Efftronics: A frontrunner instilling innovation with its Smart Solutions for Indian cosmos since 1985


Efftronics: A frontrunner instilling innovation with its Smart Solutions for Indian cosmos since 1985

Who would have thought that what came as an inkling in Dasari Ramakrishna’s mind back in 1985 would lay the groundwork for innovation that was about to upgrade the Indian business spectrum. Home to an inquiring mind, Mr. Ramakrishna’s quest has always driven him to dry run over many things.  His philosophy to deliver value, which is defined as total benefits divided by Cost of Ownership, led to many innovative ideas. After completing his M.Tech in IIT Chennai, Mr. Ramakrishna laid the foundation of Efftronics with his two friends to create solutions that would add value to the users. The approach was to give shape to his dream of establishing a company with products and solutions backed by strong R&D, created for Indian customers and suitable for Indian conditions. Mr. Ramakrishna’s leadership and company’s expertise to innovate on a sustainable basis has been nurturing the endeavor of Efftronics since its conceptualization. Backed by strong Research & Development, Efftronics has been successfully surfing its voyage while adding more stars to its sky.

Efftronics Systems Pvt Ltd is now positioned as one of the End-to-End smart solutions Company in India reckoned for deploying Made-in-India products and solutions for Indian Railways, Smart signaling, Smart cities, smart buildings and other IoT domains. Till date, Efftronics has innovated 70+ products and solutions for various segments. Being a supplier to Indian Railways who needs unique systems, the philosophy and approach were to make industrial quality products.  An integral and trusted partner to Indian Railways, Efftronics has always focused on its proactive approach by delving into their obstacles and creating sui generis POCs and constantly improving the product and upgrading their systems.  After harvesting their confidence, Efftronics scaled up its product range. In-fact, Efftronics now holds unique distinction of deploying one of India’s largest IoT network for Indian Railways connecting more than 60 lakh signaling elements across 9000 locations. The solution has tremendously improved overall asset availability through predictive maintenance, safety, timeliness of operations and discipline amongst railway staff.

Refining its prowess at every step, the company has been kept a close watch on its nationwide network of support teams boosted. Efftronics have adopted the strategy of having on board selective institutions/customers that have a flair for quality made-in-India/made-for-India products/solutions. To others, the organization endeavors to enhance awareness of the technologies in the market, so that the customer has the option to choose from.

To provide insight for enhancing wealth

“Our Vision is to develop Products & Solutions to the Customers which provide truthful information that can optimize & improve the Business Process. The Customers can take knowledgeable decisions towards Enhancing Wealth.”

Efftronics IoT Approach

Efftronics IoT Approach

Leading as a pioneer

Efftronics has its roots from the diligence of making products that are fail-safe. Organization’s Quality policy adds an extra layer over IT products /services to exceed customer expectations in their functionality, usability, reliability, performance, adaptability, and supportability and to continually improve for business performance and to achieve market leadership. When extended to all its other verticals like smart lighting, smart building, smart cities and IoT, the yardstick remained the same.

  • 30+ Years of product expertise
  • 100+ R&D Engineers
  • 50+ Innovation Smart Solutions
  • 10+ Years of product life
  • Partnered with Indian Railways for Product Developments
  • In-house manufacturing facility with 100+ staff
  • 50000 sq. ft. Facility for various activities
  • 100+ Engineers in Research & Development (R&D) recognized by DSIR(Govt. of India) 

Leading as a pioneer

Efftronics Capabilities

Efftronics Capabilities

Key Solution Areas:

Key Solution Areas

Expansion Binge

With its roots at Vijayawada (Amaravati), AP, Efftronics has established its experience centres at Hyderabad, Gurgaon with Bangalore centre in line. The organization delivers state-of-the-art solutions to Indian Railways (Data Loggers located at 7500 rail stations and other solutions), Power Mech (customized lighting), Kamineni Hospitals (customized lighting), Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (Water SCADA, live monitoring of water supply), Govt Of Telangana (smart display boards, VMS), NHAI appointed agencies (highway lighting), Hotel Gateway, Dr Ramesh Hospital, ITC, Amar raja batteries and many more. Efftronics’ customer base has been built purely by demonstration and goodwill earned over years for providing effective and smart solutions to various customers.

The Chronoscope

1985 – Introduced first time in Asia, the LED-based single color display board and then the Color board a year later

1987 – First stand-alone embedded Homeo Computer made

1989- Fully automated Time Attendance System developed

1991 – Fuel filling automation system developed for BPCL

1993 – Digital display board for train arrival/departure at Indian railways

1994 – Signaling Data Logger for Indian Railways

1995 – Developed RTU for Indian Railways

1996 – RDSO approved Signaling Data Logger

1998 – Exported TV games show for FREMANTLE

1999 – Token display system for railway reservation system

2002 – Battery monitoring system for Malaysian Telecom

2004 – Point Machine Health Monitoring Unit for Indian Railways developed

2005 – Traffic Light Controller with LED signal lamps developed for Police

2007 – RDSO approved Integrated Passenger Information Display system

2009 – Developed Electrical Energy Information system

2012 – Developed Variable Message System for Transportation

2015 – Installation of products in Bangla Desh

2016 – Reorganization of Efftronics into 4 major verticals

2017 – Recognized with CIO Choice Award

Awards & Accolades

  • Cited as a representative vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Smart Lighting 2016
  • Cited as one of 20 most recommended solution providers for Smart cities by CIO Insider Magazine 2018
  • Recognized with CIO Choice 2017 award which is democratically chosen by more than 400 CIOs and CTOs from Indian Industry
  • Member of KNX Alliance (Smart Buildings)

Futuristic approach

Since its inception, Efftronics has been constantly researching into value identification, creation and delivery in every vertical it operates. Infused with innovation and technology, extensive work is in progress in all fields;

  • Smart Signalling – To reduce travel times (by rail) cutting down on wasted times en route.
  • Smart Cities – To provide 24×7 potable drinking water to citizens through smart water management, Optimizing the resources to achieve and to reduce travel time on roads by using intelligent transportation system solutions etc.
  • Smart Buildings – Working on the concept of Smart Living – where uberization is being planned for homes, shared resources, smaller apartments with the luxury of large apartments, food-on-order, and other smart solutions
  • IoT – To transform existing industries into Smart Industries through IoT solutions through digitalization and to develop digital twins for higher value

Leader’s Periscope

Dasari Ramakrishna

Mr. Ramakrishna’s milestones are set at reaching global standards through indigenous R&D. To that extent, he likes to get best advice and direction, which led to becoming a member of Gartner’s. The Company spends a sizeable amount on training and enriching knowledge of teams, which is a richer dividend than any materialistic giveaway. His outlook has been to contribute to society in the best way he could. Once, while traveling, he came across the video of Al Gore called, “the inconvenient truth” that disturbed him deep down. His resolve to do “his bit” led him to replaced old computer screens with 150 LED screens, at a whopping cost. In a bid to do “his best” he took steps to control power wastage in Company. Mr. Ramakrishna currently chairs as a Council member in many Institutions, colleges, and CII, giving them a vision over technology and career. Under his acumen, Efftronics offers training space to Krishna University to run MSc ( ) classes which are completely taken care of by the Company.


  • Awarded “ENGINEER OF the YEAR 1995” by Government of Andhra Pradesh and IEI (Institute of Engineers
  • Crowned as “OUTSTANDING SMALL SCALE ENTREPRENEUR, 1997-98” by Krishna District
  • Recognized “BEST ENTREPRENEUR”, by JRD TATA Association in 2006
  • Proud Achiever of “BEST SME”, by ANDHRA BANK in 2007 and by INDUSTRIAL ESTATE in 2009

Learning of life

“I have a dream…” were the famous words of Martin Luther King. “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue”, were famous words of Walt Disney. Learning is a continuous process. Learning and adapting to newer developments is a key to survival in the digital world, says Mr. Ramakrishna. He stands as a motivator who engages himself in training on newer technologies and keeps abreast of changing scene of the world. Furthermore, Mr. Ramakrishna envisions establishing Efftronics into an organization that serves to continuously improve living, adapting technology for the betterment of life, conserving the natural resources.

A piece of note for the young Turks of today

  • Attain in-depth domain knowledge in the chosen field
  • Have original ideas and identify true value through design thinking and analytics
  • Explore and build competencies around latest and futuristic technologies
  • Keep in mind and follow value creation and value delivery path
  • Data-driven decisions are the keys to success and efficacy. Look everything inters of it.

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