Two computers and a dream to excel: The journey of Parivartan

Two computers, and a dream to excel: The journey of Parivartan  

eParivartan designs to the client’s imagination, and has developed over 3000 projects

Being at the forefront due to the application of innovative and newer technology, Hyderabad based eParivartan, is a company that aims to deliver the creative and technical best in building websites, branding solutions, and web-based applications. Formed in 2002 by Mr. Anand Pohankar, it started small and excelled to become the hub for delivering unique designs and quality services, transforming the brand image of enterprises in a big way.

eParivartan is primarily a website design and development company that also does web-based applications, e-commerce websites,social media marketing, and branding solutions.

The company believes in providing the best possible solutions available on the globe. It maintains the logic that quality comes first and utility matters most. Its services and solutions are reasonably priced and uncompromisingly delivered. All that has given them the goodwill it imbibes its energy from to move on. The company brings uniqueness in thought with updated expertise and professional approach, which are the salient features of the company. Every solution eParivartan has to offer is meant to address the specific needs of the client. The company provides complete accountability, transparency and extended professional relationship to the clients while offering the services.

What differentiates eParivartan from many others in the market is that it hasn’t changed from being a down-to-earth, level headed and realistic organisation since its inception.  The company is highly conscious of its social footprints and its clients find good professionals in the enterprise as it maintains transparency and straightforwardness. It doesn’t work like a corporate office, and prefer to give the clients liberty to deal with them as informally as they can.


The company has a proven record of a flourishing business on the basis of whatever it has achieved after its inception. eParivartan has come with innovative and novel products from time-to-time and its cutting edge services has always been a remarkable source of solutions for its clients.

Let’s glance at its major milestones:

The first break came in July 2002, when the company won its first project, to build a website for a businessman who chanced to meet Anand (Founder of the company) on a journey to Bombay. It was a Rs.5000 worth project and was a good start. eParivartan’s first office was set up in his own home with two computers and a dream to become big.

In August 2002, the company bagged its next big project for creating a brand presentation for a huge corporate. It’s from here that the journey began and went on this long.

In 2005, the company finally shifted to its newly acquired office space, big enough to house its team and reasonable on the rent. The business now had a space to run from, adding to its list of achievements.

In 2012 it won its first government tender and since then has been involved in developing web projects for other State Govt. departments too.

The company today aims to work with big establishments and comes forth to take up the task of delivering websites and web applications of great class.

A brief glance of eParivartan’s Road Map & Future Plans in Anand’s words:-

“eParivartan started off as primarily a web designing and web development company. We worked on multimedia projects and built a strong base before venturing into gradually establishing branding solutions, social media marketing and web application development as definitive categories of projects we dealt in.

After a decade of functioning and growth, we started with developing our own web based billing software, that will suit Indian business requirements. This project is due to be launched in December 2016.

We are looking forward to register a steady growth in more sectors and are confidently presenting ourselves as a candidate for prestigious projects in government circles.

We engage our clients with our program ‘eParivartan Connect’ who has drawn maintenance contracts with us. The program aims at more client interactions, better reporting, and increased value generation for the clients.”

The Team behind the Success

eParivartan has an impressive team behind its success wherein people are skilled, talented and zealous, who utilize their complete potential to fulfill the needs of their clients. With the help of such a wonderful team and its expertise, eParivartan has developed over 3000 projects that include enterprises/organizations of all sizes, with various nature of activities, Govt. and non-govt., and are from different parts of the globe.

Founder and CEO: Anand Pohankar
This man did it all, right from beginning the design house to driving it through the years with sheer passion and mindfulness for over 14 years. He materialized his own passion for creativity into a successful venture, with zeal and dynamism. He’s as good a boss as a team member himself. His skills at team building, client co-ordination and living up to expectations keep eParivartan a step ahead in the race.

Lead, Client Relationships: Jagruti Pohankar
She’s Anand’s wife and a driving force behind prestigious eParivartan’s projects. She’s sharp at her work and insisting on results. All that force of determination falls right on the team, thanks to her impressive countenance and simplicity.

Project Manager: Chaitanya N
This lively Project Manager is also very endearing. It’s impossible to miss his smile and wits and exemplifies dedication and enthusiasm that he shows in rolling out projects on time, every time.

Team Lead: Pradeep H
A very industrious and one of major contributors to the growth of the company, he handles the web designing team, plays the peppy numbers to pump the room up and is cool and casual for the longest time you see him.

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