credativ India pioneers Open Source Consultancy and Services in India and thrives as the front runner in the Space

credativ India pioneers Open Source Consultancy and Services in India and thrives as the front runner in the Space

We inhabit a digital age, which has been witnessing extreme disruption caused by breakneck emergence of advancing technologies and their adoption in traditional business models. To sustain and obtain competitive advantage in such a disorganized business environment, organizations, today, have become more pro towards building businesses on software centric model; they are likely to keep themselves abreast of latest trends and advancements in technology, which play a critical role in formulating business strategies today. Organizations, in this digital era, are aware of the key role played by the adoption of innovative and agile technologies in winning the marketplace and lead the industry landscape. As the wave of software centrism drives the accelerated economic growth across the globe, more and more organizations have realized the boundless significance of Open Source Platforms in enabling transformation and innovation in businesses. In the recent years, Open source technologies have been increasingly employed by enterprises to redefine their strategic IT goals and for software development at significantly reduced costs. Furthermore, global IT leaders have also been contributing towards open source development regarding it to be the future of IT. However, this platform brings in several concerns with it that makes its management very difficult and requires extensive dexterity.

credativ India is an arm of credativ; a pioneering organization which has proved its leadership in the global arena of consultancy services for open source implementation. With a large team of expert professionals spread across Asia, Europe and America, the firm has obtained a strong foothold in the global market by providing independent consulting, services and support for implementation of free and open source enterprise applications such as ERP, Business Intelligence, database solutions and VOIP solutions. The firm has its headquarters in Mönchengladbach (Germany) and operates from centers in India, Germany, the US and the Netherlands.

In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Anudweipayan Bhattacharjee, Projects Head, credativ India, shares, “Empowered with a grand team of specialists, credativ India offers a vast knowledge base that can be tapped into at any time by our clients. We are front runners in the provision of services for free software. We provide and manage operations of open source software in business applications and our comprehensive range of services includes strategic consulting, configuring and customizing to client’s requirements, accompanied with personalized support available 24 hours a day. We are deeply involved with various leading open source communities and are associated with contribution towards free software worldwide. We have experience in both large scale and niche implementations and our customers range from SMEs to large enterprises and organizations in the public sector and government sector. Our expertise spanning a whole spectrum of open source software coupled with our extensive presence across the globe qualifies us to be your single point of contact for all your open source needs.” The company has been acknowledged internationally for its specialized development and experienced deployment of Free Software. The credativ India’s team is involved in many free software projects, including the Debian operating system, PostgreSQL, OpenERP, the KDE desktop, OpenOffice and Odoo among others.

One Stop Shop

credativ’s expert team of open source consultants endeavors to penetrate through the client organization’s individual and unique requirements to deliver a thorough analysis of its systems and evaluates all potential Open Source software solutions from an independent standpoint. The team strives to implement the best solutions in the most effective way towards creating a robust and sustainable IT infrastructure for the organization.  The firm’s areas of expertise include:

  • ERP Implementation
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Database performance analysis and optimization
  • Managing heterogeneous networks, including Windows consultancy
  • Migration
  • Custom software packaging
  • Security auditing and monitoring
  • Operating system customization 

Partnership with Odoo –Open source ERP and CRM solutions

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credativ India carries a certified partnership with Odoo, an open source of enterprise management applications. Odoo is a single package that serves as a boon to small as well as large scale businesses across the globe. It is all-in-one management software that envelops the complete range of business applications integrating CRM, Website/e-Commerce, billing, accounting, human resource, manufacturing, warehouse- and project management, and inventory that are essentially required to manage an enterprise. A huge active global community, Odoo has helped more than two million users grow their business. credativ India as a ready partner enables Odoo’s support for users across a variety of distributions and platforms. Speaking about credativ’s capabilities as an Odoo partner, Anudweipayan Bhattacharjee shares, “We have worked as a partner with our customers to implement their business processes and customize the system to meet the exact needs of their business. credativ has one of the largest dedicated open source support team in the world, with the capability to offer up to 24×7 coverage for any Odoo installation and the support covers all of the supported distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SuSE, openSuSE, CentOS, Xandros, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and more.” The firm’s transformative ERP solutions have redefined the tenets of traditional ERP systems covering a highly modular framework that simplifies processes and enables a great user experience while reducing total cost of ownership with a great margin.

Success Mantra

The firm’s consultancy team has been helping clients design, integrate and optimize free software for their businesses since 1999. The firm started its operations in India in July 2011 and it is not only the first in the segment but also the only such firm in the Indian market at present.  As the provider of end to end services for open source implementation, its distinctive services allow it to enjoy supremacy at such a technically vying business environment.

Speaking about the key factors that enable credativ India to lead the market, Anudweipayan Bhattacharjee says, “Over a decade, we have raised the bar in enabling open source adoption. We boast cutting-edge technologies and highly trained professionals that help organizations manage an open source framework, while ensuring enhanced functionality, security, and efficiency. Our consultancy teams possess in-depth knowledge of free software and strong development and project management skills to help you select and implement the best open source solutions to enhance your business. At credativ India, we are passionate about helping businesses to exploit the benefits of open source software. Our clients benefit from the flexibility and cost savings associated with opting for an open source solution. Backed by a large international team of experts in free software, including consultants, project managers and business analysts, we support clients in all sectors and across many different environments. The diversity of our people and their capabilities allow us to implement, develop, and support an extensive range of technologies; whatever your business infrastructure needs, credativ India is able to provide comprehensive support and services at the highest technical level. We are the most comprehensive service providers in the industry – whether you need assistance in global migrations, administration of servers or help making smaller changes, we can handle it all. We support all major projects and Linux distributions and offer a full range of services including consultancy, technical advice, qualified training and personalized support.”

Key Milestones

  • Launched Linux Government Desktop in 2004
  • Partnership with Open Logic and Black Duck in 2010
  • Partnership with OpenERP in 2012
  • Partnership with Microsoft for Debian GNU/Linux as an endorsed distribution in the Azure Marketplace in 2015
  • Collaboration with Enterprise DB in 2016

Road Ahead

Having strided into an uncharted territory, credativ India endeavors to explore how Open Source platforms can be utilized in the most creative, lucrative and secure ways, towards initiating transformation across  the global business landscape. The company’s diligent efforts have led to the achievement of significant milestones and empowered it to lead the segment across Europe and America. The firm is now actively following a robust plan to obtain a firm footing in ASEAN market as a leading provider of Open Source Consulting and Services by 2022. As Open source has been accepted as the future of technology, credativ India ardently believes that its pioneering experience and expertise in the domain will definitely assist its clients with the adoption and correct usage of open source.


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