EOS Power India: A pioneer in the segment of Total Solution Provider EMS firms


EOS Power India: A pioneer in the segment of Total Solution Provider EMS firms

During the period of the 1970s, most of the large-scale manufacturing was managed through the in-house assembly. The modern outlook of Electronic Manufacturing came in the late 1970s. In India, the EMS industry (Electronics Manufacturing Services) was controlled by the public sector, but the sweeping economic changes and economic liberalization paved the way for the entrance of private players in the domain. India’s electronics market currently is one of the largest in the world in terms of consumption and is expected to grow to approximately US$400 billion by 2020 from $69.6 billion in 2012, largely led by an upsurge in demand, growing at a projected compound annual growth rate of close to 25% over the period. To reap the benefits of liberalization of the economy, EOS Power, formerly known as Celetronix Power India, was established by the Tandon Group in 1985. Later Celetronix acquired California based company EOS Inc. in early 2000. Celetronix became part of Jabil Circuits acquisition to make way for Jabil to enter in India in 2006 and in 2007, Celetronix Power parted ways from Jabil Circuits to become EOS Power India which is today privately held by German investors.

Despite the past history of working in the EMS industry with Celetronix and Jabil, EOS Power does not classify itself as a typical EMS Company and does not compete with other major EMS Companies in India. During the meltdown of 2009 which was a break or make the situation for EOS, EOS Power re-strategized and using their experience with EMS experience graduated from being a product manufacturer to a Total Solution Provider.

Inside the Organization

The services include design, manufacturing of power supplies and assembling of other PCBA assemblies, which goes along with the Power supplies. Also, additional magnetic, filter assemblies, Cable harness assemblies, Mechanicals or Plastics accessories are part of the total solution concept. The firm kept strengthening upon VAEMS (Value Add Electronics Manufacturing services) keeping the core strength of Power supply design and manufacturing in focus as an integral part of the solutions. Located in an SEZ, the firm offers full Supply chain solution to Customers, from product design to customer specifications, to component procurements, to Manufacturing and testing to customer specifications. The company deploys the Kanban, Kaizen and Poka-yoke concepts to ensure overall business efficiency. Its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is always monitored in the plant. EOS uses the highest quality standards to design and manufacture products for its medical and industrial American and European customers, combined with highly efficient manufacturing techniques, which is evident through the firm’s Jabil past. (Unique combination!!)

EOS Power has been designing standard, modified and custom power solutions for the global market for over 28 years. Firm’s business and design teams understand and implement unique electrical, mechanical and safety requirements into their standard and value-added power solutions.

The EOS Power product definition and design effort have resulted in a range of best in class standard power solutions which allow customers huge flexibility when making critical decisions on their choice of power source. Currently, EOS Power product range offers power solutions from 40 to 1000 watts with many unique footprints, power densities, and specifications.

The EOS standard power supply solutions are available in industry standard footprints such as 2 x 4 inches, 3 x 5 inches, 4 x 6 inches and the new 2 x 3 x 0.75 inches’ format. EOS Power offers end customer’s standard specifications such as Class II product options and a BF rating (Body Floating) on higher power products which are not available from many alternate suppliers. Adding these specifications to the standard high efficiency, high power density, and full medical approvals ensure that EOS is a leader in providing standard power solutions. All products are certified to global standards enabling them to meet the export standard requirements.

EOS Power offers a low barrier of access to modification capabilities and value-added engineering services. EOS understands and supports that not all end customer requirements will be satisfied by standard product alone. EOS Power specializes in providing end customers a total power solution whether that is changing voltages, adding functionality, mechanical additions or manufacturing solutions. Modifications and value-added power solutions are an EOS Power specialty. EOS has supplied non-standard solutions to global customers for over two decades.

EOS Power has dedicated resources which are available to design custom power supply designs according to customer specifications.

EOS Power`s concept is to offer a one-stop supply chain solution to help the customer to reduce logistics and coordination costs. The firm’s unique 4 Stage Product design and release process ensures that Product Quality which is going to delight the customer is built-in while designing it. The unique design and performance of the products provide significant cost savings and design flexibility compared to typical industry competitor products. To reduce the Time to Market for the new products and Product Design Cycle time, the firm established a UL and NEMKO certified Regulatory Compliance Lab in its manufacturing premises.

Instead of competing with Chinese and Taiwanese companies, EOS conducted several types of research for Indian customers to find niche segments where product quality and reliability were more important than lower costs. Today EOS Power sells approximately 30 % of its products in India compared to 0% in 2009. EOS Power is taking all the necessary steps, like high investment in R & D, advanced design and technology adoption so that the above factors do not become an obstacle in its path for further growth.

It is said that every failure opens the doors for new opportunities. It is the way how anybody looks at it as “failure” or the “opportunity.” The great recession of 2009 impacted most of the small/medium scale electronics manufacturing industries. The firm learned lessons like reduced dependability on few customers, not to limit the business to specific geographical areas. Today EOS Power’s Revenue model is nicely balanced with 40 % Exports to North America 30 % exports to Europe and 30 % Revenue from India and Asian Countries making EOS power to sustain any economic downturns in any major geography.

The firm is led by Vijay Gujarathi, the CEO and Director and also the Chairman Western Region, ELCINA – ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION OF INDIA. Vijay is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25+ Years of Professional experience. He has also done Bachelor of Industrial engineering from Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE) and a specialized course in plastics mold and sheet metal tool design from Bhaghubai Polytechnique college in Mumbai. He gained management education in Industrial Management and Finance from Welingkar Institute for Management and ISB, Hyderabad. EOS Power serves over 1000+ clients directly or through Global Distribution Channels. For Exports General Electric, PHYSIO-CONTROL, Philips, ARISTA Networks, Rauland Boarg, Roche Medical, and Domestic names are Gilbarco Veeder Root, Lineage Power, Corob India, Trans Asia biomedical and many more.

EOS Power has been Certified ISO 9001 since 1995 and ISO14001 since 2005. EOS Power products and Manufacturing lines are certified RoHS compliant.

  • 2007: Excellence in Quality by Dun & Bradstreet
  • 2008: Excellence in Manufacturing by Frost & Sullivan
  • 2009: Excellence in Environment Management by ELCINA
  • 2010: Excellence in Export by ELCINA-EFY
  • 2011: Business Excellence by ELCINA-EFY
  • 2012: Quality System by FICCI
  • 2013: Business Leadership Award by IEDRA
  • 2015: Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award

The firm was recognized for excellence in various business process from the agencies like ELCINA, EFY, D&B, BIS, FICCI and it played a pivotal role in creating EOS Power brand in Electronics Industry.

The Road Ahead

EOS Power today is a 120Cr firm and have ambitions to grow to 200 Cr by 2022. Being the reason of livelihood of 600+ employees, they are currently focused on designing leading edge low to medium Power, AC/DC Power products for the global medical, industrial and communication markets. The firm has been investing in designing green Power products to further reduce the standby Power requirements for end customers and adapting technological advances to increase efficiency with a low footprint. The firm is heavily investing in the Research & Development to increase the output power of its products than before. The Modification and timely deliveries enable the company to get into markets where large manufacturers are yet to make an entry. From 2019 to 2020 the firm will be bringing further innovation into Power supply solutions by bringing in IoT functionality into it. They are planning to design new products for Server and Data networking, Electrical vehicle charging solutions.


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