Ads on Wheels’ connecting culture by building brands 

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Ads on Wheels’ connecting culture by building brands 

Smart phones and tablet have become the focal point of our day to day lives and work. Mobility has changed the course of work and mobile applications have become the order of the day. There is an increase in the usage of mobile devices, and the numbers are expected to rise with every passing year. In such times it has become almost impossible for businesses to deny the potential of this tool for increased business opportunities and for driving improved performance.Marketing has attained different colors with mobility and mobile advertising has opened new opportunities for business.

Today, mobile advertising has grown to its full potential and businesses have made huge profits with this platform. Mobile ads hit the right target audience at their point of need. This makes it more effective and popular as a marketing strategy.Ads on Wheels, a leading firm that optimizes Transit Advertising for over hundred enterprises, is a brainchild of a first generation entrepreneur Mr. Harsh Verma, who also holds the responsibility of CEO of the company. The company, with right blend of Technologies and Advertisement, has positioned itself strongly among the market. The main company called “Market Connectors” was duly formed and initiated its business activities in year 2000. This company conducted events like conferences, dealer meets, road shows, BTL’s, etc. Later, it branched out this new concept of alternate and innovative advertising that led to the formation of “Ads on Wheels” in 2010. The concept was introduced for tremendous impact of advertising in market. It also meant larger and selective coverage. It led to fast paced advertising for all kinds of audience.

Ads on Wheels, is a premium Transit Advertising Company, which takes pride in its achievement of bringing Mobile Advertising to India. The form of advertising is already known and sought after in European and other developed countries, but with the endeavors of marketers in India too are now enjoying the benefits of this unusual and benefitting advertising form. The company immaculately propagates the idea of making outdoor ads mobile. It holds fast that ads which move with the moving audiences can best be noticed by them. Such ads do not only grab the audiences’ attention instantly, but also remain registered in their minds for long. This is by virtue of their distinctness and engagingness. Run of the mill outdoor ads like billboards, posters etc are static and thus do not catch pace with the mobile target audiences. As a result, they fail to get noticed at most times. Mobile Ads run on roads, shopping complexes, colleges, exhibitions halls, red lights, high streets, busy market areas etc and thus intrigue slew of passersby. They effectively promote new products, concerts, film etc and also help marketers in doing targeted promotion of their products/ services.

Implementing mobility advertisement in multiple industries is a challenge on account of various factors, which Ads on Wheels has successfully achieved by adopting customer centric approach rather than traditional product centric approach. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs and understanding of industry, the company delivers tailor-made, cost-competitive, scalable and productive advertisement solutions.

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Ads on Wheels’ experience across industries of Auto ads, Look Walkers, Vehicle Wraps, Promo Bikes, Ad-Bicy, Digi Walkers and others translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. Be it new product promotion message, or publicity of any film or concert these phenomenal and eye catching advertising mediums surely do wonders in spreading words amongst the target audiences.The company delivers comprehensive services to more than hundred businesses to name fewDunkin Donuts, Marks &Spensers, Tanishq, Gitanjali, Nivea, HDFC Bank, Godrej Interio, Tata Photon, Nokia, Reliance, Acer India, Canfin Homes, Joyolukkas, McDonalds, Café Coffee Day, Reliance Jewels, Omaxe Builders, DS Group, Idea Cellular, World Gold Council, Naturals Spa, Club Mahindra, Titan Eye, Philips, Mobikwik, Sony , Bosch, LG, Spectranet, Monnet Perfumes, Manyavar, Costa Coffee, and leading Exhibitions and Advertising Agencies.

Ads on Wheels’ efficient and flexible world class advertisement process zero down risks of project failure and create productive advertisement solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

Ads on Wheels’ success can be attributed to the work culture of the company. The company has people whose sole job is to keep employees happy and maintain productivity. It may sound too controlling to some, but it is how this world-changing organization operates. At the company, the staffs have the freedom to express their ideas, brainstorm and participate in decision making. However, it is a super fast paced work environment for anyone to cope up with and work efficiency.

On being asked about ‘road ahead’ Mr. Verma said, “The concept started with a few look walkers and equipments (say about 20) only in northern India. Now, it is over a 1000+ and has propagated to Pan India in just about few years. Futureplan is to capture bigger market share in the country and to introduce innovative concepts in the domain of Digital -OOH advertising which the company is working on since last few months.

The Man behind Ads on Wheels

Mr. Harsh Verma – Founder and CEO

Harsh, who holds the responsibility of CEO, is a smart, sensitive and dynamic entrepreneur. He has the knack of identifying market trends and has fresh and innovative ideas to create an impact. His neverdying passion for his work has rendered him success.


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