LeCapri Market Research: thrive on providing actionable insights that inspire and nurture customer service excellence

LeCapri Market Research: thrive on providing actionable insights that inspire and nurture customer service excellence

‘Mystery Shopping’, a term not many are aware of the name today, but it is rather an integral part of every other industry known to humankind today. The industry is highly focused and dedicated towards choosing professionals who are hired to visit a plethora of showrooms or stores that can range from clothing and footwear brands to luxury car brands and gadgets to check up on the standard of services being offered. This is done with an aim to perform and lay ahead results based on various objectives of the respective companies willing to learn how their branches are performing in the market.

Mystery shopping is a niche form of Market Research (MR) and the Indian consumers aren’t largely aware about the tremendous need and benefit this can serve to both the small and large scale industries. LeCapri Market Research LLP, a young and passionate market research firm, is one amongst the few companies the country possessesthat study the market for its different clients in order to evaluate and gather information ensuring all the touch points based on its employees, services and customers are satisfyingly covered for the end user. The understanding of the market along with the key measures to undertake in order to facilitate an organization with its essentiality to recognize and enhance its employees’ sales ability, customer feedback and many more by the experts of Le’Capri is second to none.

How Exactly Does Mystery Shopping Work?

Like the term goes, ‘Mystery Shopping’ can simply be defined as a form of ‘shopping’ wherein “a person is employed to visit a shop or restaurant, incognito, in order to assess the quality of the goods or services.”Saurabh defines the term ‘Mystery Shopping’ in his book as, “visiting any place or business ‘anonymously’ (hence the word ‘mystery’) with an intention of reviewing it against a standard or the laid down organizational procedures.” He also believes that this is a much older concept and was used by many rulers and authorities earlier including King Ashoka who travelled far across his territories under disguise to learn the functioning of his empire and check the integrity of his subjects. Mystery shopping is also popular by terms like Secret Shopping, Shadow Shopping, Undercover Shopping, Mystery Evaluation as well as Phantom Shopping across the globe.

A mystery shopping company hires an individual with “An Eye and Mind for Detail” and ensures that they visit and behave as normal customers so that they receive the same services and assistance from the sales staff. The reason behind this can be many, while receiving accurate results of the performance of their employees happen to be the foremost one. The shoppers are then paid based on per shop visit basis and on the successful completion of their visit and the respective report. The target here doesn’t solely rely on the fact that companies are willing to get an insight into their service standards in different regions, but also that of their competitors.

Apart from this, the tool can also be used, and is widely accepted in other industries for better delivery such as grocery, consumer electronics, gas stations, insurance, hotels, automotive, cinemas, jewelry brands, real estate, telecommunication, software, restaurants, retail stores, transportation and the list is never ending.

For companies who have high regard of how they perform in the market by maintaining their reputation in terms of services and care for their customers must ensure approaching the mystery shopping firms. The significance of incognito shoppers to analyze and report the working of an organization’s employees has been growing immensely and companies of all sizes look forward to work with them.

This can help the firms to receive:

  1. Accurate analysis of the employees’ performance
  2. Opportunity to improve their team who directly connect with customers
  3. Ideas to promote their specializations in the competitive market

The aspects that Mystery Shopping can help function are many while these sectors have been proven to highly benefit:

  • Human Resource: By identifying the best performing talent who can work to meet the desired results and also, to formulate awards and incentives within the organization.
  • Accounts: By identifying the areas of pilferage, over/underbilling, clubbing, alongwith other SOPs across touch-points.
  • Training: Understand the Sales-force training needs and further learn the gaps between internal and external communication.
  • Marketing: To receive accurate customer response on marketing activities in place and plan or modify on the required PR activities.
  • Customer Excellency: Allow to understand how to drive exceptional customer service, areas where the customer can be wowed and identify the competence gaps

An organization can always choose to adapt Mystery Shopping as an alternate way for Continual Business Improvement is any of the following sorts, based on their convenience and choice:

  • In Person visits (Mystery ShopChecks): Here, trained Mystery Shoppers visit the designated outlets and review it against the predefined parameters. It is needless to mention here that the entire visit remains anonymous, unless required otherwise.
  • CallChecks: For every organization, its Help-desk or Sales-desk is the “Heart” of its business. Many a times, you would be asked to evaluate a place by “calling-in” at their call centre or board line number and provide various details like Call Opening, Voice Tone, Rapport Building, Effective Listening, Professionalism, Enthusiasm, Sales, Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, Closing, etc. The CallChecks can be separate evaluations or part of the regular ShopChecks.

About the CEO

Saurabh Bhatia, along with his better half Shweta Khanna Bhatia,raised a firm by the name ‘LeCapri Market Research LLP’ after spending more than a decade in the Customer Service and BPO domain forgiant companies including BookMyShow and Aptara among the rest where he contributed his expertise as aneffective communicator with excellent techno-commercial skills, relationship building and interpersonal skills. It was in 2005 when he read about mystery shopping and decided to set up his own successful firm in the industry.

With the endless support, faith and contribution of his better half, Shweta, the two went on to research and understand the roots of the industry and it was in 2010 that Le’Capri was born. The initial years were quite a challenge for the couple due to schedules that conflicted time for the then startup.

Today, LeCapri Market Research LLP operates across the Indian subcontinent, be it the metropolitan cities or towns in the four corners. It develops ideas and customized reports for clients from a plethora of industries such as Books, Retail (Garments, footwear, mobiles and laptops), Electronics (Consumer), Customer Support, Hotels/Hospitality, Restaurants, Food & Beverage (Casual and Fine Dining), Insurance and Schools.


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