Digicomm Semiconductor: Bringing a plethora of futuristic Semiconductor Solutions


Digicomm Semiconductor: Bringing a plethora of futuristic Semiconductor Solutions

Digicomm Semiconductor is a burgeoning and exponentially growing enterprise in the domain of designing service for its clients of various technological backgrounds. The company has carved a niche for its technical expertise in multifarious domain of semiconductor such as Automobiles, Wireless and IoT to name a few. It stands statuesque among its peers owing to its innovative approach and excellence in this domain. Digicomm Semiconductor, a brainchild of Mr. Saurabh Dhingra, despite being a young semiconductor solutions provider has positioned itself as a preferred service provider owing to its experienced and dedicated team work. The company has become an epitome of excellence with perfection in a very less span of time. It is expanding by leaps and bounds with sheer hard work of its team. This has led the company to mounting heights.  It is a team of young and dynamic techpreneurs who are enthused with a will to bring laurels for the team and the company. Although, the company is fully aware of the growing competition in the Semiconductor market yet the company stands apart from its peers in this domain owing to its exclusive combination of research and development consultancy to Semiconductor Vendors. It has an upper hand for being a competent provider of services to its clientele.

The company has a deep understanding of future market. It has predicted that more than half of the technical industry will be engrossed in semiconductor industry in ten years as there is lot of data computing, artificial intelligence and higher end IoT taking place in the market. This draws attention for the need of a very swift speed of data processing and this is possible only through silicon power. The company gives prominence to the business of clients by providing its skilled & professional services to tack on SOC (System on a Chip) development life cycles. Digicomm is committed to flesh out and take precedence in cutting edge technology along with a time driven methodology. It is devoted to its clients for swift delivery of their end products. The company wants itself to be remembered by its clients as superlative consultants in SOC design by virtue of its ingeniousness and motivation towards success. It is working with a goal to become the best in the segment of services that it provides. It aims to provide superior quality along with technical deftness to its customers with a focus towards customer satisfaction. The company provides its numerous services such as Data Converter, Power Management, Full Chip design, VCO & Amplifiers, SRAM & DRAM Custom layout design in the segment of Custom Layout. Apart from this, it has time-tested expertise in providing full support to Synthesis Team for achieving a high quality netlist. Moreover, it identifies various STA modes required for covering complete functionality and testing of SOC. Embedded Development. The company provides outstanding Embedded Development Products such as FPGA based products, DSP based products, GPS & GPRS based product, IoT product and Android & Web based products to name a few.

Differential Factors

Company plans to make its mark in the industry with the help of its specific technical skill and lot of seasoned engineers who holds end to end expertise in this domain. It is a trailblazer in the segment of Frontend verification for providing multi-pronged services such as Verification of Core Processor, Development of module-level verification environment that is portable to chip level, Development of reusable verification environment at module and chip level, RTL Coding & Simulation, Developing Micro Architecture Document, Automation at module and system level to reduce manual effort, Reuse of embedded assertions to achieve maximum coverage.  Apart from this, it is having large resource pool with domain expertise in various standards, protocols and embedded processors. The company is having a remarkable expertise in Physical designing in which it delivers its services in various forms such as successful project planning, Floor-planning, Library and hard macro sanity check, CTS with clustering the root cells for better insertion delay and skew reduction, Hand-made routing on special nets based on requirement, complete sign off checks including IR drop analysis, DRC/LVS, EM, Timing, LEC to have a successful first pass silicon.

The company undertakes the turnkey designs from its client and provides skilled services in time.

Milestones and Accolades

Since the inception of Digicomm in the year 2012, it has added many feathers on its cap. In the year 2014, it had fifty bright engineers in its team. The company started Layout in the year 2015. In the year 2016, it delved in to the segment of Front end designing with a workforce of more than hundred Engineers.

Introduction to the Founder

Mr. Saurabh Dhingra is an erudite person who has been actively pursuing the path of excellence and brilliance in Semiconductor domain for many years. Setting an eye on the future, he is destined to be among the top leaders of burgeoning India. He has all the instinct of an emerging leader who leads from the front. He is a man of letters and man of action who gives credit for all the success to his employees and shoulders the failures (if any) on him.

The company aims to become a global leader in design services by catering all segments of VLSI and semiconductor design cycle. The company is developing higher end skills required to cope with market needs and requirements. It is also investing heavily in getting skilled into Automobiles, storage and wireless. The company sees huge potential and demand as everything is moving to higher end computation which needs lot of skilled expertise and company is ready to take maximum share of in the given time and market.

Words of Wisdom

The key to become a topmost leader is excellence, expertise and competency of team members in any domain of service.


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