Biotech systems, Celebrating second successful year as a solution provider for biotechnology and life sciences research needs

Biotech systems, Celebrating second successful year as a solution provider for biotechnology and life sciences research needs

Biotech Systems is a Mumbai based company providing pioneering solutions to scientific community including researchers and clinicians in various fields of Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Pharma and Healthcare. Biotech Systems is not just conceits itself as a supplier   of microscopes but as a completed solution provider from a basic to modern high end research and imaging needs  in associations with world leading manufacturers including peripheral items like rescan confocal and laser  free confocal attachments etc. to existing microscopes which is an integral parts of modern high end imaging systems.

The CEO Magazine, in an interview with M. M. Naseeb – Founder and CEO of BIOTECH SYSTEMS

Here is the edited excerpt:

“We are trying to redefine biotechnology, life science research and diagnostics in India so as to provide our valued clientele with solutions for all their biotechnology to life sciences research needs.”M. M. Naseeb, Founder and CEO, Biotech Systems Thinking and dreaming big to become a successful entrepreneur can be daunting. One must deal with his/her fair share of struggles and tussles. On this topsy-turvy way, only a few dared to take the plunge and tasted success.

            The success stories of such entrepreneurs are chronicled with their hardships and struggles. When Mr. M. M. Naseeb started, he was not sure where he would end up. But his entrepreneurial stint wanted to sprout; made a beginning and follow it through to the end. Today he brewed up as a one-man company stands neck to   neck with competition even though a second year old but steadily and on the right path of growth.

            Biotech Systems is a company  with a family of channel partners and experts specialized in the arena of renownedbio – supplier especially microscopes, its accessories and systems surrounded to microscopy.

            From a small business to steadily and on the right path to become a contemporary business group and has a vision as “the company of choice” in the market progressively in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector.

The organization has been a part of several global manufacturers as an undisputed distributer for:

M/s. Optika S.R.L Italy: The manufacturers of world class Routine, Educational, Research, Metallurgical Microscopes, Camera, Software, Weighing Balances, Refractometers and Polarimeters.

            M/s. SANE Asia Singapore: the Competence Centre for cutting edge and innovative imaging research solutions from Europe. Together with their knowledgeable team is dedicated to support customers in the field of unique, high-end microscopy solutions like Light-sheet Systems, High-Resolution Confocal setups, High Content Screening Platforms and Big Data Solutions for Laboratories.

            M/s. Aurox Ltd. UK:  For Clarity LFC Spinning Disc Confocal Microscope.

            M/s. Peakii Instruments Inc. USA: For wide range of Spectrophotometers all kinds of spectrophotometers like UV, visible, single beam, double beam, adjustable slit, xenon and big capacitive touch screen with high resolution (1024*600) and high sensitivity.

            M/s. Media Cybernetics USA: For Image Analysis Software’s including  21 CFR Part

            M/s. Genome Diagnostics: For molecular diagnostic kits like PCR, RT-PCR, HIV, TB Gene Expression Kit etc.

            “It’s been a wonderful journey for me to be a part of the manufacturer’s desk across the globe, full of challenges; getting from where you are to where you want to be is tough. You must be acutely aware of the choices you make each day. I’m enjoying this journey.” stated Mr. M. M. Naseeb, Founder and CEO of BIOTECH SYSTEMS.

            We continuously absorb new ideas, promote product quality and improve our service in accordance  with the concept of Innovation, quality and service. We have steady growth and good reputation in Universities, Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Labora-tories, Pharma Organizations.

            With the above purpose in mind – Biotech Systems has been focusing on marketing the right way for the right product in the right market segment. Having a plan multitude of product ranges from its valued principals, we believe a lot goes into making the right Positioning Strategy.


As a team of highly qualified people and channel partners consisting of dedicated and scientifically skilled sales, service, technical and application support force at different regions in Pune and Ahmedabad to accomplish complete satisfaction to our valued customers to avail efficient technology transfer and make sure to provide excellent products, good prices and efficient service for our valued customers driven by innovation and joint efforts of all staff.


At Biotech Systems, we try to maintain a balance between operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy to enhance our value proposition. With customer as our focus, we are trying to redefine biotechnology, life science research  and diagnostics in India so as to provide our clientele with solutions   for all their biotechnology to life sciences research needs.

Company Strategy

Core values: We believe in treating  our customers with respect and faith.

            We grow through better planning and new strategic innovation in sales.

            We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Goals: Regional expansion as a distributor in the field of biotechnology and life sciences and develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the technical sales and after sales support. To build good reputation as distributor and become a key player  in the industry has been our an important goal.

Service: To our valued customers, we provide application, technical, supply and after sales support to our range of products with the right market search and superior product knowledge.

List of Accolades

  • Inverted Fluorescence Microscope with Camera and Software and Binocular Microscope at Advance Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer
  • Inverted Microscope at Indian Institute of Technology
  • Fluorescence Microscope with Camera and Software at Asian Paints Ltd.
  • Microscope with Camera and Software at Alpha Laboratories Ltd.
  • Microscopes at University of Pune
  • Microscope with Tablet at National Institute of Research in Reproductive Health
  • Microscopes at KEM Hospital and Seth GS Medical College
  • Microscopes at BYL Nair Dental College and Hospital

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