Manish Chaturvedi’ odyssey to assist organizations reaching out the apt investment and anchoring their fresh steps in the market with Indus strategy

Manish Chaturvedi’ odyssey to assist organizations reaching out the apt investment and anchoring their fresh steps in the market with Indus strategy

In his role as founder and CEO, Manish Chaturvedi brings his expertise to one of the India’s emerging boutique investment bank, driven by strong domain competence. Incorporated in 2011, Indus strategy revels in being ahead of the pack among other bankers with a formidable committee board which not only advise on numbers or finances but has become a valued partner that helps its clients to grow and stand out from the crowd.

Creating a niche among the leaders

Credit goes to Indus Strategy’s unique potential which is irreplaceable. This has been enabled by a well-planned expansion of its operations to various locations across the globe. In addition to the corporate office in Mumbai, Indus strategy has its associate offices in Delhi, Dubai, Singapore,London and Fremont, CA. In the initial years of its journey, the firm has crossed several milestones and takes pride in having quickly establishing its niche among the leading names of the investment banking sector.  Capitalizing on a cumulative 100+ years of experience of driving value for the clients, Indus strives to cater the best solution following rigorous processes, holistic study, in-depth expertise and meticulous approach and with an aim to provide one stop shop for all business, advisory and financial needs of clients. Indus’ focused sector includes Education, Skill Development & Training; Infrastructure, Energy, Real estate, BFSI, Food & Beverages.

Quick on the uptake: Indus Strategy’s Product Portfolio

Investment Banking: Debt Syndication, Mergers& Acquisitions, Private Equity, Venture Capital ,Equity Capital MarketsAdvisory, Distressed Asset Advisory, NCD structuring & placements, and Institutional Placements.

Strategic Advisory: Advisory [Efficient structures], Business Advisory, JV/Acquisition Strategies, India Entry Strategy, Regulatory Matters – RBI, FEMA, SEBI, Transfer Pricing, NCD structuring & Placements, Business Valuations and Inboud&Outbound Strategies

Wealth Management Group: Mutual funds, Bonds, Insurance, Alternate investment opportunities, Family Office Management, Tax Planning and Estate Planning

Indus Strategic Associations or Investments: PCPS group of institution, Dodo Foods (Retra foods & beverages PVT Ltd), DigiMkey and Dealbanc

(would be more apt if we put logos of these companies , let me know if you need I will organize)

CEO’s Periscope

The CEO Magazine had a conversation with Manish Chaturvedi on the aspects of being a leader infusing growth into Indus Strategy’s voyage

What made you choose this line of a highly competitive business?

You are very right that this business is highly competitive. But from the beginning my attitude is adventurous and I like taking challenges so competition never deters me. Actually, the vibrant and dynamic nature of this business, where you always play a pivotal role in the business strategies,be it Mergers, Acquisition, Joint Ventures, Raising Capital, Venturing offshore territories etc. always excites me and the nature of work is in sync with my mindset and lifestyle so to drive my passion is the reason I chose this line of business.

What does it take to be a CEO?

Thinking ahead of curve; Positive attitude; Conviction;Self Confidence, Patience, Team work, Meticulous planning, taking risks with proper strategies and Focused vision are few key factors which lead you to be a successful CEO.

CEO as the name suggests “Chief Executive Officer”; so execution is the most important responsibility and no matter how much you plan but if you fail to execute, it is theoretical.

What are your responsibilities as the chief driving the helm of Indus strategy?

The most important thing is the success and growth of our clients with the speed in execution. Our business’ success depends on the clients’ growth.

Being at the helm of Indus, it is onus on me to build the INDUS brand most trusted and valuable brand in the Industry.

The other important responsibilities are to grow it globally and to build ONE STOP SOLUTION for all capital and corporate financial advisory needs.

To what do you attribute your success to?

Integrity & hardwork, focused approach, quality in work rather than quantity and domain expertise these are the few critical factors which lead you to success.

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The other very important point is your Relationship and Network. Because of your reach/access you get an opportunity in this crowded market to place/position your transaction and once you get the right audience than your job is half done, many a times this happens only when you have good relationship network.

What’s the next big thing planned for Indus strategy?

As for any investment bank, the natural progression is to move up the ladder toward the fund based services. So, we at INDUS are also working towards creating some fund based verticals. We are working on both domestic and offshore structures.

Also, on advisory front we are working towards some global tie ups.

Thanks for this lovely session. If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

My sincere advice for beginners would be to start with some USP and differentiation else you will not find place in this market and survival would be near to impossible.

My advice to start ups are focus on execution as you will improve and evolve as you keep on growing, I generally tell them:

“If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives”.

The other important quote of John Calvin Maxwell , a famous American author on leadership, to be always remembered by leaders..

“The Pessimist complains about the wind. The Optimist expects it to change. The Leader Adjusts the sails.”



Manissh Chaturvedi is a dynamic entrepreneur, Investor, SeasonedInvestment Banker, and a Digital Evangelist. He is a CharteredAccountant by qualification with over 15 years of experience in variouscapacities in Indian Capital Markets. Before founding INDUSS Strategy,he has served in key roles in areas like “Fund Management”; “Fixed Income Money Market”; “Investment Banking”; both Equity & Debt”. His extensive reading of markets, transaction structuring expertise, analytical skills, wide sector knowledge & global relationships brings a unique and curated solution approach for clients. From negotiating the land acquisition transaction, joint developments, JVs, to fundraising in the form of debt, equity etc, he has been an active fundraiser and a brilliant negotiator in real estate space as well.

He is an astute investor himself and has over the years invested in sectors like Education, Food, and Fintech successfully.PROFESSIONAL ENDEAVOURS

  • Board of Director – Regal Entertainment , A Growing BSE LISTED NBFC


Offered the prestigious membership of Economic Times- India Leadership Council.

Highly recognized at investment forums and industry forums as the speaker

Co-chaired the diaswith CIO of State Bank of India at “The Private Wealth Summit – Mumbai”, and co-chaired the dias with MD of GoldmanSachs at “The Mergers & Acquisition Summit – Mumbai “, November2017.

Part of the Business Delegation in UAE- INDIA Business Conclave 2017 conducted by The Economic Times of India as a special invitee.

Part of the team submitting White Paper to Dr. KP Krishnan, Principal Secretary- Ministry of Skill, Government of India.

Part of Asia Business Leaders Conclave 2017 and was one of the few invitee at the Private Dinner with Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia in November 2017.

Attended the Elite family dinner at “Rashtrapati Bhawan” with familyduring the tenure of Honourable Smt. Pratibha Patil (former Presidentof India).


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