Karvy Insights’ innovative and technology-oriented research solutions have delivered significant ROI for many clients


Karvy Insights’ innovative and technology-oriented research solutions have delivered significant ROI for many clients

As the Indian consumers change and adopt new technologies, marketers are also having to use different methods to access consumers’ inputs and hence, market research faces a time of great challenges as well as opportunities.

Incepted in February 2015, Karvy Insights is a flexible and collaborative business organization that focuses on market research for business growth and for discovering new product opportunities. It is a data-driven, tech-savvy company which applies digital techniques to deliver explicit results for predictable business outcomes. With a large pan  India presence, the firm also leverages a wide range of digital tools and technologies to ensure their research provides value and helps their clients grow.

Karvy Insights is the market research arm of the Karvy Group. It is a full-service market research and insights organization, offering both qualitative and quantitative research solutions across sectors like CPG, Automotive, Finance, Retail/e-com, Telecom, Infrastructure, Social research to name a few. Karvy Insights is all about discovering different facets of life in all its nuances, detail and complexities. Be it about critical life decisions like education, healthcare, high value spends or about day-to-day choices of products, Karvy Insights seeks a holistic approach for all. The firm’s 360-degree approach to problem-solving and data analysis seeks to integrate context, consumer behaviour and business understanding with cutting-edge technology and research.  Today’s consumer is curious and skeptical about promises, their satisfaction is crucial in maintaining brand equity and customer share, precisely because they have so many similar services to choose from. Karvy insights, therefore, helps its customers to avoid guesswork and eliminate arbitrary decision. It covers the entire gamut of research studies across a brand’s life from pre-launch to launch to post-launch. From helping to develop an entry strategy for a new category or market to providing critical insights to sustain high growth, the firm does it all to stay ahead of the competition.

The team of Karvy Insights comprises of highly experienced professionals across different verticals and geographies within the market research domain. The professionals come with a single-minded ‘solutions’ perspective which is evidenced in innovative research solutions. With the support of technology, the firm strives to build insight bridges that depict the evolution essence of consumers and provides future solutions for growth. Currently, Karvy Insights has close to a hundred employees spread across its research offices in Delhi & Mumbai and a pan India field coverage.

Agile, with hundred plus prominent clientele such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Save the Children, Govt. of India, ICICI Bank and many more, Karvy Insights believes in Knowledge and Insights as the route to solutions. The focus is on quality, team work and accuracy.

Differentiating Factors

The key differentiator of Karvy Insights is the mindset with which any team approaches a research issue – The Einstellung Effect! This ensures that they never force-fit a solution just because the client issue seems an oft faced one for which there is a ready research solution. The KI team always applies its energies in trying to find the best solution. The modifications may be minor, but their impact is major.

The above is ensured by close involvement of the senior team and the urge to find a technology solution for common problems or to provide speed to data. Karvy Insights is able to provide pan India field coverage through the vast network of the Karvy Group and provides 100% electronic data collection for daily/ weekly/ monthly solutions.

The woman behind Karvy Insights’ efficacy

Sonia Pall is the CEO of Karvy Insights. She has over twenty years of both quantitative and qualitative experience across research agencies, having started her career as a qualitative researcher in PQR (IMRB), following which she set up the Qualitative unit in Delhi for NFO (now TNS) and then moved to a Branch Head responsibility, handling both Qualitative and Quantitative research, with Nielsen in Delhi. Going forward, she was their Executive Director, Custom Research for South Asia and also headed the Qualitative Council in Nielsen. She was instrumental in driving the turn-around of the India business as CEO, IPSOS India and is currently the CEO and whole time director at Karvy Insights. Sonia has pioneered various techniques in Ethnography and Brand Tree understanding and has wide-ranging experience across Automobiles, Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Finance, Consumer Durables, Household care, IT, Seeds & Fertilizers. Sonia is a Gold Medalist in Applied Psychology, with a specialization in Social Psychology & Consumer Behavior from Delhi University and has done her Marketing Management degree from Times School. Sonia has also taught a credit course in Qualitative Research in IIM Lucknow.

At Karvy Insights, she has ensured that the team is focused on client growth, technology solutions and an enthusiasm to do better each time. 

Major Milestones for the company

Within three years of starting, Karvy Insights has crossed a hundred clients, with some of the top names like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Myntra, ICICI Bank and many more appreciating the quality of work put out by Karvy Insights. Karvy Insights is also coordinating various prestigious Government projects.

Awards & Recognitions

Besides receiving various client appreciation mails every month, Karvy Insights also participated in Industry forums… 

  • Technology paper was shortlisted in 2017 for the MRSI Lalit Kanodia Technology Award in 2017.
  • A research paper based on work done by Karvy Insights was presented at EOSOMAR and MRSI in 2017- 2018.

Road Map and Future plan 

Karvy Insights strives to become one of the top five Market Research companies in India while remaining authentic to its tagline “keep growing”, both for the firm and its clients. They desire to be known as a team who puts on their thinking cap for their client’s business problem and comes up with innovative but relevant solutions. It also envisages critical stage partnering with clients for business growth through real time consumer insights.


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