Inspiration for Creating Online Magazines


Magazines have become essential key to empower the people of different sections of society. It covers news and editorials globally on Current Affairs, Controversies, Politics, Business & Finance, Trade and Industry, Sports News, Music and art, Entertainment, Film reviews, Bollywood News, Parenting, health and fitness and many more in English, Hindi and other regional languages. Earlier, it was a form of only print media but now, it has been read through online services as well.

The advantages of online news on its adoption and use

According to studies in this field have shown that there are some socio-technical advantages that have determined the adoption and use of online news:

• multitasking
• more news choices
• in-depth and background information
• 24/7 updates
• customization
• ability to discuss the news with peers
• the existence of different viewpoints
• the opportunity to “talk back to the media”
• Much cheaper than printing
• Greater circulation and subscription potential – global coverage
• No technical experience required to create and distribute
• Bring your content to life with video, sound and interactive links
• Make your entire back catalogue available online

Online magazines can convert paper-based media into a digital format, transforming one-dimensional magazines, brochures, books and other publications into fully interactive digital dynamite.

Most of the online magazines providers provide free access to all aspects of their online content. However, some publishers ask for subscription charge to access premium online articles and other media content. Online magazines may generate revenue based on targeted search ads to web-site visitors, banner ads.

What’s in it for the reader?

Access the magazine anytime, anywhere
Download now – read later
Visually appealing – vibrant colors, easy to read and ‘clean’ format
Easy to use – simple page turning functions, zoom and search facility
Flexible – print selected pages or run off the whole publication
Easy to circulate the email or URL to friends, family and colleagues
Click straight through to advertiser’s websites
Meets the growing global preference for web-based content



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