Improsys builds long lasting bond with clients by providing right solutions at affordable prices

Improsys builds long lasting bond with clients by providing right solutions at affordable prices

   The CEO Magazine ● New Delhi

Improsys, a leading firm that optimises technology and solutions for over five hundred enterprises, is a brainchild of a first generation entrepreneur Mr. Laxmikant Kathare. It is a company with right blend of technology and business management. Strategically located at a commercial township on Pune-Mumbai main highway (in Pune), Improsys offers a wide range of services that include Web based as well as Mobile based ERP, CRM, WMS, Production planning, Project planning, Inventory management, Bar coding solutions, Quality management software, Mobile based business applications, Kaizen training, 5S training, Six sigma training, Lean training etc.

Implementing software solution in domestic Engineering industries, Logistic service providers and retail businesses, is a challenge on account of various factors, which Improsys has successfully achieved by adopting customer centric approach rather than traditional product centric approach. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements, the company delivers tailor-maid, cost-competitive, scalable and robust ERP/CRM solutions.

Improsys’ experience across industries of Automobile, ancillary, Pump manufacture, Automation, Engineering, Tool, Jigs and Fixture manufacturing, Process equipment manufacturers, Traders, FMCG Companies, Warehouses, Cold storage units, IT companies, NGO and others translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. The company delivers comprehensive services to five hundred businesses to name few Klauss Union Engineering India, Oerlikon Leybold Vaccums, Sealmatic, Trimoorti Autodeco, Igloo Frozen Foods. For their manufacturing operations in India, many European companies have strategic collaboration with Improsys ERP/CRM solutions. Improsys’s transparent, efficient and flexible world class software development process zero downs risks of project failures and creates powerful software solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

Being asked by TCM about the business problem it hopes to solve, Improsys said, “ Majority of businesses faces problems of execution of plans, Improsys ERP/CRM software helps businesses to plan alongwith successful execution of business plans, all Improsys software solutions ERP, CRM, WMS focuses on completion of business tasks and reminding appropriately to complete them on time. It also generates exception report of not completed task indicating focus activities.”

“Providing access of software to people on move is great challenge for ERP solutions, Improsys offers mobile based apps for people on move to work remotely at different locations. The software solutions are offered on web which also helps to connect geographically remote locations connected on ERP and being enabled to monitor from Head offices.”

Improsys’s new version of software manages complex Supply chain management of FMCG and consumer durable industries. Improsys believes on building long lasting bond with clients by providing right solutions at affordable prices. This has resulted into building unbreakable bond with customers. Over 60 % of business of this firm is generated due to customer referrals till date.

While speaking about their services, a spokesperson of Improsys said, “Improsys is treated as IT division of client by each customer. Improsys’s competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers all over the world. Instead of selling the software products, our team helps organization to improve productivity, quality, delivery, cash flow and profitability of all resources by capturing key inputs required to measure these indices and displaying various reports for generating the feedback to various resources to correct immediately. Improsys use Software technology as a tool to record, monitor and control utilization of various resources in your organization.”

The Improsys User Experience team aims to create designs that are useful, fast, simple, engaging, innovative, universal, profitable, beautiful, trustworthy, and personable.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine, Improsys founder Mr. Laxmikant Kathare said Designing for many people doesn’t mean designing for the lowest common denominator. The best Improsys designs appear quite simple on the surface but include powerful features that are easily accessible to those users who want them. Our intent is to invite beginners with a great initial experience while also attracting power users whose excitement and expertise will draw others to the product. ”

“A well-designed Improsys services lets new users jump in, offers help when necessary, and ensures that users can make simple and intuitive use of the service’s most valuable features. Progressive disclosure of advanced features encourages people to expand their usage of the service. Whenever appropriate, Improsys offers smart features that improves clients productivity, quality, cash flow, delivery & value, ” Kathare added.

Mr. Laxmikant Kathare brings rich experience of twenty years in managing change for Improvements in challenging situations of manufacturing industries and designing complex software solutions for domestic businesses. His passion of providing solutions to problems has given birth to unique model of Improsys work culture which focuses of mission and vision of adding values to lives of people. From busy schedule of managing IT business operations, he loves to spend time in delivering training on KAIZEN, 5S, LEAN principles to business executives.

His company Improsys is home to talented business and technology experts. Improsys software solutions are executed at clients place by able and matured leadership of Mr.Raviraj Deshpande who is Production engineering graduate from VJTI Mumbai and provides solutions to Industry since last 8 years at Improsys. Improsys has team of business consultants and qualified engineers alongwith software developers who love to work on challenging assignments and used to innovate with latest technology. Backed by a strong track-record of innovative business solutions, Improsys R&D team is now working on applications which could leverage on advancement in Cloud computing, IoT, Big data, mobile computing for meeting customer’s needs.


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