Emerging as a global leader, Kellton Tech fascinates manpower with its employee-centric policies


Emerging as a global leader, Kellton Tech fascinates manpower with its employee-centric policies 

It is said that employees are the most valuable asset to an organization. They are the backbone of the organization they are working in and possess the capability to make or break it. Several studies have indicated that employee engagement is crucial to a company’s overall success. In this era of breakneck globalization and rapidly changing business environment that has resulted into very low levels of employee engagement, few employers have made remarkable efforts to develop several employee centric policies with an aim to create a flexible and friendly work environment which will contribute to employees’ work satisfaction while nurturing their talents. Kellton Tech, a reputed global IT Services organization has positioned itself in the list significantly. Kellton Tech is a global leader in digital transformation with strong focus on enterprise solutions. The company is committed to providing end-to-end IT solutions, strategic technology consulting, and offshore product development services. It serves the full gamut of customers including startups, SMBs, enterprises, and Fortune 500 businesses.The firm has been actively climbing the ladder of success since its inception in 2009 and has been publicly listed in BSE (BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE) as well as NSE (NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE). It has its headquarters in Hyderabad, India and development centers in the United States, Europe and India.

Workplace at Kellton Tech offers a proactive platform for individuals who can work with a result-oriented approach and a passion for continuous learning. The company duly acknowledges its employees’ excellence in their performance and their efforts leading to customer delight. In addition to that, as a rapidly growing organization, the firm also organizes effective learning and development programmes to help them advance their skill sets and keep up with the latest trends in the industry. New talentis provided mentorship to help them navigate through the corporate processes. Hailing the organization’s support in its employees’ professional development, Karanjit Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Kellton Tech, says, “Our continual commitment to growing talent is best exemplified by our continuous upskilling and reskilling training programmes. Through our one-to-one mapping, we mentor employees and assist them closely in their progress. We conduct Leadership Workshops for managers to equip them with necessary knowledge and skillset to lead teams more effectively. We also set time aside for fully-dedicated learning periods to grasp newer technologies.We enable reallocation of suitable employees to other departments and geographies based on expertise and requirement. For those delivering exceptional results, we ensure that their performance is suitably rewarded, even if it bypasses the set norms and procedures.”

Employees of Kellton Tech love the organization’s workplace for a multitude of positive factors. The foremost attraction is the highly flexible working hours’ policy which facilitates the firm’s employees to establish a healthy work life balance. The firm’s employee policies also cover the provision of work-from-home if required. Apprising us about more salient features of Kellton Tech’s employee policies, Karanjit Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Kellton Tech, India says, “We have recreational section for employees where they can play games and dormitorywhere they can take a power nap and get back to work refreshed. We conduct Health Camps so that our employees can be updated about their health status and seek suitable medical attention. To ensure our employees that they are valuable to us, we host social outings and events for them. We dedicate a day every month to celebrate the birthdays and work anniversaries of our employees. On every festive occasion too, we celebrate the spirit of the day together.”

Kellton Tech’s unique way of handling its management functions motivates the employees to work towards achieving excellence and encourages them to participate in decision making. The management delegates the ownership of projects to the team,and empowers them with the freedom to work things out their own waywhile providing them direction only when and where necessary. Such a policy imbues a deep sense of belongingness in the employees and fills them with a sense of responsibility which drives them to yield and perform more than expectations. One of the key differentiators that drive employee retention is the management’s resilience towards employees’ mistakes and counseling them to avoid making the same again.Such an approach has definitely empowered Kellton Tech to enhance business efficiency.

“Working with us is not about being tasked with a series of projects, but a continuous journey wherein the organization and employee grow together. Our approach is to expand employee role in tandem with the organizational growth, and empower them through continuous training to help them fulfill their ever-deepening responsibilities” says Karanjit Singh.

Apart from Kellton Tech’s outstanding efforts to achieve excellence, its employee centric policies have been helping it significantly in its journey to reach pinnacle of success. The firm has already achieved several milestones till date. Incepted in 2009, Kellton Tech works as a team of over twelve hundred members which has been positioned twice in 50 fastest growing technology companies in India by Deloitte. The firm has received several accolades such as National Awards in IT Excellence and the prestigious Cisco-CNBC Digitizing India Award for its distinguished and innovative services in the business world. Kellton Tech enabled the implementation of mSehat, a unique Mobile based Healthcare initiative to empower and improve the performance of Front Line Workers (ASHAs and ANMs) leveraging Digital Technologies. The mobile app, as declared by World Health Organization, is“currently the largest mHealth implementation in the world.”

Having been recognized as the ‘Emerging IT Company of the Year’ recently, the firm is taking leaps forward to rise as a global leader in the industry. As Karanjit Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Kellton Tech puts it, “We plan to emerge as the topmost global enabler of digital transformation, at the helm of implementing futuristic Internet-of-things, machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) projects. We wish to be a part of shaping the future technological revolutions and drive the global innovation trends, even as we are able to harness the technological power to improve human conditions.”


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