Kale Logistics aspires to become the World’s undisputed Best Logistics Technology Company


Innovator of Next Generation Digital Cargo Community Systems –

Kale Logistics aspires to become the World’s undisputed Best Logistics Technology Company 

The logistics industry is a very large and critical industry; it contributes to about 8% of World GDP and 13% of India’s GDP. Some of the major challenges faced by this industry involve excessive paperwork, commitment to deliver on deadlines, supply chain risks, complicated business processes and more. Apparently, to make operations accurate and efficient, there is a need for IT landscape which brings about end-to-end visibility by providing a platform for all players of the industry to connect with each other digitally.

Focusing on the multitude of problems in the logistics industry, Kale Logistics Solutions Private Limited has established in 2010to offer a gamut of comprehensive solutions rooted from deep knowledge and expertise of its creators. Kale’s innovative solutions  provide assistance toFreight Forwarders, NVOCC(non-vessel operating common carrier), LCL(Loose Cargo Load) Consolidators, Shipping Line Agents, Stevedores, Surveyors, Container Freight Stations, Equipment Control Providers, Vessel Charterers, Custom Brokers, 3PL, Warehouse Operators, Transportation Providers, other Logistics Service Users, Chambers of Commerce, Exporters, Importers and Airport/Port Cargo Terminal Operators to achieve operational efficiencies and faster growth.

The ERP systems & the multi-modal cargo community systems developed by Kale have positioned its name in the list of those few companies which have earned global reputation. While ERP systems help several logistics players mechanize their internal businesses, multi-modal cargo community systems are available as Service (SaaS) based Software which allows the stakeholders in a supply chain to make transactions digitally with the help of an internet. The innovative community solutions by Kale play a much wider role and focus on the end users across the supply chain as opposed to just one entity like a forwarder or an airline or an airport.As opposed to being transaction-centric, they are stakeholder-centric. Kale actually takes the credit for creating the next generation Cargo Community Systems (CCS2.0). Kale is the only IT Solutions provider in the world who offers such end-to-end automation to the logistics industry. Kale has been acknowledged as the “Best IT Solutions Provider in the Logistics Industry” by several international forums for the last seven successive years for its innovative solutions.

Kale has collaborated with several government agencies and in India, it is working towards trade facilitation. There is a wide demand for Kale’s solutions in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Far East. It has more than 2000 clients across the globe some of them are British Airways, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, DP World, Adani group, SSB group, Lufthansa, Emirates, Air India, Mumbai International Airport, Celebi Aviation, Balmer Lawrie, FedEx, Dachser, Bahrain Airport Services, Maersk, and also include SME players. More than 80% of India’s Air Cargo moves on Kale’s system.

Speaking to the CEO magazine about how does the company build a successful customer base, Amar More, CEO of Kale Logistics Solutions says, “We have created a good brand in the industry and customer base across the world including in Europe, Africa, Middle east, Asia Pacific and of course India. We have developed successful partnerships globally to give our solutions access to the global market. We also work very closely with world’s leading industry associations, giving us access to their membership. Finally, our customers are a source of great reference for our products and we have expanded our customer base through word of mouth as well.”

The targeted business problems and solutions offered by Kale are:

  • Excessive paperwork: The platforms developed by Kale eliminate the need for generating multiple documents.
  • Supply Chain Opaqueness: Kale’s platforms display a consolidated real-time view of shipment status and exhibit transparency in the supply chain while reducing the transaction costs.
  • Supply chain security issues: Kale’ssolutions make the shipment information available early for assessment to enhance supply chain security.
  • The unease of doing business: Kale’s solutions reduce complications involved in moving shipments and enhance the ease of doing business.
  • Lack of level playing field: Kale’s SaaS-based enterprise systems don’t require capital investment. So, they create a level playing field for the SME logistics players.

Differentiating Factors

  • The only provider of comprehensive ERP and multi-modal cargo community systems.
  • Creator of India’s first multi-modal cargo community systems -UPLIFT and GMAX these help the exporters, importers, forwarders, customs brokers, custodians, ground handlers, airlines, shipping lines, chambers of commerce, customs, local regulatory authorities to exchange data with each other digitally using several forms of electronic data interchange (EDI).
  • Creator of Container Digital Exchange at Tuticorin port- an electronic platform for port stakeholders to perform digital operations on a common platform thereby reducing the document verification time by one-third. This case study was presented to the Honourable Prime Minister of India as one of the innovations in trade facilitation.

The CEO Magazine chats with Chief Executive Officer of Kale Logistics Solutions

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TCM: What are the major milestones for the company since founding?

Amar More: There have been several milestones that defined the company. The first and foremost was the launch of our multi-modal cargo community system UPLIFT in 2011 which was a breakthrough innovation for the industry and which catapulted us as a key disruptive player in the industry and placed us in several books as a case study. Working with Mumbai International Airport in automating their cargo business was another significant milestone as Mumbai handles 33% of India’s Air Cargo and it is one of the Top 30 cargo airports in the world. After Mumbai, our airport cargo handling solution has been implemented globally in more than thirty locations worldwide. The launch of our Airport Cargo Community System GMAX was another significant milestone as this community solution was adopted by over 1800 companies in Mumbai.Creating a Container Digital Exchange in Tuticorin port was another significant milestone which has established us as a serious innovator in the Maritime industry.We have been experiencing humungous growth with our top line growing to 300% last year and slated to further double this year.

TCM: What are the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

Amar More: At Kale, we consider marketing, not as a support function but to lead and facilitate sales. Our 360-degree marketing involves both conventional and new age marketing dimensions. The perfect blend of direct and digital marketing has helped us create effective campaigns with the integral approach. We are regular speakers at international forums which have helped us reach out to new markets. 

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Amar More: We are slated to grow significantly in the next 2 years hence we have already started implementing CMMI Level 3 processes. We already are ISO certified however we plan to bring more innovation in our delivery processes. We have beefed up our sales engine and have set up an office in the Middle East and this year we will start operations in Europe as well. We will be further expanding our customer base and portfolio in Maritime space and become the World’s undisputed Best Logistics Technology Company in 3-5 years. We will be investing more in R&D on solving the trade facilitation problems and we see working closely with global industry associations in smooth implementation of WTO deal across the globe.

Key Officials

Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics Solutions 

An accomplished professional with more than two decades of experience in supply chain, consulting and technology industries, Amar is passionate about bridging the technology gap between International and Indian logistics industries globally.He is the Chairman of IT committee of Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MACCIA). He has the unique distinction of being the first and only Indian to receive the ‘CILT International Young Achiever Award – 2009’ for his commendable contribution in delivering Technology solutions to the logistics industry.He has been elected to represent the technology domain on the Board of Directors of ‘The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)’headquartered in Miami, Florida. He is the lead member who proactively tracks the latest trends in the industry to guide and manage the internal team at Kale logistics to develop innovative solutions and conceptualizes strategies behind the key business areas of Kale Logistics Solutions. His professional expertise has its roots in the rich educational background. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Supply Chain Management from India’s premier institute- NITIE. 

Vineet Malhotra, Director & global head of Sales & Marketing, Kale Logistics Solutions

Vineet, an expert strategist, and leader has a vast experience in various business functions across diverse Industries. Vineet is a recognized Domain Independent expert who is gifted with the ability to deal with a variety of subjects. He leads Kale’s new strategies and initiatives across its multiple domains such as Airports, Forwarding, Transportation, Customs, Chambers of Commerce and more. He is the member of Confederation of India Industry- CII WR Logistics Task Force 2016-17. He has more than two and a half decades of experience working across verticals like-Manufacturing, Energy and Textiles. 

Rajesh Panicker, Director&COO, Kale Logistics Solutions

An expert professional with more than three decades of experience, Rajesh has expertise in software delivery, sales, and customer relationship management. He had been working as the Senior Vice President with Kale Consultants Pvt. Ltd since 1991. He made a significant contribution to Kale Consultants’ business process outsourcing initiative in 2003. Rajeshspearheads delivery operations at Kale Logistics. He regulates the operations concerned with Products, Outsourced Service Deliveries to Customers, Systems and Technologies across Kale’s assets.


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