Bringing Future-ready Outsourcing Services with the help of its Extended Family: Thinktel Solutions


Bringing Future-ready Outsourcing Services with the help of its Extended Family: Thinktel Solutions

By: Vikas Jha

What are the traits of a working place which entices many prospective employees to prefer the place over several other such work places?How does it get entitled to feature in a list of coveted employers those are positioned as the best places to work? The answer lies in many factors a few of which include; that place should have an ambience where employees are treated as family members, it should be a setupproviding freedom to employees, should be an  enterpriserecognizing efforts of employees publicly and rewarding them time to time for their exceptional work etc.Thinktel Solutions is one such company which has been treating its employees as family members since its inception. This sense of being a family member engenders an ardour of ownership among its employees. The sense of ownership invigorates every employee with zeal to bring forward their best effort.  Their efforts have fructified tremendously by bringing recognition for the company in the field of outsourcing.Outsourcing is a word which has become the guiding soul for many leading industries. One among those very industries is BPS (Business Process services). This is a platform which works with multi-pronged levels. What are the traits of an ideal BPS? First of all, it should be pro-active in handling customer queries. Its team members should stay updated with the latest trends and the changes in the behavior of customers’ needs. It should be viable to achieve cost reductions while improving service quality and focusing on core business capabilities. Thinktel Solutions has positioned itself among those few companies which have been unleashing the best Business Process Service practices throughout India for almost a decade.

Spearheaded by a vigorous and visionary leadership under Mr Kaushik Biswas(Managing Director) and Souvik Biswas (Director), Thinktel Solutions was established in the year 2009. Regaling its clients in sectors such asNGO’s,Telecom, Banking ,Transaction-Processing and Hospitality , it has maintained its reliability and trust by its endeavour to serve excellent services. The company with its world class services has become an epitome of excellence. It also expertises in partnering few of the largest chains of fund raising companies working for the various social cause of the society. Providing exemplary outsourcing services to its clients in eastern parts of India, ithas made its presence felt in South as well where it is catering to some of the mega cities of India such as Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad and in the west Thinktel Solutions India is widely present too by providing its services in the business capital of India i.e, Mumbai and its neighbor Pune. It is looking for new market avenues in the Middle-East countries. This Kolkata based company boasts ofhaving more than half a thousand employees who are treated like family members, as already mentioned, by its top management. Company has shown time-tested capabilities in data businesses. Its outsourcing model with a methodized client-engagement and delivery framework provides it the robustnessrequired. It maintains the quality of its services by a team of Auditors and Quality Analysts. Any inconsistency in trendsand business is identified by Quality Assurance team. Improvements beyond the standards are checked by Quality Control team.

Thinktel offers fully-integrated customer centric services to a few industries which include NGO’s, Telecom, Banks/Financial Services, Transaction Processing services,Insurance and Hospitality through Inbound and Outbound process. Some of its services include Fund raising, Campaign Management, Credit & Collections, Financial Investigations, transaction processing management etc. The aptness of Thinktel Solutions in Cost containment, speed and accuracy makes it a hot favourite among its clients for managing Business Process Services.

Differential Factors

 The company allows its workforce the time and space required to complete their other personal commitments. In a candid chat with our Senior Editor Mr Abhishek Dubey, the MD of Thinktel Solutions Mr Kaushik Biswas and Mr Souvik Biswas (Director) said that there is no set time limit for their employees because they are like family members. Biswas Duos iterated in unison that family members don’t need basic permissions. These words can be epitomized as golden words which sounds music to a working person. What else do an employee look for. The foremost trait that a person seeks for in his or her prospective employer is flexibility. Thinktel proves its flexibility by the above mentioned words. Mr.Kaushik Biswas added further that every employee sets his or her work commitments according to the work needs and works accordingly to achieve his or her target. If one achieves ones target then he or she is rewarded by the company accordingly. But there is no pressure exerted or target given by the company. Every Employee is a boss here.

The company arranges many social outings from time to time in order to provide recreation for its employees. It celebrates birthdays of employees, organizes various kinds of sports activities to rejuvenate them from the monotonous lifestyle. It sends many employees to attend different kinds of workshops which prove helpful for those employees who hesitate or have a stage-fear. Apart from this, they attend numerous seminars across world which enhances the personality of employees.

Words of wisdom

If employees are given a sense of ownership then they don’t hesitate to put their best efforts forward in order to lead their company from the front.


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