iMedX is gauging the need of complete and accurate medical documentation and dressing the gaps with its Humanologyâ prowess 


iMedX is gauging the need of complete and accurate medical documentation and dressing the gaps with its Humanologyâ prowess 

A proper and accurate clinical documentation process has always been critical in the patient care sphere. But with a colossal acceleration in the current healthcare landscape, an on the nose medical documentation has become a strategic demand than perhaps even before. Documentation in the medical industry not only validates the care provided but it channelizes key information with subsequent caregivers and optimizes claims processing thus catering a complete and accurate patient documentation. Even as successful CDI programs are prevailing in hospitals and health systems across the country, many dots are still to be connected on medical documentation for accuracy and transparency. Hospitals are certainly cautious when selecting new business partners, but there is rarely an immediate sense of mistrust. Global Leader iMedX has been fortunate enough to have a long record of successful partnerships which we can show potential clients to help further eliminate any doubts they may have.

The humble beginning of iMedX dates back to 2002 to address the increasing need for quality clinical documentation solutions. At its founding, iMedX recognized that the industry lacked reliability, quality, and integrity: all things they wanted to change. Since then, the company has matured from a small regional player to one of the top three clinical documentation service providers worldwide through the combination of a world-class leadership team, a successful acquisition and integration strategy, and continual organic growth. iMedX nestles an extensive and prosperous operating history which has been fundamental to developing and defining the company’s strong culture and reputation for clinical excellence.

The success ‘code’: Humanologyâ Approach, A match made for healthcare

Our high level of trust and respect in the market stems from our unique Humanology approach, which fuses industry-leading technology with the most qualified people to formulate precision in the clinical documentation process. – Christopher Foley

Efficient management of health information management needs a combination of human and technology to maintain a quality workflow. As a forerunner, iMedX have been up heaving the standards of what’s expected from a healthcare partner by merging innovative technology and unparalleled experience to give its clients a significant edge in clinical documentation and revenue cycle management; the ‘Humanology’ approach.

Engraved on a history of and an ongoing commitment to efficiency, quality, and unparalleled service, iMedX stands as a solitary pioneer deploying best-of-breed, high-value technology solutions backed by top-notch service, customized to every detail of a client’s needs. As a customer service company, the approach is focused on not only delivering just satisfactory service, but consistently outstanding services with a never-ending commitment to this high level of service excellence driving the ultimate value to its clientele.

Area of Expertise

Crowned as one of the top business partners in the industry, the highly trained technical team understand medical context, discerns for accuracy, and provides an unparalleled level of service unattainable from software alone. iMedX offers a full suite of high-value revenue cycle management solutions including medical transcription and coding services, results-based consulting, education and training opportunities, and data analytics. The gamut of iMedX’s coding services includes remote coding services for medical treatment facilities, hospitals, and other medical offices, hospital coding and physician coding services which are performed by skilled, professional coding specialists.

The remote coding services can be used on a short-term basis to accommodate certain busy times or on a regular, long-term basis as a substitution for in-house medical coding. The company’s core competency in transcription services is blending a combination of powerful speech-recognition software with highly-experienced human MTs to create value for clients. iMedX’s solutions allow clients to spend less time completing back-end processes and more time providing care, leading to higher patient satisfaction and provider efficiency.

iMedX’s Detailed services include:

  • Revenue-Cycle Solutions
  • Transcription Services
  • Medical Coding – Hospital & Physician
  • Continuous Coding Quality Monitoring
  • Coding Education & Training
  • Chargemaster Review & Maintenance
  • Market Price Analysis
  • Physician Practice Solutions
  • Special Projects

Brand Talk: A synonym for Trust and Transparency 

Quality is our brand image. We recognize that success is not built on satisfactory; it’s built on extraordinary, and it’s our never-ending commitment to this level of service that drives the ultimate value we provide to our clients. We have a passion for excellence and strive for 100% quality in all aspects of our business.-Christopher Foley

iMedX serves an impressive array of medical professionals across the world including numerous large academic facilities, Integrated Health Delivery Networks, community hospitals and multi-specialty physician groups.  The organization maintains very close relationships with all of its clients to ensure their needs are always being met. The strongest evidence of this trust for the organization prevails through client referrals.  iMedX has received numerous awards in recognition of its outstanding workplace environment as well as its rapid growth. Some of the recent awards include:

  • 2009 ADHI Employer of the Year
  • 2014 ADHI Employer of the Year
  • 2015 ACG Atlanta Georgia Fast 40
  • 2016 ACG Atlanta Georgia Fast 40
  • Corporate Live Wire M&A Awards – Deal of the Year 2016

Plans Ahead

iMedX has a bright future ahead, as the company is well-positioned to become the number one leading global provider of revenue cycle management and clinical documentation solutions. Additionally, iMedX plans to build upon its outstanding reputation for service excellence in order to continue driving positive results and success for its impressive array of healthcare clients worldwide.

The Veteran spearheading iMedX

Christopher Foley

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

“My journey through business has been a never-ending series of challenges. Each new day brings new problems and worries that have, at times, seemed impossible to overcome. Each challenge in my career has pushed the limits of what I thought possible from myself and has ultimately shaped who I am today. My journey has not been easy, but ease was never my goal. Only through testing your limits can you determine what you are truly capable of in life and business. 2018 has been off to a fantastic start already, so I am thrilled about what is in store for the rest of the year. I want to continue to grow our team of employees in India and around the globe so that we can provide the best service to all of our clients regardless of their location.”

As a turnaround executive, CEO, Chairman, and Board member, Christopher Foley has spearheaded expeditious profits and created high-value leadership team’s effective in sustaining growth. Accustomed to working with investors and banks to rectify business obstacles, he has elicited loyalty and peak results from employees, led global teams, headed numerous acquisitions, and attained recognition including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Inc. 500 distinctions.

Words of Wisdom

“Persistence, ambition, passion, and energy are the critical skills of every successful entrepreneur I’ve encountered in my life. You must always be persistent, never letting failures or challenges defeat you. You must be ambitious, always asking what the next step is or how you could improve. You must have a passion for your work, approaching each new day excited and eager to change the status quo. And finally, you must have the energy to exceed your own goals while motivating others simultaneously. Being an entrepreneur means living a stressful and risk-filled life, but that should not deter you. If you have these skills, I have full confidence that you will be successful in your life’s endeavors.”

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