Cubastion: Helping your business to grow through CRM consulting.


Cubastion: Helping your business to grow through CRM consulting.

Indian IT industry is diversified into two broad segments IT products and business process outsourcing. Overall IT sector increased its contribution to GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.7% in 2017. According to a report from NASSCOM, the sector’s total revenue generation in 2017 was around US$ 160 billion while growing at the rate of 13 %. The United States is the biggest trading partner for Indian IT services consuming about 2/3rd of total India’s IT services export. Though the major factor that contributed to the sector’s success was the liberalization of the economy in the 90s, introduction of “The New Telecommunications policy, 1999” and the Information Technology Act, 2000 too played a significant role in the success story. The current global economy is dominated by the Indian IT exports. These exports constitute about 80 percent of the Industry’s total revenue generation.

The global demand of the CRM implementation and consulting has marked several milestones during its hitherto journey in last one decade. Mr. Ravi Kumar established Cubastion Consulting, a CRM consulting firm, headquartered in Gurgaon with a vision of making it a premium brand in the segment of CRM consulting. Cubastion started its official operations in 2006 as a Gold partner of Oracle and has specialized themselves in the consultation of Siebel CRM and its ancillaries (OBIEE, BIP, AIA, and OPA) to carry out the CRM through all the stages of its life cycle. Strictly adhering to its core values, Cubastion centered its emphasis on delivering Oracle Siebel CRM implementation right from the consulting stage to implementation, operationalization, and support.

Our editorial team conversed with Ravi Kumar, the visionary Co-founder and Director of Cubastion Consulting, a mechanical engineer now working in the IT domain about the organization. He holds around 15+ years of experience in enterprise application implementation while associated with some major global brands like Mercedes, Sabre, Nissan, and Reckitt Benckiser for their CRM needs prior to the inception of Cubastion. He created the consulting firm with the vision of growing the firm into a global CRM provider and generate values for clients. Ravi believes Philosophy and the power of focus are the key factors required for running the business. Here are the edited excerpts from the conversation.

What makes you different from other players in your industry

Our firm is specialized in Siebel CRM consulting and has provided CRM solution to some renowned brands in the sectors like manufacturing, automobile, consumer durables, banking, and retail etc. Also, we recently developed a sales empowerment tool which is a modern cloud-based system named as ‘XShowroom’ accessible anytime anywhere. Empowerment of the sales force helps OEMs grasp the on-ground realities. The tool deflects the spotlight from CXOs to field sales representatives and redress the on-ground challenges by fetching field visibility to CSOs. We have been successful in providing Connected Vehicle Service (CVS) Platform offering off-the-shelf private cloud to OEMs, allowing the monetization of connected services. Our strong emphasis remains on the characteristics like customer experience, digital transformation, and last mile resolutions. The firm’s 360-degree skills of the technology landscape, recruitment of talents from the premium engineering colleges, experienced IT professionals are some of the features that attract our clients. Majority of the firm’s staff consists of IITians with 12-year philosophy of ZERO failure. Our team translates the theory into praxis which acts as a differentiating factor for the firm, explained Ravi.

Cubastion is a self-funded specialized enterprise CRM consulting firm setting up criterion in the transformation of the comprehensive CRM experience of clients in an eco-system where latest IT investments are embraced with suspicions.

The firm believes in the basics of CRM to cater any vertical of any industry which is stable systems, enabling CRM systems modern in look-feel-&-experience, and shifting the perspective from boardroom discussion to the end users.  “The basics can be translated into a simple and stable digitized IT landscape, or it can be inferred as a digitally transformed CRM ecosystem, wherein each one of the affected audiences is adopting solution with ease resulting into real Return on Investment for OEMs,” explains Ravi Kumar. [Sic]. According to Ravi the sales transformation through Siebel Dealer Management System is one of the key offerings of Cubastion Consulting. The firm remains committed to delivering tailored and comprehensive on-premise CRM solutions according to the industry requirements and offer role-based customer intelligence and prebuilt integrations. Cubastion is the only firm in India that provides Siebel services (implementation, upgrades, AMS, and expert service) with an impeccable history of zero failure.

“Our focus in just one technology service offering has always been our key USP. We have a proven track record of enabling organizations to own Siebel CRM as their core system to have lean IT support systems to maintain low OPS,” reiterates Ravi. [Sic]

The Revenue model and the Clientele

Our firm operates as a service provider so the Revenue Model of the firm varies depending upon the client to client engagement, for example, Turnkey CX transformation which typically works on fixed time and cost basis and AMS that works sometimes SLA based and other times resource based.

The firm doesn’t believe in sharing the number of clients it caters to considering the company protocols. The firm provides Customer Experience transformation services to several multi-national firms across the globe. Few prestigious names of the client’s list are Mercedes Benz, Hyundai USA, Voltas, IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance, State Bank of India, Vitera Health Care, Airtel, Sun Direct.

The Road Ahead or what lies in the future?

Focus on Customer Experience transformation is our focus area. We seek to further consolidate our position in Industry while increasing the firm’s presence in APAC and expansion in the US market. In addition, we have launched our product offering in the space of customer experience transformation for Salesforce empowerment. We shall be extending our XShowroom offering in Industries like Automotive, Banking, Consumer Durable, and Home Furnishing. The firm was awarded as Best CRM consulting firm in the year of 2017 and Boutique Leader of the Year in Digital CX Transformation in the year 2018, and we plan to take the firm to further heights, informed Ravi.


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