Elements Hr Services: Helping talent and companies convert potential into performance

Elements Hr Services:  Helping talent and companies convert potential into performance

 In early 2000s Amit Kapoor had a vision to build a company which would hold true to its value. In 2004 he fulfilled his dream of converting his vision into reality by creating Elements Hr Services.

EHRS is today a known leading executive search firm and has helped various fortune 500 companies in filling their talent pool, ensuring that they rise to their optimum potential and maintain their level of expertise. EHRS has been excelling in the area of talent acquisition across all industry verticals, be it Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Technology, Human Resource, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Market Research, ITES and many more. The accolades that EHRS has earned are through hard work, dedication and strong networking. As the old saying goes, “Your network is your net worth. None, who has achieved anything great, has done it all alone”.

Consistent hard work combined with qualitative and fast solutions for its clients is what has helped EHRS apprehend its client’s trust and to build a successful customer base across PAN INDIA. They have also set their base in global market. EHRS is now venturing into technology based hiring and multi cultural diversified hiring as well. Kapoor’s vision has always been to simplify complexities in day to day lives like hiring and looking for dream jobs. Reaching to these solutions have taken a lot of deep research and expertise and and the result is  – a one stop solution is SIGNON.

EHRS to launch SIGNON:  A simpler way to hire !

Backed up with 14 plus years of experience in the industry, EHRS will soon be launching SIGNON, a mobile based app in the market. They are looking forward to provide a simplified platform for hiring & also provide a vast number of job opportunities to job seekers.

“Although there are many applications in the market today which provide job opportunities to a person however we would definitely have an edge due to our vast client base & our rich experience to support our platform. We want our app to be distinctively unique and we have done that by including features which will enhance and modify recruitment. One key feature that separates them from all other applications is the ability to record and conduct interviews on the application itself. This enables the candidates to have an interview at his comfort, helps avoid the travel hassles for the job seekers and enhances quicker interactions which help in expediting results. We are proud to finally share our product after extensive research & huge efforts put in by our team experts. The app is all set to be launched next month on Android platform followed by iOS.”, says Amit Kapoor.

HER colleagues is another initiative of EHRS – towards Diversified Hiring:

EHRS has created a unique culture at its workplace. Over the past few years EHRS has hired employees from different backgrounds, cultures & races. They have always preferred to give females of all age groups an opportunity to be a part of the organization. Having a diverse and a well integrated team to be working together for EHRS has been an extremely successful and also a rewarding factor.

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EHRS has now expanded this initiative to its clients as well namely, “HERcolleagues” where they aim to not only reduce the gender gap by hiring more women candidates in other organizations but also to provide work from home opportunities to women, job opportunities to female candidates who have had a gap in their career due to maternity leave or have taken a sabbatical for some reason.

Expressing his keenness, Amit says, “Meanwhile internally we will also focus on catering to different age groups, hiring people with different personalities at various stages of their career, people coming from different cultures & backgrounds & so on, as it will help to foster creativity and will enhance the range of perspectives and ideas. We are excited to bring more opportunities across all levels & verticals and become a company filled with rich and unique culture where everyone is given a chance to bring something new to EHRS.”

EHRS has shown that hard work and persistence is the key to success as they have built from ground zero to where they stand tall and still soaring higher. “You should never stop learning even if you are already doing great at what you do. Even if you are receiving attention for your talent and think that you have already reached your peak, do not be contented at any stage. Constantly look for ways on how you can upgrade your company and enhance the skills of those around you. You want to be persistent, but at the same time, you want to be flexible too. You will feel more comfortable with the success yet you  should aspire to turn your failures into a learning experience which helps the company to move ahead and provide stability in return”. These are the values and parameters that EHRS believes in as it improves and expands forward.  

Business Roadmap Moving Ahead:

Moving ahead EHRS plans to be more involved in social work by helping the community in not only creating jobs but also by bring about equality in the workforce, across all sectors. “We plan to get involved in social events and have more interactions with others who share similar path of our vision”. EHRS is continuously planning to increase the scope of company and plans to increase its workforce by another 100 and also increase its revenue targets by 10 times. With their current progress, the company is looking to expand its offices to Pune and Banglore before the end of 2018 and is also taking a long stride towards operating business in international soils as well.

Vision Moving Forward As We Expand and Build:

“Over the years I have had a lot of aspirations moving forward, on how we can build and expand our reach while being effective in the market. We are very excited about the future of our company and the projects that we currently have & will put in place. We have been working on SignOn and HERcolleagues for few years now and after implementing our thorough understanding & research of the market dynamics we are elated to present them with the sole aim to simplify job hiring process and also expand on a culture that has brought us continued success”, says the MD. EHRS has grown immensely over the years and so has everyone that has been a part of this organization. Everyone here has been working diligently to bring positive results and has helped the company prosper. “As I reflect back all I can say is- dreaming is one of humanity’s greatest gifts. It brings aspirations, spurs innovation, leads to changes and propels us forward. My dream as an entrepreneur is to be able to solve the biggest challenges existing for Human Resource and my personal dream is to be able to travel into space, opening the doors for others to do so along the way ”says Amit with beaming eyes.


EHRS has been recognized by its partners for their resilient efforts in meeting up with the expectations. A recipient of multiple awards & recognition from various leading companies in the industry, EHRS has many awards and accolade to add to its glory. “It is always a pleasure to get recognized for our continuous efforts & excellence achieved in recruitment industry.  We hope to receive more such awards and recognitions as we try to build the future and reach the heights that I know we are capable of”, as Amit signs off.


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