Infusing value to businesses and channelizing in-depth expertise with its Cloud Technology prowess: OSoft Labs

Infusing value to businesses and channelizing in-depth expertise with its Cloud Technology prowess: OSoft Labs

With major changes shining on the IT spectrum, Cloud computing has become a business jargon today. Since its arrival, Cloud technology has been leading enterprises towards digitization, yielding undiscovered opportunities. What was earlier confined to big enterprises has traveled successfully to the world of small and mid-sized businesses as a worthy investment. This new form of low cost IT outsourcing has catalyzed significant disruptions to tackle the limitations and challenges in serving enterprises scaling needs among resources namely,  software, storage, networking, virtual machinery, applications, and more. Observing the need to create a platform to disrupt the traditional business model, Srikanth Gudipudi thought of doing things divergently. Today, his entrepreneurial venture, OSoft Labs stands as a catalyst in driving innovation for businesses. “I always used to dream of starting something unique and being different. I realized what I was doing was building others’ dreams. The effort what I put can be invested in building something on my own and started OSoft Labs.” asserts Srikanth who chairs OSoft Labs as the founder & CEO. Since its inception in 2012, the organization has gained prominence across the spheres for application/mobile development, cloud transformation, microservices architecture, application modernization, analytics and support services. Geared to deliver a competitive edge, OSoft Labs translates into lower cost and enables businesses to reap maximum benefits from their operations.

The journey: Inclining growth towards businesses to reach up to their maximum potential

Technology industry experience constant changes and thus, demands futuristic thinking while choosing performing technologies that fulfill the delivery of durable technology-based software and products. As requirements keep changing for any growing company, key to success depends on how fast the applications are implemented or migrated to new technologies to avail the best features. Potentially and profoundly driving a positive change with its diversified services and solutions, OSoft Labs helps organizations yield faster results on reduction of infrastructure cost using cloud computing and lowered maintenance cost with better performance and scalability of applications. Moving to cloud-based platforms often requires skills that are different from what an organization already has in place. Organizations need to factor in the cost to transition to these new skill sets – whether it involves training existing personnel or hiring additional human resources to bridge the talent gap. OSoft Labs migrates the legacy applications to take the cloud advantage, reducing the TCO of migrating and maintaining an application in-house thereby reaping maximum ROI for the organizations. Over the years, OSoft Labs has deployed IT solutions focused on various business challenges including eCommerce, database monitoring and health check tool, intelligent document management system on the cloud, music portal to promote skills of upcoming artists etc. OSoft Labs’ solutions are hosted on Amazon Web Services using microservices architecture.

Adding more prowess’s to its hub, OSoft Labs is catering better and greater results for the businesses with its spotlight on application/mobile development, cloud transformation, microservices architecture, application modernization, analytics and support services.

Creating the differentiator

Creating the differentiator

CloudShoppyTM: OSoft Labs’ tag

With its skilled professionals and digital wizards, OSoft Labs has been surfing on the wave of innovation with fine-tuning its services and solutions to meet the dynamic trends in the business segment. The organization has developed an eCommerce platform CloudShoppyTM which is an integrated e-commerce solution based on SaaS model that enables businesses to set up an online shop to sell their products. From product management to order and shipping management, payment gateways, logistics, SMS notifications all the features are pre-integrated. The platform is designed to support MSMEs in taking their products to the next level and reaching global customers. “We are also in talks with Banks and NBFCs to bridge the gap on capital/finance requirement for MSMEs to upgrade to new technology for faster growth” – Srikanth Gudipudi, CEO – OSoft Labs 

Mileposts and Road Ahead

OSoft Labs services and solutions have yielded 100% satisfaction from its users. The company has won several accolades for its impeccable services. OSoft Labs achieved technology partnership with Amazon AWS and has been recognized by a leading Indian business magazine under the category of 10 most promising cloud solution providers- 2017.  Going forward, Srikanth reckons up, “OSoft Labs would like to identify pain points in businesses and provide cost-effective IT solutions. Areas of focus are IoT, Design Thinking, AI ChatBots and mobile-first approach.”

A talk with the founder

We do not work on just projects; we work closely with our clients to understand business challenges to create a mark as trusted IT partners for providing cost-effective solutions.

Srikanth Gudipudi


Srikanth Gudipudi has spent almost two decades in the IT industry with experience in Solution Architecture, Delivery Management, Project Management, People Management, Business/Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Documentation, Implementation, and Testing of various Software Applications and more. He holds demonstrated expertise in driving vision and road mapping across various assignments. Technically intuitive with proven ability to integrate out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving analysis to improve processes, systems, and methodologies, he has also mastered in conceptualization and revenue model creation for IT products. Assisted the implementation of strategic initiatives from the technology perspective aimed at enhancing organizational growth/efficiency, the sustained profitability of operations and improved business performance.

Journey as an entrepreneur

I enjoy both challenges and freedom in entrepreneur journey. Challenges include constant change of priorities, convincing customers to opt for our solutions, being top in the competition and constantly upgrading to technology changes. Freedom in terms of decision making capability and driving towards success path.

Words for the young entrepreneurs

There is no easy way to success. Look for opportunity in everything and learn from other’s mistakes. Failure at each step adds to your experience and makes you build a good foundation for long term results.


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