MJ Biotech: Ushering path to life sustaining therapies in a cost-effective mechanism


MJ Biotech: Ushering path to life sustaining therapies in a cost-effective mechanism

India has undergone tremendous growth in terms of its Biotechnology gains with a blend of advanced technological expertise and globally acclaimed competent scientists. Various companies have helped our nation by ushering their innovations and laying down the foundation of an ecosystem where medicines are available for every stratum of society. MJ is a leading Biotech company,driven bypassion, to improve access to life sustaining therapies. Operating as two independent entities, MJ Biotech manufactures molecules based on rDNA technology, whilst MJ Biopharm manufactures finished pharmaceutical preparations. MJ Group was born from the philosophy of its visionary founder Mr. Jashubhai Shah, who predicted the positive shift in economic power of developing nations and the need for new age medicines for life style diseases like diabetes.  MJ group has nurtured the rich heritage and philosophy of its founder by giving highest priority to people’s well being. It has expanded its operations in 32 countries with offices in UK, Dubai, Moscow and Mumbai. The group started its biotech operations by collaborating with Eli-Lilly of USA and became the first in industry to manufacture human insulin formulations in India. Eventually, the company independently continued its Diabetes journey. The company continues to work on its prime objectives;to improve access to life-sustaining therapies,by developing and commercializing bio-similar products in the field of diabetes.

The team at MJ Biotech is a blend of youth and experience, which works diligently to ensure that these processes are also environment friendly. At the core is a strong desire of its founder to address unmet needs of masses by adopting two A’s approach i.e. Accessibility and Affordability. MJ Biotechis an integrated Biotech company with a state of art manufacturing site, located in a sprawling serene campus in a Biotech park in Hinjawadi (Pune), at a distance of about 200 Km from Mumbai. MJ Biotech is dedicated to development, manufacturing and commercialization of human insulin and analogue insulin based on r-DNA technology as well as range of products based on Mammalian cell lines such as Monoclonal anti-bodies (MABs). The facility is designed as per international regulatory standards and on par with the best in industry. MJ Biotech has the capability to provide end to end solutions for Biopharmaceuticals from clone development stage to manufacturing of the final drug substance with its proven expertise in each domain. The current focus of the company is on Diabetology segment. It has successfully developed and commercialized recombinant human insulin on e-coli platform. Other products in various stages of developments are insulin analogs and GLP-1 products. MJ Biotech provides a host of partnering opportunities inco-development of new biopharmaceuticals, proof of concept to lab scale development, scale up of operations from lab to commercial levels, process validation as well as optimization, improving the productivity by amplifying gene expression and downstream processing, contract manufacturing of drug substance based on microbial and mammalian platform.

The formulation arm of MJ group is called MJ Biopharm is located in Taloja, at a distance of 60 Km from Mumbai. MJ Biopharm has a modern manufacturing facility, which produces several pharmaceutical formulations in the form of injections in ampoules, vials, cartridges and Pre-filles Syringes (PFS) as well as tablets and capsules. The injectables include r-DNA human insulin formulations in both vials and pen fill cartridges and life saving antibiotics. With a strong development and manufacturing capabilities,MJ Biopharm provides partnering opportunities for; in-licensing of the products for Indian subcontinent, formulation development & dossier preparation, technology transfers & process optimization and contract manufacturing of various high-end formulations.

Differentiating Factors

Being an integrated biotech company, the organization has an inherent ability to provide solutions and services for every aspect of Biopharmaceutical business. It is located in an ideal ambience with all amenities for hassle free biotech operations. It has adequate area available for future expansion and addition of new facilities.

Employees are the core strengths

People are the biggest strength. MJ is powered by a team of more than 100 committed and highly qualified scientists,who work on various projects, to drive technology development. Development teams works in unique “Incubator model” wherethe group of scientist works in specific teams called CUBES with specific objectives which is either assigned or self-adopted. Hence multiple projects can be handled at any given time. This fosters a competitive spirit as well as teamwork within the team, through cross-specialization collaboration.

Major milestones

The company has successfully completed clinical trials for Recombinant human insulin in India and is ready to launch its product in India and other international markets through its partners and business channels.  MJ has already developed two types of different analogue insulin, and is in process of developing other Biosimilars.

Road map

MJ offers “symbiotic business model” and is a partner of choice for accelerated development and co-development of new biopharmaceutical products for both NCE as well as biosimilars. India has the world’s second largest population and with the availability of highly skilled talent pool, geographically strategic location, MJ offers ideal opportunities for collaboration from proof of concept to Drug substance and Drug product.

Future plans

The company plans to setup a fully integrated EMEA/USFDA approved fill-finish formulation facility for Bio-pharmaceuticals vials, cartridges, pre-filled pens and syringes, considering the interest from various prospective partners across the globe. MJ is working to develop a complete portfolio of products for disease management cycle and to provide access to affordable solutions for Diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

The company, with its outstanding Process Development and manufacturing capabilities is spearheading the industry and has become a torchbearer for young entrepreneurs who aims to learn and gain from a market leader.


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