Fusion Microfinance: Empowering Rural Women by accessibility to economic opportunities.


Fusion Microfinance: Empowering Rural Women by accessibility to economic opportunities.

Women havea pivotal role in the Indian story of nation building. While opportunity for employment in rural areas are lacking they make up for this by their in born entrepreneurial talent.  But there are many obstructions in accessibility of borrowing for omen. Though multiplicity of schemes are introduced and announced, implementation at ground levels is lacking. It was the year 2010 when Mr. Devesh Sachdev, a versatile entrepreneur, set-up “Fusion Microfinance” so that these “aspirational rural poor” get to make their dreams take shape. The financial organization ‘Fusion Microfinance’ is a registered NBFC – MFI which operates in a Joint Liability Group lending model of rural “Grameen”.

Fusion Microfinance’s clients comprises of only women living in rural and semi-urban areas. Their focus is reaching out to unbanked and providing financial services to women entrepreneurs belonging to the economically and socially deprived section of the society. Fusion provides such loans ranging from INR 12,000 to INR 50,000 for loan tenure of 1 year to 2 years. The clients are from the poor section of the society and undertake these loans to start new business or expand existing businesses. In addition to micro-credit services, Fusion offers life insurance for its clients and their spouse. In case of unfortunate event of death of either client or her husband, not only the principal due to the client is waived off but also the principal repaid to Fusion is returned to the client/ nominee

Fusion’s responsibilities are not restricted merely to financial support but also to ensure Financial Literacy .This means both clients and non-clients alike who attend these programs are able to take informed and effective decisions with all their financial resources.

Fusion believes in robust business practices, transparent policies expressed in their Customer Centric efforts towards their Clientele. The company aspires to create value and balanced growth for all its stakeholders while keeping clients at the center.

Fusion’s success can be attributed to its work culture. Spearheading the company’s rapid growth at the current stage is founder of Fusion Microfinance, Mr. Devesh Sachdev. With extensive global experience across domains, he is aninspirational leader. In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Senior Editor, The CEO Magazine, he shares his vision of creating a transformation in the world of empowering women in the country and making a difference to the lives of women throughout the nation along with few words about the work culture at the company.

Does the company have a stated set of cultural values for its employees?

Our Values are “Respect for Individuals, Collaboration, Transparency and Humility.” The senior leadership team“walks the talk” and this ensures stronger culture building than any policy document. There is also less chance of dichotomy between stated values and existing practices.

Our talent acquisition process hires with cultural compatibility at the forefront. This pays long term dividends in higher engagement and also better retention of employees across levels.

Can you describe the environment here?

The work environment is built around the twin pillars of customer centricity and meeting of our core values of Respect for the individual, Collaboration &Transparency. Rules and regulations ensure that employees have clarity in all aspects of office and infrastructure maintenance.

We also aim at building compassion into our DNA. In the event of an unfortunate and unforeseen death or illness of either an employee or a close family member we help them tide over this period by extending support over and above a normal Insurance cover. Employees also spontaneously come together to set up funds that can help support their colleagues in need.

How are employees recognized for their efforts?

The organization believes in sustainable growth. This means focus on process robustness as well as results. Hence employee’s efforts become as important as their ability to deliver results.

To institutionalize this Business Excellence dept. creates and channels all process mapping and improvement projects. Value Stories of Employee generated process improvement areas are celebrated and shared. Quality awards are instituted for Projects delivering process improvements in mission critical areas. 

Do the company’s different departments ever collaborate with one another? What kinds of people seem to succeed in this company/department?

“Collaboration” is one of our Core Values .The Management believes that this culture defining value will ensure better stakeholder management, engaged employees and improved business velocity.

Cross functional projects and new initiatives are encouraged and celebrations of shared victories ensure that this message reaches all.

What is the road map and future plans of the company?

“Our Human Capital Roadmap is built on the saying “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”. Our unique culture is built on the robust platform of our Core Values of , Respect for the Individual , Collaboration , Transparency & Humility .These Core Values through training, the monthly communications, the performance-appraisal system, the role models, and ultimately every decision we make translates to a dynamic working environment.

Our focus for the immediate future will be now on talent transformation across levels by investing on L&D. Innovating on our Performance Management System to identifying critical talent and career planning for middle and senior management continues to be our priority.

We have laid the foundation for building HR scalability in terms of processes and systems so that our journey to emerging as a large and stable organization is supported by agile Human Capital.


  • Listed in India’s Top 10 NBFC MFIs by MFIN in 2017
  • Certificate of Appreciation – Top 50 Fastest Growing CEOs India – THE CEO, 2018.
  • Recognition for Cashless endeavors in 15 Asian Network of Quality Congress held in Kathmandu
  • Business World Digital India Award 2017′ for the usage of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in Rural Development.
  • 92% score in Code of Conduct Assessment in May 2017 against the guidelines of unified code of conduct, RBI FPC and RBI guidelines for NBFC-MFI
  • Super Achiever’s Award 2016′ under BFSI category instituted by Stars of the Industry Group, Mumbai
  • Client Protection Certification from Client Protection Principles – SMART CAMPAIGN for embedding client protection practices into the organizational culture and meeting strong standards of client care in Aug 2016
  • Best MFI of the year 2014 Award’ at ‘Microfinance India Awards 2014’ instituted by ACCESS
  • Listed in India’s 25 leading MFIs by CRISIL in 2014

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