Posiflex Technologies is deserting the aeon of cash registers with its POS prowess deftness

Posiflex Technologies is deserting the aeon of cash registers with its POS prowess deftness

It was their reign before. Big cash registers were the only accessories adorning cash counters of shops. Today, these ancient rulers of the shop’s world have become obsolete with businesses transforming themselves to help manage inventory more efficiently. With the retail spectrum growing, complexities are docking in. As a result, many retail businesses lose hundreds to thousands, or even millions of bucks each year due to inventory mismanagement. This is where POS Management Systems made their breakthrough to tackle on money leakages and a control over transactions and inventory itself. To further disrupt the industry with technological advancements, Posiflex Technologies came to light in 1984. Today, adorned with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities and a global experience of over 3 decades, Posiflex has set up its expertise in offering Automation solutions in Point of Sales, Industrial Automation, Warehouse Management and Kiosk across international horizons.

Harnessing Technology in the spectrum

Today, POSIFLEX is marketed worldwide as one of the leading brands in the industry acknowledged for Quality & Commitment and has established subsidiaries and offices across geographies (e.g., the United States, Germany, Japan, India, China, Singapore, and Malaysia) to provide local and prompt services. POSIFLEX’s journey ventured out through the channel of designing and manufacturing PC and peripheral OEM/ODM products. The transformation waved in 1991 with a commitment towards professional design and production of point of sale (POS) management systems and peripheral products. Further, in 1996, the brand started marketing OEM products on the global forefront. The organization siphoned its expertise in India in 2001. Un-compromised product quality and assured after sales services to its customers, has helped Posiflex to grow its market share to over 60% in India.  Taking pride in greater performance, diversity, and innovation, Posiflex has been honored with 30 Patents and the RED DOT Award for Innovative Design for its Mobility products as the organization continues its journey. Posiflex’s bedrock stands on the pillars of Revolutionary Technology, Reliable Quality, Reasonable Price and Recognized Service. Posiflex India’s voyage has been quite fruitful, studded with National, Regional & Global Brands across all format of retail verticals having a base of over 60000 POS terminals and peripherals being installed till date, covering Metro to Tier 3 cities PAN India. With over 60% of market share, Posiflex products are used extensively in leading Chain Stores across India in multiple Retail verticals supported through 500+ strong and dedicated after sales support located conveniently across the nation.

What distinguishes Posiflex?

Pioneering Innovation

Recognized as a pioneer in the industry, Posiflex has been awarded more than 30 patents for innovative design. More than a decade ago, the organization launched first fanless terminal and we’ve since become the leader in fanless technology.

High Reliability

The products are designed and manufactured with ISO 9001/14001 certification facility in accordance with globalized standards.

Speed and Flexibility

Through-the-line operation model is the key to managing changes and meeting customers’ expectations with speed and flexibility.

Timely Customer Service

Extensive global support network coverage from worldwide subsidiaries and distribution channels provides great after-sales service support.

Building trust and earning name in Consumer’s Heart

“Brand always plays significant importance in customer decision-making process.  Trust comes with a brand and its performance which is built over years; I think this is the global scenario.”

Over the years Posiflex has emerged as a strong player in the POS & AIDC Industry against all major global brands with the quality and commitment to service its customers. An initial phase of an organization brings many hurdles, including winning the trust of the customers and establishing itself as a brand. Catching the eyes of customer among the clutter is not a child’s play. Either you have to bring cutting-edge technology or have a product that is required by the customer. Starting as a service-oriented company with trading itself was an initial bottleneck for Posiflex, thus making it all more difficult for them to establish and gain Trust. Posiflex’s unique quality of delivering what is committed and continuously excelling in its performance beyond limitation made customers believe in each effort and continued their relationship year on year. Today, the organization proudly boasts about retaining 90% of its extended family; its clientele over the span of almost two decades.

POSIFLEX’s POS systems possess the advantages of open architectures and cross-platform integration. The full range of product lines includes self-serve kiosks, integrated POS systems, programmable keyboards, LCD displays, touch displays, customer displays, optically coupled barcode scanners, cashier’s moneyboxes, barcode card readers, fingerprint readers, POS printers, and other relevant peripheral accessory products. The product profile fulfills customers’ one-stop shopping requirements. The diverse applications of the products have allowed them to be widely used in various domains, including retail, catering, large-scale shopping centers, chain stores, entertainment venues, logistics, medical institutions, and e-commerce businesses.

My Journey My Words

Baskaramoorthy D

CEO, Posiflex

My entrepreneurial journey ventured out 20 years ago and since then I have been enjoying my entrepreneurship as I have self-learned to defend any situation and overcome the same. It gives me immense pleasure when we are able to accomplish such task by having ‘self-believe’ as one of the key qualities entrepreneur need to possess.

An evangelist of his own league, Baskaramoorthy D is a pioneer and leader in the retail sales industry since 1999. In his early entrepreneurial days, Baskaramoorthy ventured into manufacturing Barcode Solutions catering to the local Indian markets, under his very first business named Protocol Solution. He diversified this business into Point Of Sale solutions in 2001. Then on, there has been no stopping. With 20 years of experience, Baskaramoorthy has worked with most leading retailers in India addressing their needs in the Total Retail Solutions space – POS, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, to name a few. In 2011, Protocol Solution entered into a joint venture with Taiwan based, Posiflex Technology, a global leader in POS Design and manufacturers of cutting-edge POS products and peripherals under the name Posiflex India.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Believe in yourself and in your dreams. Avoid procrastination

Future Ahead

Nothing can portray a brand’s success better when its presence is synchronized with the services itself.  Posiflex has grown 10 times in the last 6 to 7 years and its performance has been acknowledged with accolades in the Industry. Today, Posiflex India holds more than 50% market share and is revered as a top brand in POS products and solutions in the retail, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

To capture the 10 million plus retail stores’ market in India, the firm is striving hard to reach every counter in Indian Retail Industry. The organization is ready to launch out its new products in KIOSK & IPC segment to expand the business reach. Posiflex India is honoured to deliver their exceptional POS products and solutions to the likes of Shoppers Stop and Cafe Coffee Day.

Adhering to people-oriented and customer-centric principle, POSIFLEX continues to seek excellence across R&D, design, and manufacturing processes to create user-friendly interfaces and technical features, thereby enabling the POS industry to develop and transform from conventional mechanical operations to user-friendly technical interfaces. POSIFLEX expects to help customers’ businesses grow and succeed.


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