Meet Pankaj Kumar, Founder of Vpayqwik likely to serve 12 million Vijaya Bank users

Meet Pankaj Kumar, Founder of Vpayqwik  likely to serve 12 million Vijaya Bank users

TCM, Bengaluru: In India people use different apps for different services. As a result, customers face limited memory space issues in their handsets. Realized Pankaj Kumar, who always wanted to be a role model to others. Initially he started working on an app which could become the app of apps and started providing all the services like, travel, bill payment, banking, market place in one single app. Finishing his MBA at James Cook University in 2011, Pankaj Kumar incorporated F1Soft International in Singapore with his partner. Finding an endless opportunity to explore, the firm created foot-marks in Nepal and Cambodia. They have started giving their mobile banking services to banks and also developed one shared digital wallet platform with Nabil Bank in Nepal. Since Nepal was one of the prime destination to receive remittance, there they also started developing remittance software and approaching international remittance company to tie up with them for remittance business in the region. The core business of the firm was to provide mobile banking and mobile wallets to Banks. In order to raise fund they approached various international entity and eventually acquired by First Global Data Corp Canada in March 2013.

Pankaj Kumar’s latest venture is MSEWA Software, a company based on people, one that attracts customers and one that nurtures collaboration, neutrality, independence and universality principals directly inherited from various software communities. The company employs highly qualified and skilled software Engineers with in-depth understanding of various software qualities and wide range of services. In addition to Tamil and Malayalam, they are offering services in Telegu. They provide NFC enabled cards and deploy a kind of mobile payment platform where customer do need to shuffle through the app. MSEWA introduced VpayQwik which is now associated with Vijaya Bank as prime partner and would provide services to 12 million vijaya bank users as well as entire nation. Partnered with Telebuy, a Chennai based teleshopping company, they got a great reach to around 3 million customers across southern part of India.

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