‘A digital marketing bridge’ connecting quality and quantity, promises and delivery – STAN VENTURES


‘A digital marketing bridge’ connecting quality and quantity, promises and delivery – STAN VENTURES 

Incredible, isn’t it? With the advent of computer, smart phones and tablets, digital marketing has become a buzzword of the world that is shifting from analog to digital. It is a rapidly growing force in the current marketing scenario which will soon replace traditional forms, thus becoming the future of marketing. Taking a flight with time, digital marketing has become an integrated part of marketing structure and it is the peak time for the companies to adopt digital marketing for better business growth.

With an illustrious list of US & European clients, Stan ventures has emerged as one of the top digital marketing firm globally. Acknowledged for keeping quality above quantity, the company is the top pick for many US & European Marketing companies for the intent to minimize human resource management costs via supporting them with quality resources from India with Content Developers, Search Strategists, Brand enhancers and Creative executors.

The driving force behind Stan Ventures 

Pradeep Kumaar R 

Founder & CEO, Stan Ventures

Mr. Pradeep Kumaar R  is ardent about consulting, influencing, uniting and shaping things in a finer way. His aim behind the initiation of Stan Ventures was to nurture and maximize people’s abilities in the arena of digital marketing and for helping individuals and small businesses in building their online visibility. He is an avid dreamer and an activator who loves to push the boundaries.

Core Values of the company

Stan ventures exercises innovative techniques to provide endless online traffic along with profitable momentum for the companies. It revolves around below values to inspire each and everyone inside the firm.


“Stan Ventures is one big, happy family.” – Pradeep Kumaar R 

In today’s world the most valued asset is overshadowed by focusing attention on making the client happy. Team building and specially planned activities not only boost morale of employees, but it can also increase the success of the business. The uniqueness of Stan Ventures as an organization revolves around recruiting people, giving them an environment to learn and bloom, making them walk through situations which make them understand their abilities and evolving their talent and skills. A well-proportioned team promotes creativity and better relationships leading to ultimately increasing productivity.

Stan Ventures focuses on remolding and enhancing one’s skills and our Management leads from brain and heart as well.

Stan Ventures approach is fully focused on Relationship and Talent building to dilute internal conflicts to ensure smooth flow of communication and knowledge. Everyone’s unique talent is celebrated at Stan ventures.

For Stan Ventures, an ideal team member must be Down to earth, Positive thinker, Self Motivator and Relationship Balancer.

Initial Days training is provided for each and every employee to adapt into Company’s Service offerings. This helps them to learn faster in real time happenings compared to theoretical understandings. Slowly and gradually, new employees build knowledge of internal processes and performance expectations; feel settled into the new work environment. Initial training hands over them a chance to act naturally and show their true strengths, rather than to have to respond to pressure or intimidation.

Recognizing the cream of the crop

Stan ventures evaluates each and everyone’s performance and self-developments via various meetings and weekly reviews. There are quarterly as well as Yearly awards as per their contribution and performance. Top perks include Monetization packages, Foreign Trips, Extra Bonuses and Incentives.

Appraisals, Surprise Gifts, Incentives, Respectable Awards, Gadgets and Holiday Trips add cherry on the top of the cake for the employees of Stan Ventures.

Corporate off-breaks, trips and tours

Yes, the company hosts Social Outings as best memorable retreats and energy boosting ethereal trips. Outdoor activities also infuse affiliation and adaptability among employees.

WORK ENVIRONMENT- welcome to the second home

The aura of a workplace directly impacts its team and their work performance. Stan Ventures’ office environment is full of positive vibes flourishing as an outcome of Motivating scenarios, personal consultations and mental relaxation times. An improved office environment always pays back in shape of quality work. This positive scenario helps to ignite creativity and fresh ideas. Relaxed and Productive Atmosphere, Open and Honest Communication, Flexibility, Emphasis on Health, Family and Environment are amalgamated together to make Stan Ventures a fun place to work.

We celebrate failure as a second opportunity to perform better

The company appreciates failures wholeheartedly. The motto of the company inspires to Fail Fast, Fail Cheap and Fail Hard towards outside market as well as internal employees working style.

According to Mr. Pradeep Kumaar R, “we understand and accept the situation. Take a step back by taking a break off from the project or situation and prepare ourselves for the battle. As for us, failure is awesome.” 

Diversified by departments, united with talent

Each and every department is inter-linked with one another. Everyone’s contribution is reflected through company’s growth and Goal achievements. Success is sensed from individual contributions and company’s development. Each and every person can feel the success with new challenges and respective goal achievements.

Chiseling Milestones 

The Company’s milestones are to build strong Employees welfare along with $3 Million Goal reach in next 2 years.

A shinny future awaits Stan Ventures

Stan Ventures is planning to transform the whole company as Employee Centric Company rather than being focused on Customers. They have outlined a Strong Training and Development circle to support each and every employee to meet the standards as per fast evolving Digital Marketing Industry. Their eventual goal is to evolve out as best Inbound Marketing company from India those who are supporting Foreign clients with best people.


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