Constructing a gateway for businesses’ growth powered by its futuristic research intelligence: Tache Market Research

Constructing a gateway for businesses’ growth powered by its futuristic research intelligence: Tache Market Research

A Delhi-based market research company, Tache Technologies Pvt Ltd  was co-founded by Piyush Varshi (Director) and Chandni Garg(Managing Director) with the idea to bring reliability and  transparency in the Market Research Industry. They came with the idea of Tache early in 2012 in their college days and got it registered by 2014.

When they entered the industry there were already many players present so the question in the minds was “ How not to be one more Primary Research company?”. Their desire was  to become one in its class brings ahead of many market research companies, making stand in the first line of such service provider organizations. Tache mobile App and dashboard help us fulfil that ambition. For a startup to have such a desire was itself looks like a far fetch dream but as the directors Chandni Garg says “It’s not the number which matters, I believe, small team can also deliver best results”.

What is commendable about Tache Technologies is the exponential rate at which it has grown after the launch of  App and dashboard, the company made the revenue rate increased by 1000%(yes you read it right it’s One Thousand %) in next year.

With the App they practically brought everything on record. Their App has features from 3 step Quality check of Auditors to live tracking, recordings, live audits, audio and video proofs which collectively made a huge difference over others.It gives the most appropriate inputs of primary data resulting in better insights, hence leading to better planning and management. In the upcoming days the company is planning to give this power to the end client so that they can also have everything verified at their end.

With introduction of Start-up Programmes and Policies by the government, Tache is keeping an eye on huge potential and requirements of startups. “Now scenario has changed, from early funding stage to expansion, the approach to competitors analysis and other insights requirements has changed completely. The requirement is more in-depth.” says Piyush Varshi Director, Tache Technologies.

Having Head Office in New Delhi, company plans to expand its branch offices in other parts in coming years.

Tache has been successful in gaining Investors trust and is hopeful to bag investment for its expansion in next few months.

With time Tache has achieved milestones and have many more targets set for upcoming years. Launching of Mobile App was definitely one of the biggest milestone for the company. The company became Member of a reputed market research organization Insights Association. With its membership Tache confirms of following all industry and code if standards set for the industry. ISO 9001:2015 Certification also leaves no room to compromise of quality and to enhance the parameter standards.

In today’s competitive universe completion off approx 4 Yrs is itself considered an achievement. Rise in revenues and happy clients add value.

The Company plans to expand its field team and also to provide its clients more power to understand and analyze the quality checks and field progress. Various new projects are in pipeline which aims at adding values to existing mobile app. The company aims at launching the updates in couple of months.

With its PAN India and Nepal team, the company relies heavily on technology for its inputs. There are still many parts of the country where internet speed is still a challenge which makes an impact on fieldwork. The R&D team aims at finding the best solutions for the problems and to become a one stop solution for PAN India fieldwork .


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