DIN Engineering Services: Providing world class engineering drawing services to becoming world’s #1 Solar Design Back-Office

DIN Engineering Services: Providing world class engineering drawing services to becoming world’s #1 Solar Design Back-Office

Being a country of almost 1.4 billion people, India has tremendous potential to grow by means of fulfilling its infrastructural needs. This sector has witnessed many companies in recent past which have contributed immensely to infrastructure through their far sighted designing services. They are famous for their outstanding services not only in India but in offshore countries too. DIN Engineering Services is one such company which has carved a niche for itself in this domain. The company is a leading Engineering services provider since 1999.

The company has team strength of over 500 skilled employees who have executed thousands of projects spread across U.S, EU and APAC countries. DIN is dedicated to offer services for large scale CAD projects including CAD data conversion, CAD drafting, Customized Application Development, GIS Mapping, Automated Mapping (AM), Facility Mapping (FM) and Remote Sensing Services to customers worldwide. The company is committed to provide cost effective solutions and quality service in quick time. The strength of the company lies in vast international experience and understanding of domain specific requirements.  This NOIDA based company has representative offices in US and Europe.

DIN Engineering Services is known in US and European markets because of its experience and track record to deliver high quality with lower cost of production, higher rates of innovation, fast scale access to new markets & opportunities and lower cost & risk in expansion which results in high revenue and profits to its customers. Global exposure and matured processes keep the company up to date with the best CAD drafting and designing practices and the industry trends. It has a strong approach on building a dynamic environment towards employee development. The company works on the principle of building people first before building the business. Its motivated employees align with the customer’s goals and deliver exactly what is required.

DIN Engineering Services serves niche industry verticals like renewable energyand telecommunications. The forte of the company lies in domains like Solar PV design and permitting, wired and wireless communication network planning and designing and under floor heating and cooling CAD design services. Its designers are in line with region specific standards and guideline. It partners with installers, manufacturers, contractors and design firms to bring in energy efficiency on design and engineering drawings. The industry is rapidly evolving with robust technological advancements and that makes it a great place with tremendous opportunities. Renewable energy in particular is a vertical that still has to reach its peak and with the world moving fast towards this sector, it shows a lot of promise in the years to come. DIN Engineering Services is excited to be at the forefront working with the leading companies and helping them to reduce their turnaround time in a cost efficient manner. To further strengthen its position in the industry and to live up to the challenges it has developed matured processes which are in sync with client’s expectations.

Differentiating Factors

The company is constantly evolving with its processes and adapting new tools and technologies to stay ahead of the competition. The easy and smooth adaptability to the change allows it to create quality drawings in multiple design environments and on any third party tool. After years of experience on and understanding client’s challenges, it has developed matured processes which are in sync with client’s expectations. Its SLA performance is calculated on a balanced scorecard approach with factoring in quality and on-time delivery. It regularly shares the quality scorecard that includes Pareto analysis, Trendlines and Heatmaps to ensure continuous improvement. Its dedicated and skilled workforce of more than 500 makes sure to deliver high quality projects with a 24/7 working environment.

Huge base of Clientele

The company has a big pool of over 500 clients acquired over two decades. It has been a part of their growth and success which has earned the company multitude of repeated clients. The clients are primarily from United States and Europe. Its key customers are among top Solar Installers in U.S., EPCs, Engineering Design Firms and FTTH network planning companies

Skilled Employees

Maintaining high Quality Standards

Its focus on client satisfaction inspires the company to maintain topnotch quality standards in executing engineering design assignments. The contribution of unsurpassed quality has elevated it to the pinnacle of success and made it a reckoned name in the market as an offshore service provider.DIN Engineering Services is now the world’s no. 1 Solar Design Back-Office. Right from initiating the design to the completion of drawings and details, it adheres to the standards recommended by ISO, ISMS and strictly implements QMS (quality management systems). Not only does it implement the ISO standards, but also make sure to execute the best practices prevalent in the industry.

Major Milestones

The company was rated amongst Best Engineering Services Companies by various publications including CIO Review, CEO Insights etc. The company had been participating in international trade shows like Solar Power International (SPI). The company rebranded itself to DIN Engineering Services LLP in the year 2016 and started operations from Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ). It also started a new world class facility in SEZ with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It recently touched headcount mark of more than 500 highly skilled Engineers.


DIN Engineering Services is always looking to expand into other related verticals and at the same time strengthening the existing services. The company has set up a process where there is a seamless knowledge transfer among the team members and training is provided at regular intervals. It helps employees to stay knowledge competitive. Both the knowledge transfer program and training are aimed at embracing the new technologies, best practices and methodologies. The leadership of the company keeps participating in global events to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry.


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