Xtreme Productivity’s ‘Self Managing Style’ is a boon for its Employees

Xtreme Productivity’s ‘Self Managing Style’ is a boon for its Employees

Over the last few decades, markets have been globalised due to transformations in physical and virtual infrastructure. A growing global market has presented small, medium as well as large organizations with a bundle of opportunities, but capturing these opportunities and meeting customer demands require a very active work culture. In such an unsettled business environment, majority of organizations are competing to survive. Driven by securing high numbers in profits, these organizations put more focus on measuring the performance of their employees but neglect their needs. However, the fact that is not taken into consideration by them is that business efficiency and organizational effectiveness lead on employee satisfaction and motivation. Latest researches in employee engagement and work culture in organizations make it quite obvious that in most of the firms around the world employees feel unappreciated and undervalued. As revealed by these researches, the percentage of employees disengaged from work has reached shocking figures.

At such times, considering the potential of motivated and skilled employees in building an organization, few firms have set themselves as an example by creating and implementing employee-centric strategies that empower their employees to perform their best and instills the sense of belongingness in them making them feel valued and respected.  One of them, Xtreme Productivity, entices people with requisite skills around the globe with its flexible work culture and its approach towards employees’ individual growth.

A leader in innovative IT solutions and services, Xtreme Productivity works strictly for Non-Profit & Charitable organizations and spans its services over three countries with the vision of empowering such organizations with IT capability. The firm’s rich portfolio comprises of a complete suite of services which include IT & End User Support, Cloud Technology, CRM Implementations and Digital Solutions. It offers latest software and technology from the Microsoft stack with products that include:

  • Custom developed Web &Mobile Solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM with full system integration
  • Office365 Email, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business
  • Windows Azure cloud infrastructure technology
  • Microsoft on-premises server and network infrastructure
  • Microsoft Operating Environment with Windows 10 and Office 2016

The team at Xtreme Productivity accommodates highly qualified experts in the concerned fields; a fact which gives it the exclusivity to be a single point of contact for organizations’ technology needs.

To achieve excellence in business processes that leads to enhanced productivity, the work culture at Xtreme Productivity lays its foundation on four key pillars, which are Client Centricity, Growing Collaboratively, Personal Development, and Technical Expertise. A multicultural global organization spread across three countries, the firm maintains a working environment that involves open culture which leads to smooth functioning of work processes. Speaking about the working environment at the firm, the spokesperson of Xtreme Productivity says, “Our employees are digital natives who can effortlessly transition between the digital and the physical, whether it be designing a solution in a board room with our clients, or working collaboratively with our technical team in the virtual world.  We are all “people people” enjoying the engagement with each other and our clients while seeing how we can transform the organizations we work with.”

Considering the nature of business functions in IT industry, it is given that work life balance is hard to achieve. Especially, employees engaged in business processes such as outages and user support that do not stick to office hours, as clients are spread across the world. The firm’s management acknowledges employees’ devotion towards the benefit of the organization and develops plan of action that allows every employee to get time off from work in the most hectic schedules. One of the key factors that bestow the sense of freedom to employees is the flexibility to work either from home or the office.  The organization equips such employees with technology as well as cloud based systems which empowers them to be productive wherever they are located.

It is noteworthy that in such a fierce atmosphere where organizations are competing for survival and keeps a hawkish eye at employees’ performance, Xtreme Productivity’ s management keeps a generous and humane approach towards its employees mistakes. The firm’s spokesperson shares, “We treat failure the same way as we do everything; by identifying what went wrong, learning from our mistakes, implementing corrective actions in our processes or systems, and then we move on. We have a fail fast and fail forward approach in everything we do create a continuous improvement culture within the organization.

Being in the IT Industry, the organization is driven by the determination to achieve excellence through positive outcomes. Its systems and processes are developed to track, monitor and deliver on specific outcomes. It constantly makes efforts towards improving business processes to stay focused on results. To manage this, Xtreme Productivity maintains an open work culture, which demands collaboration not only between departments, but also different countries.

The firm looks for people with right attitude; people who value the vision and mission of the organization and intend to contribute towards it with their skills and diligence. The firm identifies individuals with potential during the initial interview stages, and trains them later into skilled professionals, who possess hardas well as soft skills to add value to the firm with their services. The spokesperson of Xtreme Productivity shares, “They start out as a Support Engineer and then get developed into Service Delivery Managers where they manage a team of Support Engineers while architecting, implementing and supporting complex projects for our clients. From team meetings to social gatherings with our clients, team building is a motive behind everything we do.” The organization develops strategies to support its employees’ professional development and career growth. It equips its employees with Specific professional training to expand their technical knowledge. In addition to that, a Coach or Mentor is allotted to the respective employee for guiding them on how to employ the skills acquired in training. Also, provided is the opportunities to practice those skills to achieve perfection and gain experience.

Xtreme Productivity has a very unique approach towards tracking employees’ performance. The firm adopts ‘self-managing style’ for solving this purpose. Every employee can measure his performance not only as an employee but also as a team by accessing performance dashboards which highlight and track key performance indicators. If any employee’s performance is deteriorating, the team works together to improve upon it. The management of the firm recognizes and rewards high-performing employees not just financially but also through training, coaching and promotion within the organization.

Dedicated to empower NPOs and Charitable Organizations with IT capability, Xtreme Productivity, on its road to success, has been growing rapidly in New Zealand as well as Australia. The firm is now looking forward for expansion into Europe and America.

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