A catalyst to India’s technological future: Pentoz Technology


A catalyst to India’s technological future: Pentoz Technology

Tech industry never sleeps. Enveloping most innovative industries of the world, it is never satisfied with what it beholds at present, thus demanding more advancement and newer inventions from the leaders and tech-entrepreneurs. In recent years, technology has been one of the most important topics being talked about. From auto industry to agricultural lands, every industry is harnessing the expertise of tech enthusiasts to evolve its face faster. One such pioneer is planting the seeds of futuristic approach in the business land to grow new business ideas focusing on Web, Mobile and Gaming Apps Development. Conceptualized by a technophile, Premayogan Mahesh, Pentoz Technology has created an impact on the global business landscape by cashing in on new technology including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and its innovation prowess. Premayogan Mahesh’s brain was already cultivating an idea way before his passion geared up. Sailing out his professional journey back in 2006, Premayogan managed and matured mobile games, applications, websites designing for companies and advertising agencies across the USA, Canada, UK, and India. Premayogan’s far-sightedness, his fervent zeal, and incessant quench gave wings to his idea which got molded into Pentoz Technology in 2011. An MBA degree holder from Edith Cowan University, a Business Administration-Entrepreneurial from Annamalai University and a Bachelor of Computer Science from Bharathiar University, Premayogan has bestowed his clients with the latest trends & advances in mobility and security, enabling them to innovate within their business and to achieve what had once been impossible.

Strengthening its position as an innovator, Pentoz holds expertise in offering IoT and Smart Home Tech, AR and VR, Machine Learning, Automation, Analytics, and Robotics.

Engineering future with it’s out of the box approach

A team of innovators, Pentoz has been painting the canvas perfectly, breaking the competition. The organization’s best practices and employee’s key knowledge and interest towards learning new technology makes it stand out from the crowd. The organization rejoices a cumulative experience of more than 15 years in both software and hardware space development which adds more value towards the business. With its branches spread across the globe through Texas, Bengaluru and Ooty, the organization delivers mobile apps for leading startups and Fortune 500 clients including 1-800-PetMeds, Co-optrade, Certified Mixtapez, Doctorpal, Network Jamz, Nikobel Solutions, PDI Racing, The Lighting Outlet New York, TranslatorFinder, SportsFans, Novea Inc, Jacana Warranty, Gary Kreep, BravoCoin, OR Dictations, Serve It Up Safe! and Colen Publishing.

The core competency

PENTOZ develop websites user-friendly and best visual design and content structuring.

  • Ensuring Clients brand is leveraged to establish positive recall with the visitors.
  • We make it easy for the users to navigate through every section of the site.
  • We improve the site content and giving contextual reference to the business.
  • We make the site look sleeker to give an edge over competitors.

Area of Expertise

  • Design
  • Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Everything-on-demand

Pentoz’s Intrapreneurs

“We hire only intrapreneurs, because employees cost money and intrapreneurs make money.”

Premayogan proudly boasts about his organization, he elucidates, “We invite top achievers and motivational speakers towards our office and make them share their experience to make our employees get 1000% charged. We have a strong Human Resource department where they try to organize events, team outing, and they make sure our employees are always happy.”


  • April 2017 – Incorporated with a team of two
  • June 2017 – Moved towards Co-Working space at Bengaluru
  • August 2017 – Incorporation of Pentoz Innovation Lab Construction
  • November 2017 – Moved to New Office at Ooty
  • December 2017 – Expanded the Team Size to 35+
  • January 2018 – Opened New Branch at Coimbatore
  • March 2018 – Recognized as 25 Best Technology Companies in India
  • April 2018 – Crowned as 25 Fastest Growing Website Development Startups in India
  • April 2018 – Got recognized under The10 Great IT Outsourcing Partners India

Future Ahead

When people think about outsourcing clients, they should recall ‘Pentoz’ for all their Software, Hardware, and digital initiatives.

Pentoz Technology is striving successfully to establish itself among world’s best Technology Outsourcing partners. The organization is looking ahead to cultivate experts in space of Nano, Robotic’s, AI, and Blockchain and expand the team size to 150+ and its software and hardware force to 1000+ by the end of 2020. “The great news is we have started our construction towards building our own innovation lab in a bigger size to assist our employees in creating landmarks in the space of new technology. At 2018, we have started working with companies in implementing AI, Blockchain, Crypto Currencies and Nano & Robotic technologies. Next year, we can see AI, Crypto Currencies, and Blockchain eating 60% of the market share. We are currently doing a prototype on these technologies for leading brands.” Premayogan concludes.

A note for the entrepreneurs

If you’re not a risk taker, you should not get into the business. Today, most of the young entrepreneurs have a fear of taking a risk. But the truth is if you’re able to take the risk then you would be rewarded with great opportunities. My advice would stop thinking about numbers and focus on the big picture towards the business goal. If you want to make numbers then be an employee. Also, come out of your fear and talk to people what you’re ideas and what you’re trying to achieve in the market. There are no secret ingredients if you don’t open your mouth then some else is going to implement your ideas.


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