A Global One Stop Shop for Engineering Services(CAD & GIS) DIN provides ample opportunities for growth to its employees


A Global One Stop Shop for Engineering Services(CAD & GIS)

DIN provides ample opportunities for growth to its employees

A ‘hot investment hub’ for foreign investors, India has been witnessing a stirred up job market; especially in mid segment organizations, employee retention has become increasingly difficult. Losing skilled and talented workforce impacts businesses every possible way. It not only damages organization’s productivity but also disrupts current and potential leadership while acting as a blow to company morale. It is generally considered that employees leave mainly for pay-related reasons. However, a number of surveys conducted in the area reveal that most of the employees leave their jobs for reasons other than pay. To name a few, lack of growth and advancement opportunities, feeling of dejection due to absence of appreciation and recognition, and work-life imbalance etc. are the major ones. Certainly, retaining workforce is harder in such circumstances but adopting effective retention strategies do ensure keeping of talent in place to move ahead with organizational goals.

DIN Engineering Services LLP (DIN), a global leader providing Engineering Services in CAD& GIS, proves that by encouraging and supporting overall development of its employees. A testimony from an employee serving at DIN for over a decade states, “DIN Engineering Services is a complete combination of sophisticated facilities and experienced workforce and I am proud to be a part of it. Working with this organization has helped me grow as an individual in an international and dynamic working environment. Whenever I have faced any problem, it has been solved promptly. Hence, I wish to continue working with this organization and enhance my creative skills.” Not only this, experiences of other employees working at DIN also assert that the firm provides a stable platform offering excellent opportunities with a work culture that is filled with enthusiasm and positivity to potential employees for building a successful career.

About the Company

DIN is a Multi-Discipline & Multi-Platform Engineering Design and Drawing Services firm that covers end to end services in CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) and GIS (Geographic Information system) serving niche industry verticals like Renewable Energy and Telecommunications to clients spread in more than twenty countries across the globe. Company’s forte lies in work areas like Solar PV design and permitting, wired and wireless communication network planning and designing. In addition to CAD Services, the company has also augmented a portfolio of GIS Services (Geographical Information Systems) including Utility Mapping (Electric, Gas, Telecom, etc.). The company has effectively rendered its GIS services to large engineering initiatives in areas like Telecom Engineering Design & Drafting, OSP and ISP plant design and planning, both wired and wireless, for utilities, cable television companies and commercial organizations.The company has been successful in bringing over two hundred customers under its wings by adopting a comprehensive services approach, taking the clients through a detailed design and engineering phase with focus on the unique ground situations of clients, with a quick turnaround time.

Together Everyone Achieves More

A great place to work, DIN flaunts a jovial environment which lives and breathes ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’; it emphasizes on building of team spirit while keeping a dynamic approach towards overall development of its employees.The management, here, develops strategies to build a cooperative atmosphere by inculcating an open door policy for employees. It conducts formal collaborative inter-departmental sessions at least once in a month in which Sales, Pre-sales, Operations, Quality Control and Business Excellence departments exchange their thoughts and brainstorm on any point of concern.  Warm initiatives such as celebration of small successes, reaching out to problems at individual level, encouragement to new ideas, interactive and fun programs form part of the strategies for establishing a cohesive and constructive atmosphere at workplace. Supporting its employees to strike a perfect balance between career and family, the firm also allows its employees to work in flexible schedules giving them liberty to work at their most productive times.

The founders of DIN have laid its bedrock on a set of core values and principles that drives the work culture in the organization while guiding every action, every decision and is reflected in firm’s service towards its clients; it strongly promotes integrity, honesty, teamwork, passion for customer satisfaction, and commitment to achieve excellence through innovation and delivery of quality services. Aiming to create a workplace that strives for continual improvement of the business and its overall efficiency to increase competitive advantage, the firm has a mission statement that defines organizational goals. It states, “To seek out competitive advantages for our clients through innovative use of technology, and to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity. To provide uncompromising customer services and satisfaction regardless of the type of product or service offered.”

Employee Motivation & Career Growth

The firm believes in evolving to keep pace with time; it has a well-defined Training & Development Department, which organizes internal as well as external trainings and workshops for professional development of employees. Two internal trainings (1 Technical and1 Behavioral) are scheduled every month in which employees are free to nominate themselves while for senior management External MDP training / workshops are scheduled on a quarterly basis. To support career growth of its employees, the management has put into action very well thought out strategies that include an online Quarterly Performance Review System for better clarity on individual KRA’s/ KPI’s. Every employee is evaluated on pre-decided KRAs and KPIs (Key Result Area and Key Result Area). Based on the rating, the managers recommend for appreciation and awards. If the recognition is for team level, managers deliver rewards/certificates and inform the HR for the record. In case the recognition is at organizational level, the management and HR Department evaluates various nominations and decides the winners.The company organizes quarterly functions as well as annual award ceremonies, which appreciate deserving employees’ achievements with Monetary andNon-Monetary Awards. The rewards and recognitions include ‘Thank You Card’, ‘Best Employee’, ‘Best Team’, ‘Best Quality Performer’, ‘Rising Star (for New Joinee)’etc.The top contributors to the company’s success are appreciated by sponsoring travel packages and distributing attractive gifts, annually.

Treating Failures – ‘Root Cause Analysis’

At DIN, it is noteworthy that the management accepts the initial failures of the employees opening arms wide considering them stepping stones to success.The management follows the procedures for ‘Root Cause Analysis’ instead of exhibiting an attitude of neglect towards them and blaming employees working at different levels. The findings and the outcomes are later shared and discussed with the concerned employees to avoid failures in future.

Creating a stable platform that encompasses ample opportunities, DIN has been moving ahead on its journey towards reaching the pinnacle of engineering services in CAD and GIS around the globe with the mission of attaining fourfold growth in next three years. To achieve the aim, the management is investing determined efforts into the strengthening of PEOPLE, PROCESSES and PRODUCTS.


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