Mitatronics: a one-stop-solution platform for industry’s Electronics Manufacturing Services Needs

Mitatronics: a one-stop-solution platform for industry’s Electronics Manufacturing Services Needs

It is comparatively convenient to shop if the products you are seeking are made available in one place. In the retail sector, the remediation came in the form of supermarkets. These markets became very popular as they provided a platform from where one could easily purchase the goods from one platform. The history of providing one-stop-solutions dates back to the beginning of 20th Century United States, circa the late 1920s or early 1930s, when this business model slowly became accepted due to its cost-effective results. With developments in the digital technology, even the need for a physical presence for both seller and buyer became redundant. Now, the digital platforms provide several opportunities to potential customers to get access to the products they wish to purchase just sitting relaxing at home. The requirement of One-stop-solution not only occurs for trade purposes only but we can easily gauge its need for other needs as well. For example, the candidates aiming for competitive exams or students looking for one-stop solutions for their academic requirements. Hence, the necessity of such solutions remains understandable. In India, the technological advancements made due to wealth created by Neo-liberal economic policies and transfer of the technology accessibility through the third wave of globalization paved the way for the emergence of several online one-stop solution shops. In order to cater to these opportunities, Mitatronics came into existence in 2006 Mumbai with the mission to provide “Design Consulting and Manufacturing Services” to the electronics industry.

The deep and strong foundation that sustains the heavenly superstructure and ethos of the firm.

The Mitatronics’ founding members laid the foundation of the firm on the basis upon a strong in-depth knowledge of the various primary aspects of electronics packaging and an appreciation of its multidisciplinary nature. The firm aims at accelerating the product innovation and development process of their respective clients by offering them a host of engineering solutions through a resourceful team of engineers helping the clients gain an edge over their competition. Mitatronics’ in-house technical expertise and strategic partnerships enable them to offer their customers the unique advantage of utilizing a range of design services overlapping multiple streams of engineering under one roof. The technological advancements in the electronics industry led to the specialization in each activity of the value chain. The requirement for continuous innovation in the products has increased global competition. It has reduced the product lifecycle and made outsourcing an attractive strategy for companies to stay ahead in their league.

The solutions offered and the area of expertise

The firm renders services [at all levels of the Value chain:] Embedded software development, VLSI, Printed circuit board layout, Thermal, and Thermomechanical design of electronic systems, conventional thru-hole as well as Surface Mount Printed Circuit Board Assembly, ROHS Compliant Manufacturing, Box Build and Testing. Mitatronics assists in facilitating the uninterrupted supply of equipment assembling of the devices that are a prime requirement of the OEMs in the electronics industry to stay relevant in the market. Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers often sacrifice the equipment quality for cost-cutting and other purposes which puts OEMs’ credibility at stake. Another factor that threatens the credibility of OEMs is the EMS providers’ negligent attitude towards protecting the OEMs’ IP.  After carefully observing and realizing the importance of these concerns, Mitatronics coined the term QEC (Quality, Efficient Services & Confidentiality of clients’ IPs) representing its ethos which in result empowered the firm to gain an unrivaled foundation on electronics manufacturing and evolve into a one-stop-shop proffering diverse design consulting and manufacturing services primarily targeting the high mix medium volume space.

Amit Shah, the CEO of Mitatronics stated that their team is competent enough to manage multiple turnkey clients in the high mix medium volume space. They devised their in-house quality management system to offer customized manufacturing services to clients in a mass manufacturing environment. He is a mechanical engineer and a post-graduate in the Industrial Engineering from K.J Somaiya College of Engineering and State University of New York System.

The investment hitherto made, the manufacturing and work-force potential of the firm

The company is a bootstrapped firm, they invested a Capex of ₹ 50 million solely generated from the firm’s hitherto revenues to build a manufacturing facility comprising a treasure trove of automated machines to deal with component counting, forming, soldering, placement, solder paste printing, cutting, cleaning, baking, inspection, testing & many more ensuring regular maintenance, optimal functionality and less downtime. The firm possesses three automated surface mount assembly lines equipped with the latest European machinery in their facilities. Mitatronics’ dedicated and diligent team of 100+technicians collectively work to produce nearly one lakh printed wiring board assemblies monthly. The firm specializes in providing design consulting services including consultation of the physics of failure, reliability and lifecycle evaluation of electronics hardware and destructive & non-destructive simulations to empower clients to develop sturdy products.

The life course of the firm and maintaining trust in the industry

During the initial days, Mitatronics was depicted as merely a prototype setup. The firm grew vertiginously due to the team of masterminds who finished the daily targets through multitasking and in the course of time veered into well-structured departments with teams & specific roles which made the firm even more competent. While working in aggregation with the organizational changes & growth, the firm instilled an exuberant spirit ensuring complete customer satisfaction and collectively strive to place this ISO 9001:2008 certified organization at a pinnacle. The firm focuses on flexibility and proactively work to enhance the utilization to resources ratio, switch roles to eliminate issues and constantly learn and leverage the best practices of the industry.

The plan and the roadmap for the days ahead

The firm’s primary aim is to present laudable manufacturing services to their reputed client base from varied industry verticals and abiding by a specified set of principles the firm has set. The organization has set a long-term goal of creating in-house business-centric teams that can efficiently render customized & expert services. The firm has a lot of hope and envisages whooping benefits from the government initiative of ‘Make in India’ campaign which can ensure the easy availability of genuine electronic components. Mitatronics plans on executing this strategy to gear up the firm’s growth and relish a bright future. Currently, the firm’s annual turnover is around 200 million, the management envisions increasing its capacity and also broadening the services portfolio to include life cycle testing of end products and widen its platform of destructive/non-destructive prediction of the life of electronics.


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