence is the only way to build a great Artificial Intelligence company: Quadratyx


Nurturing and celebrating human intelligence is the only way to build a great Artificial Intelligence company: Quadratyx

What ideal characteristics do job-seekers look for in a technology employer? Technical excellence combined with family-like relationships, mutual trust, respect and empathy. The CEO magazine is pleased to bring to you the synopsis of a young company that is not only a trailblazer in the white-hot field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but also is deeply passionate about creating a truly empathetic, excellence-inducing, joyful work environment. This remarkable company is none other than Quadratyx.

Quadratyx is achieving rapid success in applying the powerful new technologies of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to sectors like Banking & Financial services, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Government and many others. Owing to its thought leadership in corporate training, consulting and innovative solution building, Quadratyx has established itself as a valued provider for many major institutions and companies, such as the State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Tata Steel, National Payments Corporation of India, CIBIL, Microsoft, Maruti Suzuki, Micromax, DR. Reddy’s Labs, Edelweiss, Novartis, Mahindra Home Finance and Chola MS General Insurance. In addition, outside of India, Quadratyx serves dozens of customers in UK, USA, South America and the Middle East.

Infused with an ambience of human warmth, motivation, inspiration and excellence, Quadratyx has become the breeding ground for budding leaders. As the company deeply believes and trusts its employees, any employee can aim for any target – doesn’t matter how high that target is or how low that employee is positioned currently. The company believes in mentoring, monitoring and assisting every individual, to ensure that foundations always remain strong. Successful employees at Quadratyx are characterized by passion for their field of work, uncompromising desire to excel, humility and respect for all others in the team.

There is a rarity about Quadratyx leadership, which recognizes managers as persons that work harder than everybody else, but give all credit of success to colleagues. Even more peculiar, leaders at Quadratyx take the responsibility of failures entirely upon their shoulders, not blaming the team. Quadratyx stands tall amidst any group of employers when it comes to acknowledging and rewarding the achievements of its employees. The CEO and top management never shy away from giving credit to the team members where credit is due, at any level. Company recognizes and rewards its employees for a long list of efforts which include preparing patents or publications, causing customer delight, exemplifying good personality traits, making money for the company, taking initiative, exhibiting discipline, mentoring other employees, so on and so forth.

Quadratyx achieved success rapidly in multiple technology segments primarily because of its unique work culture. The company practices an equal and non-hierarchical work culture, whereideas from anyemployee arepaid keen attention to, by people much higher in rank.  Employees are surrounded by people who possess a deep understanding of required subjects. Knowledge and skill will be your primary assets at Quadratyx, not politics, suave communication, experience or aggression. Employees learn techniques, skills from experienced and competent leaders. The company believesthat” a small band of hard-working, well-intentioned, fearless people can transform the world”.  One of the interesting parts of Quadratyx work culture is its office space –  an open area where employees of dissimilar experience levels, dissimilar backgrounds, and dissimilar cultures sit and work together happily.  To empower employees at all levels, many types of training programs are offered. These internal programs equip staff with newer technologies, best-practice processes and tools, as well as prepare them in customer domains and customer work areas. In addition, all interested Quadratyx staff are encouraged to study more and obtain advanced degrees. Company acknowledges that youth must be the driving force behind new innovation. – Even staff members with 2-3 years of experience are given the primary responsibility to deliver a large global project. They are augmented by teamswith 10-15 years of experiencewho assist in their success.

The Founder and CEO of Quadratyx, Dr. Sreerama K Murthy, was perhaps the first Indian to get a Machine Learning PhD from the prestigious John Hopkins University. His thesis describes the invention of a new Decision Tree algorithm for solving a massive image classification problem for the Hubble Space Telescope. Dr. Murthy spent over 23 years since, inventing and building novel solutions in multiple industries, using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and then Big Data.   He holds twenty-one patent applications and dozens of global publications, all in Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Murthy’s first love is mentoring and training professionals at all levels in AI & Big Data. He has been widely acknowledged as one of India’s top-10 analytics academicians, and as a big data rock star. He has built from scratch, mentored and driven to success multiple large, well-knit technology teams. When Dr. Murthy’s passion for solving novel problems using AI is combined with his love for mentoring, all in the backdrop of his humility and spiritual wisdom, a potent environment that transforms ordinary technologists into highly competent, confident, happy and humane technology leaders is born.

Quadratyx aims to be the most preferred employer in AI, Big Data & Cognitive Automation, being driven by the same great values that helped it to grow from inception, to now scale to thousands of employees who consider Quadratyx as a home-better-than-home.


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